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Gaming Chair
Gaming Chair

Looking for the best gaming chair for yourself or someone you love? With all of the available products on the internet, finding the right chair might seem a little overwhelming. But don’t worry; looking for the best gaming chairs doesn’t have to be difficult. All you need to do is arm yourself with a little know-how before starting your gaming chair shopping.

Best Gaming Chair Overview

ImageNameTypeMaterialMaximum WeightOverall Satisfaction
New Gaming Chair High-back Computer Chair Ergonomic Design Racing ChairNew Gaming Chair High-back Computer ChairRacingPU Leather250 Pounds4.3/5
X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 Video Gaming ChairX Rocker 51396 Pro SeriesPedestalVinyl275 Pounds4.1/5
Ferrino Line Black on Black Diamond Patterned Gaming and Lifestyle Chair by RapidXFerrino Line BlackRacingpolyurethane foam core250 Pounds4.3/5

Gaming Chair Buying Guide

Why Would I Want a Gaming Chair?

Good gaming chairs are for more than just games! There are loads of benefits to buying a gaming chair if you love video games, movies, or concerts and music.

Add to your gaming and TV watching experiences

If you love to play video games or watch movies, a gaming chair might just be for you. The best gaming chair provide comfortable, ergonomic support that you just don’t get from a couch. They will cradle your body for long gaming sessions and make sure you spend your leisure time in the most comfort possible.

Loads of great features

Not all gaming chairs are built the same or with the same purpose in mind. Some chairs are designed to function like supremely comfortable office chairs. These are made for mostly PC gamers who have long raiding sessions planned. Some chairs are lower to the ground and have built in speakers for high-quality TV watching and console gaming. Whatever you are looking for in a gaming chair, the perfect one is out there waiting for you!

They are for everyone, even if you don’t game

Gaming chairs aren’t just for hardcore gamers. Those who love to watch TV, immerse themselves in concerts, or just relax and read a book while listening to music can find value in a great gaming chair. The best gaming chairs are multipurpose and can be used for things other than gaming. PC gaming chairs are great for long hours at the office, too!

What Should I Look for in a Gaming Chair?

Looking for the perfect gaming chair, there are a handful of things you’ll want to take into consideration. Making sure your chair is the perfect fit for your lifestyle will ensure you end up happy with your new purchase.

Look for size specs

If you are very tall or very short, you may have a hard time finding a chair that fits your body size. Don’t let it get you down! There is a chair out there for everyone. Look for a chair that is either great for your size and weight or looking for one that will be easily adjustable to what you need. The more adjustable a chair is, the more people it will be comfortable for.

Read all the reviews

Just like the best gaming desks, gaming chair reviews are there to ensure you get what you are looking for, so take the time to read them. They will not only inform you of potential problems but will also let you know pros of every chair you take a look at. Make sure you get what you want and what you need. Read the reviews!

Sound or no sound

Adding speakers to your chair will certainly add to the cost and the weight. Make sure a sound system is something you need in your gaming chair. If you are more concerned with supreme comfort than you are with subwoofers and internal surround sound, find a great chair without all of those extra bells and whistles. There are several styles of gaming chairs; make sure yours fits the intended use as well as possible.

Make sure the chair is durable

Check out what the frame is made of and how durable the other pieces are before making a purchase. A long-lasting chair may cost more upfront, but will more than pay for itself when you don’t have to buy a replacement in a few months.

Ensure the chair works with your current setup

Do you have a PC desk that is not too tall? If so, your new gaming chair might not fit underneath it. Is the new gaming chair you’re eyeing compatible with your TV, your PS4 or XBox One, or other devices? Will it fit properly in your gaming room, or is it too big? These are all some important questions you’ll have to ask yourself before making your purchase. Read specs carefully and ask questions if you have to. Read on to find out what I think are the 5 best gaming chair on the market.

Best Gaming Chair Reviews

BestOffice New Gaming Chair High-back Computer Chair

New Gaming Chair High-back Computer Chair Ergonomic Design Racing Chair


Ergonomic and built for comfort, this bucket seat is the perfect seat for long gaming sessions. 

