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Darts is a very old game whose popularity never showed signs of slowing down. Just think about it; just like me, you’ve probably had it (or still do) in your home. You can find dart boards at your closest bars, taverns, and basically just about anywhere. It’s a favorite pastime to millions of people around the world and I can’t blame them. Besides its role as one’s favorite pastime, darts is a professional sport too, and I’m sure you’re aware of that. However, what most people don’t know is that playing darts has multiple health benefits such as stress relief, improved hand-eye coordination, better social skills, and many others. If you’re looking for brand new darts to replace the old ones or you’re getting your first set ever, this post will help you. I’m going to show you what to look for in darts and different things to consider to get the best product for your money.

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 Sametop 12 Packs Steel Tip DartsViper Sure Grip Soft Tip DartsKing Cobra Strikes Darts 24 Grams
 Sametop 12 Packs Steel Tip DartsViper Sure Grip Soft Tip DartsKing Cobra Strikes Darts 24 Grams
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Darts Buying Guide

Factors to consider before buying darts

It’s easy to assume that all you have to do is to go to the store or online and pick the first set of darts you see. Buying darts isn’t a science, right? Of course, it’s not nuclear physics or anything like that, but you do have to take some factors into consideration prior making your purchase. Otherwise, you’d end up overpaying for darts and not getting the best value for your money. This game can be an amazing way to have fun and relax, but you need proper darts to do so. Below, you’ll see different factors to consider when buying them.

Types of darts

The general categorization divides all darts into two main types: steel-tip and soft-tip. But to go in more detail, you have the option to choose from wooden, brass, nickel/silver, and tungsten darts. Professional darts players prefer tungsten darts because they resist wear and tear better than other types. Also, tungsten darts allow barrels to be slimmer for tighter groupings while maintaining the weight of the dart and minimizing bounce-outs.

If you opt for tungsten darts, then make sure you check the percentage of tungsten in them. Ideally, the higher the percentage, the better but more expensive at the same time. Compared to these, brass and nickel/silver darts are made of less expensive and softer metals. Although they tend to suffer from wear and tear faster than tungsten counterparts, they still pose as a practical choice for buyers on the budget.

Darts weight

Just like they come in different types, darts also have different weight. You should never buy darts before trying out different options the store offers. Generally, the weight of the best darts varies from 12g to 50g. That said, you won’t see so often that someone throws a dart heavier than 30g. It’s usually recommended to use darts that weigh between 18g and 20g.

Darts are weighted according to the level of tungsten they contain. It’s easy to conclude that the more tungsten, the heavier and more expensive they are. At this point, you’re probably wondering how to choose the ideal weight? Don’t worry; it’s not complicated! The ideal dart weight for a player is determined based on the speed you throw the dart. For instance, the heavier the dart, the faster, and harder you have to throw it for the best result. On the other hand, lighter darts don’t require too much speed or effort.

Don’t forget that the best darts are weighted at different ends e.g. towards the rear or front and along the shaft of the dart. The type of weighting corresponds to the kind of throw you have. Evenly-weighted darts are suitable for people with straight and flat throw while front-loaded darts are ideal for those who lob the dart towards the board.

Dart barrel grip

One of the most important aspects of dart is its barrel grip. Some dart barrels have smooth knurling while in others it’s heavy. Generally speaking, the heavier the knurling, the easier it is for you to grip darts and throw them. But, be careful here. Darts that are excessively heavy can stick to your fingers and ruin the precision of your throw. Choose the type that feels comfortable in your hand.

For example, smooth grips can be tricky to hold. The most popular choice is moderately grooved grip; they aren’t smooth, but not too heavy at the same time. The three most common forms of grip are:

  • Brass grips: widest, heaviest, and the least expensive but they tend to wear down faster too
  • Nickel/silver Grips: mid-range price, as heavy as brass grips but much thinner and more durable
  • Tungsten grips: the most expensive, less likely to wear out

Dart flights

Dart flights come in a variety of sizes and styles including dimpled and smooth surfaces. Your choice of dart flights has a major influence on your game. For instance, dimpled surfaces stabilize and slow down your darts. The most popular flight sizes are standard and slim.

Dart Shafts

The shaft is the part of the dart which connects the tip to the wings (feathers). You may also know it as a stem or a cane. They come in different styles, including:

  • Plastic/nylon: cheap, come in multiple colors, break easily
  • Solid aluminum: more durable than plastic and composite shafts, they’re also available in different colors
  • Carbon-fiber, carbon-composite: very durable and lightweight, more expensive than previous two
  • Spinning: they don’t improve flight of dart, but reduce torn flights and deflections. Also, these are the most expensive shafts available
  • Composite: highly durable and usually available with replaceable tops for convenience and economy

Choosing the best darts for your needs

Now that you know what factors to consider when you’re shopping for the best darts, let’s talk about different tips you should know to choose the right set of darts.


When out to buy a new set of darts, you should also take into account the dartboard you have. For example, steel-tip darts are ideal for bristle dart boards while soft-tip darts are suitable for electronic dartboards.


Everybody’s got a certain budget and there’s nothing wrong about that. In fact, setting out a price range you’re willing to go for helps you rule out other darts and focus on finding the highest-quality darts within your budget.

How do you hold darts?

If darts feel uncomfortable in your hand, then move on to the next set. It’s very important to opt for the dart that doesn’t stick to your fingers and allows you to throw it easily, without uncomfortable feeling.

