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Product Description

In Wings of Luftwaffe, the player takes the role of a German pilot and participates in explosive battles over Britain, Sicily, the USSR, Belgium and Germany. From blocking airdromes, to attacking aircraft, to destroying ground targets, the player will fight with honor and bravery for the glory of Germany. These new missions allow virtual pilots to see the war from the enemy's point of view and try out some of the most advanced fighters of the era.

This expansion will feature ten single missions with support for up to four players in co-op mode, two new planes and over 40 skins for the various planes.

Air combat fans will enjoy strapping into one of the game's many planes and seeing the Second World War through the eyes of a German pilot. Wings of Luftwaffe puts players in the heat of battle and creates an experience so lifelike, players will feel their padded seat yield to their weight as they evade the attacks of their enemies. Wings of Luftwaffe offers a chance to experience first hand the desperate fight in the skies over Europe during World War II.
  • Take to the skies as a German pilot
  • Embark on 10 new missions
  • Cooperative mode for up to four players
  • New planes: the Ju 88 A-4 and the P-39N-0
  • 44 new skins for the various planes

Product Details / Requirements

OS: Windows XP Service Pack 3 / Vista / 7
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 2400 MHz
Video: 256 MB VRAM
RAM: 1 GB(2GB for Vista/7)
DirectX: 9.0c
Sound: DirectX Compatible Sound Card
Space: 10 GB

Supported Languages:
Iceberg Interactive
Shooter, Action, Plane Simulation, Simulation
DRM Type:
Generic Keycode

Supported Graphics Cards / Controllers:
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Controllers: Controllers are not Supported
Misc Notes:
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Legal Information:
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Age Rating / Content Descriptors

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