The Specs:

The BestOffice New Gaming Chair is heavy, well-built, and ready to support you during all of those long hours before your computer. With its heavy metal base and frame, this bucket chair is built for the long term. The seat comes with an adjustable headrest and footrest. It can swivel, lay down, and almost everything is adjustable. The chair weighs almost 70 pounds and is built for people of average height. It can support up to 250 pounds.

The Pros of the BestOffice New Gaming Chair:

  • The BestOffice New Gaming Chair has a footrest: It’s like a gaming recliner! I’ve never seen a chair with a working footrest; it’s really comfortable and a really neat feature. I love it for watching movies on my computer. This feature alone makes the BestOffice one of the best gaming chair I reviewed.
  • The cool design makes it look more expensive: The amazing black and white racing design and high-quality materials on the outside make it look like you spent several hundred dollars on it. It’s really an amazing chair, especially for the money!
  • It is sturdy: This chair is made of steel at the base, ensuring that it will hold up for a long time. The coverings also feel like they won’t wear out quickly.

The Downsides of the BestOffice New Gaming Chair:

  • The armrests do not adjust: I like to be able to move armrests around, but these are completely stationary. I almost wish they weren’t there at all. However, the height is good for most people that have sat in it.
  • The armrests aren’t padded either: They feel a little more like an afterthought than an actual part of the chair.


The X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 Video Gaming Chair

An easy-to-setup gaming chair that is comfortable and long lasting.

X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 Video Gaming Chair


The Specs:

X Rocker produces some of the best gaming chairs on the market. The X Rocker 51396 Pro Series is stylish, comfortable, and designed even with tall people in mind. The back of the chair is about six feet five inches. Next to the durable vinyl seats are two high-quality speakers and subwoofer, using 2.1 AFM tech to give you the best sound quality. This gaming chair is great for immersive and comfortable experiences listening to music, playing video games, and watching movies. The chair connects to any RCA audio output transmitted wirelessly from your TV to the X Rocker. You can even connect multiple chairs together to create a theater- or arcade-like experience that you and your friends will love!

The Pros of the X Rocker 51396:

  • The X Rocker helps you to keep proper posture: A far cry from slouching on the couch, this gaming chair can help to keep you upright during your long gaming sessions. Designed for hours of comfortable sitting, this design is comfortable and helps to keep your posture in proper alignment. For anyone who is worried about muscle aches and pains from lots of loafing around, this gaming chair will keep you on the straight and narrow.
  • It is long lasting: If you are looking for a great chair to last you for several years of hard use, this is a great pick. Made with durable vinyl with a metal frame, the X Rocker 51396 will remain sturdy and comfortable for several years.
  • It is versatile: The X Rocker 51396 is a great chair for connecting to nearly any gaming and movie watching setup. The high-quality speakers will make for theater-like movie watching and immersive gameplay for your PC, PS4, XBox One, or other gaming systems. If you play it on your TV, it will more than likely hook up to this amazing gaming chair!

The Drawkbacks of the X Rocker 51396:

  • The transmitter is a battery-powered transmitter: While a Bluetooth transmission device for the sound would have been optimal, the X Rocker uses a custom 915 MHz RF transmitter for the sound. A Wifi or Bluetooth connection would have been optimal as neither would have required batteries or wires, but the sound quality and transmission speeds remain absolutely stunning with this setup.
  • The chair needs a little extra cushion to be at its best: Although many customers have talked about how comfortable the chair is for short-term gaming, for hours-long gaming sessions, you may need to add a little padding along the bottom. But the comfort of this chair can’t be beat for the price point, so adding a little extra cushioning if you feel the need won’t break the bank.
  • The 51396 is wired: The power required for the chair itself is wired, so the chair will need to be near an outlet. This is a problem for all gaming chairs with tech built it, but it is also an important point for many customers. Make sure your room can handle the wires for your immersive gaming chair experience before you purchase.


Ferrino Line Black on Black Diamond Patterned Gaming and Lifestyle Chair by RapidX

A fully adjustable, comfortable gaming chair that lays nearly flat.

