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Product Description

The Indie-Gaming-Hit for the PC!

Control a rolling paper ball in this hauntingly beautiful arcade game. The mighty god of wind, Aeolous, blows a steady stream of air at your back.

You cannot stop it, but you can slow or accelerate your progress enough to navigate obstacles in your way.

Symbols will appear on the ground indicating different wind conditions: ascending winds, a headwind, and others. Jump, roll, and avoid obstacles as quickly as possible through 30 challenging levels and 2 game modes.

The faster you are, the better your rank will be.
  • Fun and addictive gameplay,
  • 2 worlds with more than 30 levels
  • 2 different game modes
  • Online Highscore
  • Intuitive gameplay
  • Tons of extras and power ups

Product Details / Requirements

Supported Languages:
German, English
Immanitas Entertainment
Platformer, Indie, Puzzle
DRM Type:
DRM Free

Supported Graphics Cards / Controllers:
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Controllers: Controllers are not Supported
Misc Notes:
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Legal Information:
[There is currently no legal information listed for this title]
Age Rating / Content Descriptors
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