AULA Sapphire Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Last updated on August 31, 2017 The Sapphire Spectrum is a backlit mechanical keyboard with some amazing specs. The Chinese company AULA has taken everything we love about gaming...

Last updated on August 31, 2017

The Sapphire Spectrum is a backlit mechanical keyboard with some amazing specs. The Chinese company AULA has taken everything we love about gaming keyboards and made it accessible, cheap, and attractive. For a mechanical gaming keyboard, this model cannot be beat. It is the most attractive, usable, and user-friendly keyboard in its price range that we’ve ever had the pleasure to use.

First Impressions

The Sapphire Spectrum is a brightly backlit keyboard. The keys are heavy and the lights are bright. So far, so good. We were a little wary of the quality, being that it was from a relatively unknown company from China, but the user reviews and ratings we found made it sound way too good not to try it. The Sapphire Spectrum has some great features that really stand out right out of the box. The keyboard is heavy, weighing in at 3 pounds. It feels incredibly solid. If you are rough on your keyboards with long gaming sessions or lots of heavy-handed typing, this is a great machine that will hold up for years.

Top Features of the AULA Sapphire Spectrum

The number one feature of the Sapphire Spectrum that I think most people will like is that is it inexpensive for what you get. The Sapphire Spectrum is a very well put together piece of kit, the price notwithstanding. The backlight colors are bright and cheerful, glowing from the back of the keys in a variety of different colors and patterns. While it doesn’t have as many colors as some mechanical backlit keyboards do, but there are still plenty of colors to pick from. The lights are bright enough for use at night in a darkened room, which makes it ideal for late-night gaming.

The keyboard is also full-sized and includes the number keys to the right. It’s heavy and reactive and feels good under your fingers. The keys are really the number one feature of this keyboard (as it should be!). Whether you are gaming or writing novels or just using this keyboard to type emails, the keys feel like one of the $150 mechanical gaming keyboards. And that alone makes it such a great value.

I really wasn’t expecting much from this keyboard, given the price and the lack of a well-known brand name, but I was pleasantly surprised. I would not only say this a strong keyboard for the price, but also a contender against other keyboards in much higher prices ranges. And who doesn’t like quality builds for less?

What Do You Get For the Money?

Along with the AULA Sapphire Spectrum, you get:

  • Lockable Windows keys to keep from game interruptions by hitting a menu button (which is the absolute worst).
  • Brightly lit, changeable colors behind each key. And who doesn’t like pretty lights? The lights make for easier night time typing and gaming.
  • That mechanical feel and responsiveness you would expect with any keyboard labeled as a gaming keyboard. It feels so nice under your fingers, and you get that heavy, sturdy key pushing that has gravity.
  • Quality anti-ghosting technology that works.
  • Power saving sleep mode after ten minutes of idleness. This will save you on batteries!

What is it Like to Use the AULA Sapphire Spectrum?

Using the AULA Sapphire Spectrum is a clear advantage over people who don’t use mechanical gaming keyboards. It really gives you a heightened sense of control and feedback you just don’t get from models that aren’t mechanical. Built with heavy materials, this keyboard won’t move around on you either; its heaviness is definitely a plus if you are banging around on the keys during key battles or timed puzzles. If you have never tried a mechanical gaming keyboard but have always been intrigued by the idea, this model is a great one to start with.

As for the backlighting, let me just say it’s perfect. The backlighting is pleasantly bright without being overwhelming or distracting. The lights react to your typing, glowing brighter with every key press. The lighting comes in an array of colors, which are easily changed with a few keystrokes; they can be displayed in three modes: low, high, and pulse. The pulse was cool for a few minutes but got distracting after a while. I guess I just like having the lights on all the time or not at all. Your preferences may differ.

Something I noticed right away that was great about the Sapphire Spectrum was the wrist rest. I have some wrist issues, so having a little support in front of my while I typed was a huge plus. I really like having just that little bit of something between me and aching fingers the next day. If you get aches and pains from typing or gaming, a keyboard with a wrist rest will most likely make a big difference for you, too.

The company AULA makes a variety of light-up gaming mouses and to match your new keyboard, however, the Sapphire Spectrum doesn’t feature a USB passthrough. So there’s no way to get your glowing keyboard and glowing mouse to match backlighting colors and pulses. It’s a feature that only comes up in the more expensive models. It might be purely cosmetic, but owning a keyboard that lights up pretty colors is purely cosmetic, too.

Warranty Information

The warranty for the Sapphire Spectrum is for a year. This is pretty great considering the price point. If the Sapphire Spectrum was a more expensive model, I would be a little disappointed in the short lifespan of the warranty, but this seems about right for a mechanical keyboard in this price range. For the price of this, you can buy three of these for the price of one of the pricier models with a better warranty. This still is a great deal, even if it breaks twice as often.

The manufacturer didn’t offer a whole lot of details about what the warranty covers. Most likely, it will only cover units that are dead on arrival and units that break from normal use. Similar keyboards are not usually covered if you spill soda on them during a boss battle, if your apartment catches fire and burns up with your stuff, or those sorts of things.

What is the AULA Sapphire Spectrum Made From?

The manufacturer doesn’t list what this keyboard is made out of, but it feels like a combination of thick plastics and metal framing. The keyboard is heavy and sturdy. Whatever they made it out of feels great under your fingers.

Other Available Models

If there is anything you can say about AULA, it’s that they are prolific. There are tons of other gaming keyboards to choose from, but here are some of them:

The AULA Unicorn is a model similar to the Sapphire Spectrum. It’s still backlit like the Sapphire Spectrum, but the keyboard is slimmer and doesn’t feature the wrist rest. But when they call it the Unicorn, they really mean it. There is something about its white keys, rainbow lights, and svelte figure that really looks like a mythical horned horse.

AULA also makes a model called the SI-859, which is identical in nearly every way to the Sapphire Spectrum, except it is not mechanical.

There is also a plain Sapphire that comes with a mouse. It’s quite a steal to get both the gaming mouse and the gaming keyboard, especially if the mouse has the same quality. It’s missing a few of the backlighting features, but this keyboard still looks fantastic.

Our Final Verdict

There is little that we don’t like about this keyboard. There’s very little to say here except that this is the perfect starting place for anyone looking to try out a mechanical keyboard. If you are an experienced gamer looking to save some dough and want a quiet, reliable keyboard, the Sapphire Spectrum is a great place to look. We weren’t disappointed in this machine, and we’re pretty sure that you won’t be either.

I would also recommend this, as I have said, if you find long typing and gaming hurts your wrists. It’s just a great layout, sturdy set up, a nice feel, and a really great price. I look forward to using this keyboard for several years to come for all of my gaming and typing.


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