Ferrino Line Black on Black Diamond Patterned Gaming and Lifestyle Chair by RapidX


The Specs:

The Ferrino Line Gaming chair is by far the most comfortable chair you will ever sit in. It’s fully adjustable, able to move and change for nearly anybody. The high-quality polyurethane foam core and coverings are durable and comfortable, making this one of the most unique chairs on this list. Based on racing car bucket seats, this racing chair will change the way you game or work for the rest of your life. The five-point base is on wheels like most office chairs, which makes this easily mobile, too. Although the chair doesn’t feature speakers or any sound equipment, its comfort more than makes up for its lack of tech.

The Pros of the Ferrino Line:

  • The Ferrino features some serious reclining capabilities: With “85 to 165-degree angle reclining capabilities,” this chair can bend to your unique needs which is a feature that all the good gaming chair need to have. Even the armrests change position to make your chair, no matter the position, the most comfortable it can be.
  • The chair is pretty: This chair features some serious style points. With its sleek lines and designer colors, the Ferrino resembles a seat in a racing car. The attention to detail is also unmatched. Don’t be surprised if people ask if they can take it for a test drive when the wander by!
  • It is comfortable: The super futuristic chair cradles your body with fully adjustable lumbar support and headrest. It also is filled with some of the world’s most comfortable foam filling ever to be put into a gaming chair. You might never want to leave your new chair.
  • It can support lots of weight: The Ferrino is capable of supporting up to 265 pounds!

The Drawkbacks of the Ferrino Line:

  • The Ferrino is expensive: The Ferrino is not a cheap gaming chair. However, if you have the money, you’ll find that the Ferrino is well worth the price tag. The product is soundly built, long-lasting, and comes with a warranty (upon request), so this may be the only chair you have to buy for many years to come.
  • It is also heavy: Sixty pounds is quite a bit of weight for a chair. Although most of the weight comes from the incredibly durable frame and all of the cool adjustable mechanical bits inside. However, lucky for us, the chair does have wheels on it. So just as long as you don’t have to drag it up flights of stairs regularly, the weight shouldn’t break your back.
  • You might fall asleep in it: More comfortable than any chair should rightly be, the Ferrino is a gaming chair for people who watch TV, game, work, and stay in their chairs for long periods of time. It is said to be one of the best gaming chair in the business, and many of the reviews claim owners can sometimes fall asleep while using it.


Merax Fantasy Series Racing Style Gaming Chair PU Leather Chair

A racing-style chair with a lot of comfort and even more style.


The Specs:

Merax has a winner with this wonderful chair, mixing style with comfort and economy. The chair is made of polyurethane, making it extremely comfortable for long gaming sessions. Featuring a padded headrest and armrests, the Merax is not as adjustable as the Ferrino, but does feature similar reclining capabilities. This Merax is on wheels, making for easy movement over hard surfaces. It is well-made and stylish, coming in at able thirty-eight pounds, making it one of the lightest chairs on this list. Overall, it’s one of the best gaming chair I’ve been able to review.

The Pros of the Merax Fantasy Series:

  • It is easy to put together: With twenty minutes and a little elbow grease, you can put together the Merax Fantasy chair and be ready to go. The instructions are straightforward and make putting it together simple and quick. You’ll be using your new chair in no time flat.
  • The Merax Fantasy Chair is great looking: It’s hard to go wrong when your chair is styled after a race car’s bucket seat, but the Marex takes it to the next level. This chair features large colored stripes along the sides and bottom. The stitching is beautiful and the faux leather finish gives this chair an upscale look. If you are looking for attention to detail, look no further.
  • Merax has great customer service: Even dealt with bad customer service? No matter how much you like it, a bad service experience can ruin even the best products. So it’s wonderful to know that Merax is there to help with any concerns you may have about your new chair.

The Drawbacks of the Merax Fantasy Series:

  • The armrests aren’t the best: For the Merax to be so well-built everywhere else, the lackluster armrests tend to drag down the quality of the whole chair. They are thin and not adjustable, making them too low for many taller gamers. However, the armrests are removable, so you can go without if you decide they aren’t for you.
  • The frame is less durable than some: While most chairs in this price range and style have mostly metal parts, the Merax has a lot of plastic pieces, making it lighter. However, the durability may suffer a little, especially if the chair has a great deal of weight in it on a regular basis. However, the chair is still very well built and will most likely last you for several years to come.
  • The wheels are not carpet friendly: While many gaming chairs are designed for carpet, the wheels on the Merax do not roll over carpet very easily. This may be a problem if your gaming room or office is carpeted.


