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What was one of the many things we wanted as a kid? A pool? No. A pony? Yes; but not what I was thinking of. A pool table? Close; but no cigar. What about an air hockey table? Bingo. The famous arcade game we all begged our parents to give us a few quarters to play. The game we made innocent bets with our friends and siblings over who would win. I remember being a small child that could barely reach a foot inwards on the table in order to hit the puck. Putting all my might into each stroke and nearly dislocating my shoulder after playing an insane amount of games against my friends or family members. The joy from my time spent is insurmountable.  And now you want to own one of your own. Either filling out the last empty spot of the game room you’ve built from scratch or just as an edition to your spacious garage. Either way, air hockey tables are a great investment for social gatherings and family bonding. The ratio of what you’ve spent to the hours of enjoyment will favor heavily towards enjoyment.

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 Triumph Lumen-X Lazer 6'Carmelli Face-Off 5ft Electric ScoringAmerican Heritage 390074 Monarch Series
 Triumph Lumen-X Lazer 6′Carmelli Face-Off 5ft Electric ScoringAmerican Heritage 390074 Monarch Series
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BrandsTriumphBlue WaveAmerican Heritage
TypesAir Hockey TableAir Hockey TableAir Hockey Table
ModelLumen-X LazerNG1009H390074
Weight75 pounds40.39 pounds278 pounds
Product Dimensions72 x 40 x 31 inches34 x 64 x 7 inches10 x 86 x 50 inches
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With that; the following is a guide that should be able to help put into perspective what you may want to purchase. Use these tips and carefully research reviews to help you find the best air hockey table for your needs.

Air Hockey Table Buying Guide

Factors To Consider Before Buying a Air Hockey Table

Endless Fun

Playing for countless hours with friends and family without having to stop to put in quarters or go and find an associate worker when one quarter gets jammed in the dispenser plate. Allowing for more time to have fun. Gathered around the table with your children and teaching them to play the game you fell in love with. Or congregate with friends and drinks as you play in a tournament on a Friday night to blow off steam from a long week of work.

All shapes and sizes

From what I remember of the classic arcade game is that they come in all sizes. So, finding the right size to fit in the garage or the playroom in any home is no problem. From the short and small, two foot by two-foot table made for children to enjoy; to a mid-sized five-foot-long and three-foot-high table used in most arcades. Then there’s the larger seven-foot tables that are also available to the public to purchase. There’s a suitable size built for every consumer need.

Reclaiming Your Youth

The main thing to go along with one of these classic games is the ability to hold onto one’s youth. We all played on an air hockey table and being able to say you own a part of your childhood is nothing short of a dream for some.

Finding the Right Size

There are, however, a few factors to consider before purchasing such a game. Ask yourself, how much space do you have in the area you would like to place the game? Nothing feels worse than falling in love with a product and then finding out that it would never fit in the area you have in mind. Be sure to measure the area you plan to occupy the machine before even beginning to shop around.

The Right Color

Then there’s looking for the right color to go along with the room. Like any piece of new furniture; it should blend with the room. Though maybe not as complicated as home decorating usually is. It only takes a small amount of know-how when it comes to selecting the right color. Usually, you’d like to go with the table color that you like the best or you can even go with one that goes with the color scheme of the room the game will inhabit.

It’s all about STYLE

Lastly, look for an air hockey table that supports your sense of style as well. Like home décor, it reflects on your personality. Go for what you like and don’t let anyone or anything make you change your mind. There are air hockey tables that are made for everyone with a wide variety of styles, so there’s no doubt in my mind you will find a table that is a perfect fit for you.

Air Hockey Table Reviews

When it comes to finding the right air hockey table, there are only a few key items to keep in mind. The size that you need and would like to own. The color that you not only like but also follows the flow of the room it occupies while at the same time collaborates with your style. And just like reality; it’s all about location, location, location. Finding the right place to put your new game.

Now within the following, I have compiled a few hockey tables that I’ve seen that can start as a beginning step in finding the right fit for you. Each is different and unique in their own way and vary in all sizes and styles.

Viper Vancouver 7.5-Foot Air Hockey Game Table

Viper Vancouver 7.5-Foot Air Hockey Game Table


The Viper Vancouver 7.5-Foot Air Hockey Game Table would be a great addition to any game room or living room. At an air flow rate of 110 cubic feet per minute, this table will provide steady support for as many pucks as you would like to sustain at once! The table features a smooth, white playing surface and colorful graphics designed to look like an ice-hockey rink, as well as a dual end puck return for convenience. The table is equipped with a triangular professional-style electronic scorer and timer that can count down from 10, 15, or unlimited minutes for different game length options. Also included with this table are four pushers (mallets) and four pucks. The table is also equipped with leg levelers to ensure a level playing surface. There is some assembly required. Dimensions: 89-1/2″ L x 50″ W x 32″ H.

