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Last updated on January 7, 2018 A great computer gaming chair is important as you will need a good place to sit down on while playing something immersive and...
Top 3 computer gaming chairs

Last updated on January 7, 2018

A great computer gaming chair is important as you will need a good place to sit down on while playing something immersive and appealing. Considering how I can easily lose myself when playing a good game of WoW or LoL, I know that it is a necessity to have a chair that is easy for me to sit down on for a while as I am in the heat of competition.

I want to share with you three different choices to look at when it comes to finding the best computer gaming chair on today’s market. These choices are designed with a variety of appealing features but each of them does have their own pitfalls that deserve to be mentioned too.

Best Computer Gaming Chair Reviews

Essentials Racing Style Leather Gaming Chair (ESS-3085-GRN)

Essentials Racing Style Leather Gaming Chair


  • The black leather fabric mixes in with a bright green mesh padding. The padding is organized all around the body of the chair including on the headrest, the flip-up arms and various other parts.
  • The casters are strong enough to last for a while. They have been rated to work for more than 40 miles, thus ensuring that the chair can handle any slight movements while playing.
  • The metal frame on the chair is strong enough to handle pressure. It can tilt back and forth without suffering from fatigue. It can even handle up to 300 pounds on weight dropped onto it.
  • The adjustment features on this include a height adjustment lever and a tilting lock and tension control that adjust how well the chair can move back and forth. It also swivels at 360 degrees so it can be positioned in any spot.


My favorite part about this chair is that it has a comfortable body that doesn’t cause me to become too warm when I am using it. It offers a relaxed feeling and is easy to sit on. I especially like how the colors contrast well to create a beautiful look. I am also a fan of how this can be adjusted quickly and moved up and down with ease. While green isn’t the only color that I can get this in, it still makes for a vibrant look that stands out for the best computer gaming chair.


The head rest is not adjustable, thus making it hard to enjoy at times unless I am in just the right position. The fabric is also not as soft as it could be even though it is at least flexible.

New Gaming Chair High-Back Computer Chair

New Gaming Chair High-back Computer Chair Ergonomic Design Racing Chair


  • Designed with a mix of black and white colors, this uses a 360-degree swivel body. It can move backwards from 90 to 180 degrees depending on the setting. I can even get it to fold all the way flat down like it was a bed.
  • This comes with an adjustable height knob that moves the chair from 17.5 to 20.5 inches in height depending on how it is used.
  • This holds up to 250 pounds in weight. The fabric is also flexible enough to keep its original shape even after it has been pressured by so much weight.
  • The lumbar support is designed to handle most people. This can be quickly adjusted with a simple lever on the bottom of the chair.


My favorite part about this option is that it can last for hours on end and I won’t feel overly hot while using it. It is also easy for me to put together while the wheels can be easily put together. Those wheels can move around many surfaces quite well without being at risk of locking up or being stuck somewhere.


The armrests are not adjustable, which is unfortunate given how it could be easier to get a better feel if they were easy to handle. Also, while the foot rest is comfortable, it can be a challenge to actually reach it at times.

Merax Executive Home Office Chair Racing Style Gaming Chair

Merax Executive Home Office Chair Racing Style Gaming Chair PU Leather Swivel Computer and Office Desk Chair


  • PU leather is used to create a comfortable feeling all around the chair. The leather is wrapped around the armrests to go alongside the back area.
  • The height adjustment and tilt lock controls on the bottom of the chair are easy to control. There is even a tension control knob on the chair.
  • The back and forth tilting motion on this chair is easy to handle as the chair does not go too far back. It doesn’t create lots of shocks while in use.
  • The vibrant black and red colors make this chair stand out from anything else in your gaming room or office. The fabric is easy to wash off too.


I like that the sitting height can be adjusted quite well from 17.6 to 21.6 inches. It gives me more control over how I am enjoying the games I am playing. The comfortable fabric is also easy for me to enjoy playing games on as it is not to rough or otherwise hard to sit down on.


I am not heavy enough to where I would put too much pressure onto this Merax chair but the fact that it only handles about 200 pounds of weight is a concern. I feel that not all gamers would be able to handle this chair well enough without risking it breaking from all that pressure. This is also a challenge to assemble out of the box.

Final Verdict

In terms of what I feel is the best computer gaming chair today, I will pick the as the best choice. I love that this chair has a great leather body that is easy to relax on while the padding is soft and consistent all around. It is easy to sit down on and move around with while also having enough fit and height controls. The great color scheme on this chair especially gives me an exciting chair that makes me feel in control of any game I play. It is an appealing chair that will certainly be worth your time.

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