X Rocker 51259 Pro H3 4.1 Audio Gaming Chair

A super padded captain’s chair, designed for comfortable gameplay for up to 275 pounds.

X Rocker 51259 Pro H3 4.1 Audio Gaming Chair


The Specs:

This captain’s style chair is the second from X Rocker on this list, and for good reason. The chair is made with a very durable frame of metal and wood. It’s covered in padded vinyl for quick and simple cleaning and a comfortable seat for long-term gaming. The sound system is top quality, putting to use the empty space inside of the chair to add quality subwoofers and speakers for an immersive experience. You won’t find a better deal on a cheap gaming chair anywhere on the net.

The Pros of the X Rocker 51259:

  • The rocking chair of the future: The rocking feature is one to love on this model. Built like a high-tech rocking chair, the X rocker 51259 is a comfortable chair for even the longest of gaming or Netflix sessions. Don’t forget the popcorn.
  • The sound is unmatched: The X Rocker 51259 is equipped with some really great speakers and subwoofers. If you are looking for real, immersive sound with great feedback and vibration, this is a great option for you. The sound quality will make you feel like you’re there, right in the middle of the action.
  • The price is just right: The X Rocker price is about right, making it one of the most economical chairs on this list. If you are concerned about price, this may be the one for you. There are few chairs with quality tech in this price range, so grab yours before they sell out.

The Drawkbacks of the X Rocker 51259:

  • The speakers face out: Unlike most immersive gaming chairs that focus on giving the person seated in the chair most of the sound, this chair has the headrest speakers facing out into the room rather that pointed in at the player. This odd design choice is great if you have guests interested in the gameplay, but is not needed for game play alone. The speakers’ odd situation doesn’t diminish the sound quality one bit, however.
  • The chair is not backwards compatible: This X Rocker will hook up properly to the newest generation of consoles, but not some of the older consoles that may still be in use. If you are looking for a chair for your new and old gaming systems, this may not be the one for you. Make sure that your favorite consoles are compatible with your new chair before purchasing.
  • It is low to the ground: For those of us with knee and back issues, a very low gaming chair might not be the best investment. If getting up from the floor is painful to you, a low riding chair like this X Rocker may not be the best solution.


Turismo Racing Cagliari Series Gaming Chair

A PC gaming chair with both looks and comfort for nearly everyone.

Turismo Racing Cagliari Series Gaming Chair


The Specs:

With a sturdy frame of aluminum, the Turismo Carliari Racing chair is one of the most durable on this list. It can handle weights of up to 350 pounds. It also comes with lumbar and neck pillows that are fully adjustable to any height. This chair is designed for long gaming or work sessions, keeping your posture in line as it keeps your body as comfortable as possible. The Turismo Carliari design is beautiful and available in three, bright, designer colors: blue, red, and white.

The Pros of the Turismo Racing Cagliari Series:

  • This racing chair is solid and strong: You will not find a more solidly built chair for this price point. With the strength to stand up to whatever your gaming style, the Cagliari is well-constructed and will be your favorite chair for years to come. With its metal frames and pieces, it will stand up longer than most of the plastic chairs.
  • It is flexible: The best gaming chairs are designed with flexibility in mind, and the Cagliari deliver just that. It is ready for any position and is nearly fully adjustable. Designed to make sure you can be comfortable no matter your height or how you sit, the Turismo Carliari is a great investment for the PC gamer looking for a comfortable eight-or-ten-hour seat.
  • It’s all in the details: This high-quality gaming chair is just covered in little detailing that gives it a next-level edge over other chairs. Its stitching is beautiful, and the color contrast is taken all the way down to the wheels. Unique and beautiful, this is not a typical ugly office chair that you’ll want to hide away from guests when they visit.