  • Air flow of 110 cubic feet per minute makes sure this table provides steady and powerful air to keep the pucks flowing quickly
  • Table features a smooth, white playing surface with graphics designed to look like an ice-hockey rink, as well as a dual end puck return
  • Includes four pushers (mallets) and four pucks; Table is also equipped with leg levelers to ensure a level playing surface
  • Equipped with a triangular professional-style electronic scorer and timer; Timer can count down for 10, 15, or unlimited minute time options
  • Dimensions: 89-1/2″ L x 50″ W x 32″ H; Some assembly required

What I like most about this certain model is its simplistic style; using only red, white, and black as the main colors scheme makes it an easy fit with any room. Though it may be on the larger side and may be a bit on the heavy side as well. But the old style look of the table along with the electronic timekeeper make this a good buy and addition to a spacious gaming area.


Playcraft – Center Ice 7′ Air Hockey Table

Playcraft - Center Ice 7' Air Hockey Table


The 120V high power air fan motor provides a fast playing experience. The pedestal style legs provide added stability and are equipped with leg levelers to level the table and adjust the height. The wide top rails with overhang will keep the pucks in play. Includes playing equipment.

  • High output 120V blower delivers 223 cfm
  • 3/4 inch thick high gloss PVC laminate playfield for fast puck action
  • Hideaway electronic scorer built into the side rail
  • 5-inch diameter leg levelers
  • 6-inch pedestal style legs

This is a unique looking model. With its gray and black color scheme, it should fit nicely with most home décor. Being a rather cheap air hockey table, this is one of the larger models that I will cover, but to me, it would seem to be a bit unstable with its six-inch legs. Along with a reasonably sized score and timekeeper; the Playcraft model is a reasonable buy for any consumer.


NG1009H Carmelli Face-Off 5ft Electric Scoring Air Hockey Table

NG1009H Carmelli Face-Off 5ft Electric Scoring Air Hockey Table


This big, sturdy air hockey table is a blast and includes electronic scoring!. The Carmelli™ 5 ft Air Hockey Table brings the quality of arcade hockey to your home. Rugged reinforced legs and extra thick ”CARB” certified MDF construction means this table won’t shimmy or twists. Sturdy L-shaped legs and big levelers ensure a level playing field on any rec room floor. The electronic scoring system easily keeps track of who’s ahead in every match. Great hockey graphics and attention to detail make this table a winner. Dimensions: 60”L x 26”W x 31”H. Constructed of 1⁄8” ”CARB” Certified MDF material with a laminate coating. 110V UL Approved high output electric blower.

Requires 2 AAA batteries, not included. Dual goal boxes with built in automatic puck return system. Electronic Scoring System. Reinforced Sturdy L-shaped legs with large independent levelers for stable game play. Dual Protection Packaging – Inner cartons guarantee safe delivery to your home. The table comes with two 3” strikers and Two 2 1⁄2” pucks. Fast, easy assembly. The electronic scoring system makes keeping track of the score easy!. Glossy thoroughly sealed playfield and high output blower system for a fast paced game!. Reinforced L-Style legs and independent stabilizing levelers provide wobble-free play.

  • Dimensions: 60L x 26W x 31H.
  • Constructed of 1⁄8 CARB Certified MDF material with laminate coating.
  • 110V UL Approved high output electric blower.
  • Requires 2 AAA batteries, not included.
  • Dual goal boxes with built in automatic puck return system.

The Carmeli model is one of the good air hockey table and reminds me a lot of the tables used in recreation centers that I would sometimes go to after school during my younger years. This is a shorter table but one of the most stable ones as well. The table has a nice wide frame supported by two cross beams on the bottom. The scoreboard may be a bit on the smaller side but still does the job it is intended to do. The blue and black color scheme is one of my favorites. Something about the light blue look makes the table stand out more. Plus, black and blue are two colors that can go with any room color as well. Though this is a smaller table, it is the suitable size for a game room for children.


