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Product Description

Frozen Hearth is a traditional Real-Time Strategy (RTS) game which includes some of the elements like detailed character progression from Role-Playing Games (RPGs) such as 'Titan's Quest' and 'Torchlight'; with the frenzied pace of Action-RTS titles like Heroes of Newerth and League of Legends to offer new experiences and opportunities for players of each.

Frozen Hearth is set in a world of dark fantasy. The world is an original design drawing influences from many areas including, but not restricted to: dark fairy tales, conventional fantasy, as well as Celtic, Scandinavian and other European mythologies.

The player controls a Hero of the warlike, individualistic Danaan people, that progresses in skills and abilities; and customisable Warriors that also gain experience and abilities from the tasks they are given. As well as fast-paced, frantic player-vs-player gameplay, Frozen Hearth will feature an extensive Co-Operative multiplayer campaign setting, bringing the Co-Op mayhem of seminal games like Doom and Baldur's Gate into the RTS world - a feature largely untouched by most RTS games.

In the epic Co-Operative and single-player Campaign modes, the Danaan face a desperate fight to resist hordes of horrific Ice-Demons who are driven onward by a relentless and smothering blanket of ice and snow that obliterates all before it. The Danaan must struggle against not only the insuperable might of these creatures and the insidious force that drives them; but also themselves as they learn to work together to escape the inevitable and fashion their last, best, and only hope: Escape.
  • Unique mix of fast-paced RTS action and RPG immersion
  • Epic single player and cooperative story campaign
  • Frantic multiplayer action
  • Original world setting with two warring races
  • Powerful and upgradeable avatar and hero units
  • Dozens of abilities, spells and items

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Supported Languages:
German, English
Immanitas Entertainment
Adventure, Real Time Strategy, Role Play Game, Strategy, Indie
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Generic Keycode

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