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Turn your PC/Laptop into a gaming system and slide into the new Pro Riders Snowboard Extreme Edition where You're in the Game! Use your computer webcam to control the game with your body. Swish and move as if you were on the real slopes. Watch your character come to life as it emulates your every action.
Witness the stunning PC graphics and out of this world gameplay to ever hit the virtual slopes. Race your way through 3 challenging courses with 3 levels of difficulty. Immerse yourself in jaw-dropping, snow-covered landscapes.
Pro Riders Snowboard Extreme Edition features real-world physics electrifying gamers with tricks, jumps and grinds. Show off your talents by unlocking achievements. Play with family and friends in a race to the bottom or who can do the fanciest footwork. Collect coins in the fastest time possible to unlock unique achievements.
Experience the most intense ride of your life in this winter's most anticipated snowboarding game. Pick up your copy today.

  • Use Your Internal Webcam to Control the Game
  • Play with your Xbox 360 Controller
  • Enjoy the Realistic 3D Graphics, Environment with Real-world Physics
  • 3 Unique Tracks with More Coming in Future Patches
  • Perform Real World Tricks, Flips, Jumps and Grinds Just Like the Pros
  • Dozens of Achievements to Unlock Through Gameplay
  • Capture Golden Coins to Boost Your Score
  • Race Against the Clock to Get the Best Time
  • Cross Checkpoints to gain more Time
  • Works on Windows 7 and Now Windows 8

Product Details / Requirements

OS: Windows 7 / 8
CPU: Celeron/Intel processor
Video: 256 mb of VRAM

Supported Languages:
Plug In Digital
Racing, Indie, Sports
DRM Type:
Generic Keycode

Supported Graphics Cards:
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Legal Information:
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