Frequency of playing darts/purpose

Your darts playing habits play a major role here. If you play darts regularly or want them for your bar, workplace etc. then investing in a durable set of darts is a good way to go. You don’t want to replace them too frequently, right? But, if you play darts from time to time, then you have the freedom to opt for the less expensive set.

Darts sets reviews

Sametop 12 Packs Steel Tip Darts with National Flag Flights, Aluminum Shafts, and Brass Barrels

Sametop 12 Packs Steel Tip Darts with National Flag Flights


The specs

Sametop darts are one of the best dart sets out there. They have a unique design like this set containing national flag flights including the US, UK, German, and Australian flags. What’s perfect about this design is that both men and women find it attractive. Every dart set weighs 18g and is 4.65 inches long. Of course, the set comes with 12 darts. It’s also important to mention that the set features brass barrels and aluminum shafts.


  • Aluminum shafts are more durable and difficult to break
  • Build-O-Ring between shafts and barrel prevents loosening when dropped
  • Poly pro dart flights are featured to reduce drag and increase speed
  • 12-month warranty and 30-day money back guarantee when purchased from the official website
  • Ideal weight


  • Brass barrels wear down faster than other types of barrels, but they’re least expensive at the same time
  • The set includes detachable parts meaning you’ll have to assemble them before start playing darts. That said, assembling a few parts of the darts together shouldn’t be that big of an issue
  • Since darts are primarily intended for recreational use, pro players might need different style

King Cobra Strikes Darts 24 Grams, Brass Barrels And Features Steel Tips

King Cobra Strikes Darts 24 Grams


The specs

The King Cobra Strikes Darts have a unique pro grip barrel design that feels like a snake skin, literally. The set features three darts weighing 24g each. These darts have brass barrels and steel tips as well as aluminum shaft and PET flight. The streamlined darts are ergonomically designed and engineered to help players hit the target every single time.


  • The darts are heavy which makes it easier to grip the dart
  • Shafts are aluminum and more durable
  • Designed to accommodate both pro players and beginners
  • The darts provide ultimate level of handling and control, thus allowing players to achieve full precision
  • One of the best darts set on the market


  • Brass grips are more prone to wear and tear than other types, while recreational players don’t have to worry about it, pro darts players should take it into account
  • Since darts are heavy, they require more time to get used to them, if you’ve always used lightweight once. But once you do, you’ll want to use heavier darts all the time
  • PET flights tend to break more easily than other types, but this doesn’t have to be a negative thing. Instead of bending they just break; this is important because bent flights affect accuracy and it’s, usually, difficult to realize they’re bent

Wolftop 15 Pack Steel Tip Darts 18 Grams with Aluminum Shafts and Brass Barrels

Wolftop 15 Pack Steel Tip Darts 18 Grams


The specs

Wolftop’s darts come in stylish design which is ideal for people who want their darts sets not only to do great during games but to look great at the same time. Steel tip darts weigh 18g and are created in the way to allow players feel maximum control. Other specs include aluminum shafts, brass barrels, and one pack contains 15 darts.


  • Shafts are long-lasting, difficult to break and bend
  • High-quality barrels allow players to achieve excellent balance that maximizes precisions of throws
  • Control is established through knurling and grooves placed strategically
  • Suitable for pros and people who play recreationally, for fun
  • Dart sharpener included, which always pays off


  • PET flights aren’t as durable as other kinds, but at the same time they come at affordable prices typically
  • Lightweight darts usually don’t require too much effort when throwing, which can be a nuisance for people who played with heavier darts only

Ohuhu 12 Pcs Tip Darts with National Flag Flights (4 Styles) – Stainless Steel Needle Tip Dart

Ohuhu 12 Pcs Tip Darts with National Flag Flights


The specs

These darts are quite similar to the Sametop’s dart sets with national flags. This, 12-piece set features flags of the US, UK, Germany, France, and Australia. The tips are made of stainless steel which adds to the convenience. Also, this set of darts has PVC rods. Each dart weighs 17g.


  • Dart body is detachable thus allowing players to use different rods and get a unique dart
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Every dart has protective cover which is always practical


  • PVC dart rods break more easily than other types
  • Copper-covered body is more prone to wear and tear and doesn’t usually allow players to get a better grip, but for recreational use that isn’t a problem

Viper Sure Grip Soft Tip Darts

Viper Sure Grip Soft Tip Darts


The specs

These darts come in two different sizes: 16g and 18g. The manufacturer paid a lot of attention to the design of these darts and results are evident with unique, stylish look. The dart set features nickel/silver plated barrels and diamond-cut aluminum shafts. These are the only darts on our list with soft tips, excellent for electric boards. One set contains three darts. The set is ideal for casual players.


  • Choice of different sizes allows buyers to purchase darts according to their preferences; which is always a nice touch
  • Nickel/silver barrel offers balance and more accuracy. Also, these barrels are heavier than brass type and more durable at the same time
  • Rubberized barrel sleeve prevents darts from sticking to the fingers or slipping if your palms get sweaty
  • Soft tips have a reinforced cone, thus adding to strength and durability


  • Due to soft tip, these darts are only suitable for electronic dartboards; which can be inconvenient for people who have different type
  • Slim grip can be quite uncomfortable to some players

Final Recommendation

While all these dart sets are excellent choices that you should consider, the best darts set are Sametop’s darts. Why? It’s because they have the ideal dart weight, allow maximum control and accuracy and they prevent loosening when dropped. All this is “decorated” with fashionable and stylish design fit for everyone.


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