Triumph Lumen-X Lazer 6′ Air Hockey Table

Triumph Lumen-X Lazer 6' Air Hockey Table


  • Light up the night with the illuminating technology of the Lumen-X Lazer Air Hockey Table
  • Interactive table features in-rail LED lighting with cascading effects and in-game music
  • Elevate gaming experience with accessories – two ultra-bright strikers and light-up puck
  • Enjoy fast and furious gameplay as dual motor blowers provide continuous air flow
  • Easily keep track of the action without losing focus while playing with electronic scoring

When the lights go out, let the fun begin. The Triumph Lumen-X Lazer Air Hockey Table’s exciting new technology illuminates the dark and adds another dimension of excitement to the gameplay. The interactive table features in-rail LED lighting with cascading effects and in-game music perfect for competitions between family and friends. The table, measuring 72” L x 40” W x 31” H, includes two ultra-bright blue strikers and a light-up blue puck creating an elevated gaming experience. Dual motor blowers provide continuous air flow to keep play fast and furious over the smooth, MDF-engineered play surface with white and blue silkscreen playfield lines. Easily keep track of the action without losing focus while playing with the electronic scorer. The table is supported by 12mm thick legs with four 2.5” leg levelers to ensure your play surface remains perfectly flat even if the floor is not level.

The Triumph model is an excellent one, to say the least. With its sleek black look and dark blue bulbs surrounding the play area; it brings into play the old saying, “black goes with everything” and with any room. This is a medium sized model at six feet long and three and a half feet tall making this a suitable size for children and adults. Where the scoreboard may be a bit small but still does its job. The Triumph model seems structurally sound and has bordering ledges large enough to set drinks on.


American Heritage 390074 Monarch Series Air-Hockey Table

American Heritage 390074 Monarch Series Air-Hockey Table


The Monarch AeroMaxx Series Air-Powered Hockey Tables design is as sleek and smooth as the puck that will glide over it. This table features a unique overhead arch with a two-player electronic scorer. The features of this very high-quality air hockey table are:

  • Modern-style table with overhead arch
  • Powerful blower
  • Electronic scoring
  • Cherry-finished cabinet with silver trim
  • Screen-printed surface

The Monarch model is one that brings back nostalgic memories and is widely considered one of the best air hockey table. I remember a local arcade in my hometown that had an air hockey table that looked very similar to this one. With its brown and white color scheme, it runs a higher risk of clashing with its surroundings, but the old style look of this table is by far the best of this bunch. Using an overhead score keeper and being ten feet long and four feet wide makes this a piece of arcade history. This model is also the largest of this group and the heaviest because it is built the same size as that of those found in arcades nowadays. That being said, its main flaw is its sheer size and weight that makes it hard to move and position where one may want it. Though it is suitable for all ages and would be an amazing addition to any game room.


Top Recommendation

My top recommendation for you and what I would consider the best air hockey table would be with the Triumph Lumen-X Lazer 6′ Air Hockey Table. It is a reasonably sized six feet long and only two feet and seven inches off the ground are making it an exceptionally easy for players to reach their whole side of the table. This model also adds another dynamic of lighting allowing for play in the dark. Perfect for parties for all ages. I highly recommend this model for its stable twelve-millimeter-thick legs and 2.5’ leg levers that ensure a flat surface for play.

The Triumph model is a very solid package to choose in terms of guaranteed consumer satisfaction. This model is a very suitable size and weighs just enough to be stable but not so much that it becomes a burden to move.

This model only weighs 75 pounds making it a solid structure. It allows for easy movement for setting up and readjusting its position in the room. This can either be a one person or team job to move the model.

Triumph is only six feet long which allows for its consumers to arrange the model in a way that it does not take up so much room but at the same time is also big enough to play and not knock the puck off the table with every stroke of the paddles.

The lighting that the Triumph model uses is also very unique and allows for a party like atmosphere. Ideal for social gathering with all adult company as well as entertainment for kids of suitable ages and height.

With dual motors providing a continuous flow of air and play; the Triumph is capable of handling a high capacity of play.

The Triumph model comes either disassembled or assembled for a small fee. If unassembled the package comes with set up instructions and main power cord. Easy assembly and quick play.

All in all, this product has no intended consumers. Air hockey is a game enjoyed by all ages and all genders. Though the lights and glamor of the models can pander more to the younger age; the game, as a whole, has no age limit.

I would highly recommend the Triumph model for its solid base work and decent size; along with its attached lighting and electronic score keeping.

My final verdict would be to give some thought about all products discussed previously and find the best air hockey table that fits your needs. Because, no matter how good a product is; there is always cons to it. Though the Triumph, for example, is of a decent length, weight, and solidly built. It could be argued that it is too short for taller consumers and with more lights means more bulbs and more electricity use.


Jason Garrison
Besides running his own welding shop and teach welding at a vocational high school, Jason's passions include gaming and board games.