The Drawbacks of the Turismo Racing Cagliari Series:

  • The Cagliari isn’t well padded: Although the Turismo Carliari is comfortable for most, some people just like a bit more padding for their bottom. The Caliari is designed without much padding on the seat, leaving it a little lacking for some. But most reviews agree that they don’t miss the extra padding at all!
  • The build quality: You would expect that the build quality for the chair would be top notch. Yet, some of the units shipped out have drill holes that don’t align properly for the chair to be put together. This can be remedied by returning the chair for a new one, but waiting for shipping twice will be a pain.
  • It does not lean back as far as some: Some of the other PC gaming chairs on this list have the ability to lean all the way back to as much as 165 degrees. However, this one only leans back to about 130 degrees. While this may not matter to some, a good range of motion may be important to others.


Essentials Racing Style Leather Gaming Chair

Essentials Racing Style Leather Gaming Chair


An adjustable chair built with comfort and durability in mind.

The Specs:

The Essentials Racing Style Leather Gaming Chair is as good as any other racing chair. The seat is upholstered in bright green and black leather, wrapped around padding that holds up to long sitting. This chair is adjustable in a bunch of different ways, allowing for you to lean, swivel, or adjust to customize your experience and make your chair as comfortable as possible. The height is about 48 inches and the length about 30 inches. The Essentials comes in at about 37 pounds.

The Pros of the Essentials Racing Style Leather Gaming Chair:

  • It’s backed by a 3-year warranty: It’s cool to see a great company offer an amazing warranty on a good product because they know it’s good. Essentials by OFM really stands behind everything it makes, and that always makes for a great experience.
  • The Essentials Chair is easy to put together: Once your box arrives, you can have it assembled in about ten minutes.
  • It is very comfortable: The Essentials Chair has amazing lumbar support, an amazing range of motion, padded armrests, and more. All of it comes together to make for a very comfortable chair.

The Cons of the Essentials Racing Style Leather Gaming Chair:

  • It is real leather: Personally, I dislike leather for chairs or jackets because of the care needed to keep them from becoming brittle. I’d prefer synthetic any day of the week, but this chair is still very high quality and beautiful.
  • The Essentials Chair is heavy: If you plan to move your chair around the house a lot, this particular model is incredibly heavy.


Merax Executive Home Office Chair Racing Style Gaming Chair

Merax Executive Home Office Chair Racing Style Gaming Chair PU Leather Swivel Computer and Office Desk Chair


A PU leather chair designed for comfortable, long gaming sessions, that comes in eye-catching orange. 

The Specs:

The Merax Executive is a polyurethane leather chair made for comfort. It weighs in at just 38 pounds and is about 42 inches tall. The base has heavy duty casters for those of us who like to rock, swivel, and wiggle during long work hours or long gaming sessions. The armrests are not adjustable, but they are padded and feature an interesting curved design that adds stability. The Merax Executive is ergonomic, adjustable, and affordable.

The Pros of the Merax Executive Gaming Chair:

  • The design is attractive: The Merax Executive is a very beautiful chair with a lot of care put into every inch. It’s attractive and looks like a much more expensive gaming chair.
  • The Merax Executive is really soft: While most chairs feel like metal wrapped in a little bit of cushion, the Merax Executive is really soft. The headrest is nice and squishy without feeling like you’re sinking into the chair. The extra padding and comfort make the Merax the best gaming chair of its price range.
  • The Merax Executive is easy to put together: The directions are simple, straightforward, and the chair is easy to put together.

The Downsides of the Merax Executive Gaming Chair:

  • The armrests are not adjustable: Considering lots of other aspects of this chair seems to be adjustable, I think it’s odd they wouldn’t add adjustable armrests, too. I would love to have had the ability to adjust the height of my arms and my desk.
  • The Merax Executive’s headrest is also not adjustable: The headrest was just a tiny bit too high for me and could not be adjusted. It gave me a little crick in my neck while I was playing.


So, which is the best cheap gaming chair on our list?

The Top Recommendation Is:

And the winner is… BestOffice New Gaming Chair High-back Computer Chair! Whoever thought to put a footrest on a gaming chair? It’s really brilliant! I love everything about the BestOffice New Gaming Chair; there’s just something incredibly special about its black and white racing design, sturdy metal frame, and beautiful design that really make it look just as special as it can be. It looks like a much more expensive chair when assembled, and the materials feel very high quality. I can’t say enough good about this chair; it’s not only a great deal for the money, but I think it’s also the best gaming chair, period!


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