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Last updated on January 7, 2018 If you’ve stumbled here, chances are you’re looking for a gaming chair that can aid in presenting you with an attractive and affordable...
Top 7 gaming chair brands

Last updated on January 7, 2018

If you’ve stumbled here, chances are you’re looking for a gaming chair that can aid in presenting you with an attractive and affordable option for a gaming chair. There are a plethora of reliable gaming chair brands that provide ample cushioning, physical appeal, and comfort all for a great price. Below, we’ll discuss the seven best gaming chair brand and what they specialize in. For console or PC gamers, this list is for everyone! (No master race fights, here!)

Best Gaming Chair Brand Reviews

X Rocker

X Rocker, also known as X Rocker Nation online, is a professional gaming chair company providing state-of-the-art chairs for home entertainment. More specifically, X Rocker specializes in rocker styled gaming chairs in various forms. Whether this chair actually has a base and arm rests, or is the basic, run-of-the-mill rocker, X Rocker has it all. Typically, these aren’t totally on the steeper end, but they are an investment as they provide great back support and integrated features like built-in speakers for the best gaming experience.

Originally, we saw many floor rockers that would be hard to get out of, but now that the flourish of adults in gaming is here (not that it ever wasn’t…) companies are beginning to adapt. For the console gamer that doesn’t have the best back, there are rocker chairs with bases and arm rests so it acts like a normal chair, but contours the curves of your back end to provide ample support and comfort.


Merax dabbles into the world of the “racing” style of gaming chairs, providing a number of designs and colors in the racing style. Available at an appealing price (in comparison with some racer styled gaming chairs), Merax chairs not only provide aesthetically pleasing gaming chairs, they provide ergonomic comfort, too, with their back padding and arm rests. However, the design of these chairs aren’t much different than other racing styled chairs.

Racing chairs are the hottest style of gaming chair on the market, and the color palette range that Merax offers puts them at the forefront of the game. From black and lime green, to traditional palettes like red and black, you can’t go wrong with what they offer. Caster wheels and an elongated back, this chair is meant to go higher in the back to provide a great amount of support. Some of their racing chairs even come with foot /leg rests, for those who may want to game with their feet up. IN retrospect, elevating your feet is actually great for circulation, especially if you sit all day gaming. It’s not uncommon to see a reclining gaming chair from this company, either.


Another company that specializes in racer styled gaming chairs, Homall provides ergonomic relief to the very-active gamer. Some of the aforementioned chairs also come with bucket seating, and may be seen as an “executive office chair” because of the modernized racing shape. Coming in a various of colors like purple and black, to orange, white and blue, you can’t go wrong with the variety Homall offers. It’s also not uncommon to see a moving arm rest and reclining racing chair from this company, as well as the ability to move the caster wheels on carpet, hardwood, and tile – something Homall prides their chairs on being able to accomplish.

Best Office

Now, upon first glance, it seems as if Best Office might provide only office chairs, right? Wrong! They actually provide chairs customized for the gaming experience. While some are actually in the style of the modern computer gaming chair, they also dabble in the racing style of gaming chair – along with ergonomic relief. In this day and age, a racing chair without extra ergonomic support is a chair you’re wasting your money on. With a back that hugs the contours, and arm rests that are the perfect height for posture perfection, you can’t go wrong with at least looking into this brand. While they aren’t the most famous gaming chair brand, they are a reliable brand that’s been creating normal computer chairs for quite some time. With ample cushioning and a decent variety in color combos offered, Best Office provides gaming chairs at an affordable price.


One of the more well-known brands in gaming chairs, Turismo offers a wide variety that barely anyone can pass up. Not only do they offer ergonomically attractive racing chairs, but they also offer rocker chairs, and even more crazy designs. Using the highest quality materials and tools to provide a well-reclining and perfect chair for your posture, gaming and working from home has never been more comfortable. Those who are tall will enjoy the height and adjustable pillows on their racing chairs, as it’s always tough for a tall person to find something that fits their height. Look no further, as Turismo has got your back. Whether you game in front of your TV with your console, or you’re a PC gamer, you’ll be able to choose from a wide selection of chairs at Turismo.

Ferrino Line (by RapidX)

While it’s not the most popular gaming chair company, RapidX has released a line of chairs called the Ferrino Line. A simplistic gaming chair line, the price point is a litter steeper than most. You currently might be wondering if they’re worth it since you can purchase a reliable racer gaming chair somewhere else. However, if you want to stray from the typical gaming chair design, we suggest you check out the minimalist kings at RapidX with the Ferrino Line. Whether you’re looking for quilt stitching or a basic chair with dual colors, the Ferrino line has the perfect chair from you. While the color variety isn’t as wide as others, there’s a color for everyone from pink to blue to black.

If you’re into the minimalist racing chair design, you’ll enjoy the craftsmen ship of the design of one of their gaming chairs. With high backs and the option to recline pretty far, you can customize your gaming experience. I think it’s fair to say that RapidX is one of the best gaming chair brand on the market. Speaking of RapidX, let’s discuss the company more below.


RapidX is practically THE clothing line of the gaming world. With a plethora of chairs to choose from, they even offer specific lines that feature a cohesive design amongst each product. In fact, they’re probably one of the leading gaming chair companies with a variety of designs that go far beyond what other companies have produced in terms of racing chairs thus far. From checkerboard patterns in a variety of color palettes, to minimalist quilt patterns the quality of RapidX shows in the price – and in their success! With high backs and cushioned seating, you can game in a perfect posture cloud thanks to RapidX.

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