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Last updated on January 7, 2018 Just like you need the right tool to get any other job or hobby done, you’re going to need a good mouse to...
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Last updated on January 7, 2018

Just like you need the right tool to get any other job or hobby done, you’re going to need a good mouse to game with. A standard, two button, mouse-1 and mouse-2 set up is fine for beginners, but when you find yourself becoming passionate about your craft, you need to step it up. Gaming mice often come with a number of buttons and features that make it worth the time and effort to research, but luckily for you, I’ve done all the research for you. Take a look at some tips I have for you when looking for a cheap gaming mouse that is going to be the best gaming mouse for you, and then check out my gaming mouse reviews at the bottom.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Gaming Mouse

FPS or MMO? FPS mice are going to come with a few less buttons than MMO mice, but that is because, of course, in an FPS game you don’t have to switch between so many character abilities. Think about the kind of games you play before purchasing a mouse.

Budget – While it is true that you get what you pay for, not all mice are created equal and you can indeed find a cheap gaming mouse that suits your needs. You can also go for a customizable mouse that lets you essentially design it to the Tee, but those are typically costly and perform just as well as a more inexpensive one.

Illumination – Even if you don’t spend a fortune, you can still grab a beautiful mouse that shines–literally. Get one with LED color options for a fun and immersive gaming experience, or forfeit it altogether.

Best Gaming Mouse 2018

UtechSmart Venus 16400

UtechSmart Venus 16400 DPI High Precision Laser MMO Gaming Mouse

If your favorite gaming style happens to be of the MMORPG variety, you are going to absolutely adore this unique mouse. It features only the utmost of accuracy, incredibly customizable functions that are unique to MMO-style games, a sturdy make up and ergonomic design that makes for hours of comfortable and efficient gaming. Check out my review on the UtechSmart Venus 16400 DPI below.

Incomparable Precision

The specs of the UtechSmart Venus are just outstanding. There’s no other way to put it. It features 12000 FPS, up to 16400 DPO, 30G acceleration, 1000 Hz polling rate, 100-150 in/s cursor speed and an impressive Avago sensor. The Omron micro switches deliver crisp, audibly firm clicks that go well with a mechanical keyboard.

Customizable Function

Ready to remap the entire mouse much like you would your keyboard? Now you can. There are 19 MMO-optimized buttons on this single mouse that lets you bind keys for different character abilities and motions for any game along with 5 savable memory profiles to keep everything organized between different games. A special setting switch button can be found on the back of the mouse to truly let you take command of the entire gaming mouse. There are also over 16 million LED color options to choose from, but it can be disabled if you don’t like it. Personally, I find it delightful and love to play around with the colors to fit my current mood. This alone leads me to believe this is maybe the best gaming mouse, or at least one of them, that I have reviewed.

Durable Construction

The UtechSmart Venus Gaming Mouse features smooth, accommodating Teflon foot pads that help the mouse to glide easily over any surface. The buttons are all high quality and provide a satisfying click that helps with your precision and speed when switching between the functions. A 6-foot braided-fiber cable with a gold-plated USB connector furthers the durability.

Ergonomic Design

This UtechSmart Venus features a right-handed design and a body that contours to your hand to help you keep your grip tight as you play. What is even better to me is the fact that I am able to adjust the weight of the mouse. Personally, I like my mice to be on the heavy side as it helps me make more accurate movements, but I know a few people who like them to be light for quick action. Whatever you prefer, the custom weight system of this mouse can be adjusted to provide the perfect weight to suit your playing style with up to 8 – 2.4 gram weights.


  • Ergonomic design
  • 19 MMO-style programmable keys
  • 16400 DPI
  • 16 Million LED light choices
  • Sturdy make up


It has a right-handed design which might put a damper on our left-handed friends.

Razer DeathAdder Chroma

Razer DeathAdder Chroma

High speeds, incredible accuracy, and beautiful lighting make this a gaming mouse you won’t want to skip out on. Its integrated heat map technology even showcases your unique gaming style for you and lets you keep track of your stats. Read about this cool gaming mouse below.

Wildly Ergonomic

The Razer DeathAdder Chroma is crafted with your hand in mind, made to fit cozily under the palm and give you the most comfortable gaming experience around. Say goodbye to hand cramps and aches! I haven’t experienced any dull pains like I did with a standard mouse before I discovered the joy of gaming mice, personally. The contoured design coupled with its rubber side grips lets you take and keep control through even the most vigorous gaming sessions.

Optimum Performance

The Razer DeathAdder Chroma comes with some pretty incredible specs: a 10,000 DPI sensor, movement speeds of up to 200 inches per second and 50G acceleration capabilities. The optical sensor is powered with advanced tracking analysis that lets you customize your gaming style, but we will look more into that later. No matter if you play at slow or fast speeds, I have noticed that the Razer DeathAdder Chroma will consistently respond with perfect accuracy and almost immediate input-to-action responses, thanks to its sensor. The Razer DeathAdder Chroma can also track z-axis movements as low as 1 millimeter on most surfaces, which includes glass. This is great if you’re like me and prefer the mouse tracking to stop as soon as you lift it.

Chroma Lighting

I always love LED color choices when it comes to my gaming equipment, and the Razer DeathAdder Chroma delivers. No matter what color your love, you can light the mouse’s scroll wheel and logo up with it. It has more than 16.8 million color choices so that you can match up your guild colors or simply pick one to suit the mood of the night. I love playing around with this feature and matching it up to my keyboards. This is definitely one of the better options when it comes to a cheap gaming mouse.

Razer Synapse

With the Razer DeathAdder Chroma, you have the option to track your movements and other gaming statistics. Track your in-game clicks, movements, binds and more. The heat maps included let you analyze your gaming style to improve upon it for an even more accurate game session the next time. This really helped me to learn about what I do right and what I do wrong, and with that knowledge it was easier to know how to handle certain situations in game with more thought. This is really an awesome feature.


  • In-game stat tracking technology
  • 16.8 million LED color choices
  • Incredible accuracy and fast performance
  • Comfortable and ergonomic


I noticed that after using it a long time, the Razer DeathAdder Chroma begins to weaken with the clicking. Sometimes it will double click when I only meant to single click, but personally I believe that this will eventually happen to every mouse, so I’m not bothered by it at all. It is definitely made from high quality parts.

Pajuva Professional Gaming Mouse 9 Buttons

Pajuva Professional Gaming Mouse 9 Buttons Black

Designed with Comfort in Mind

This company understands the importance of a comfortable and ergonomic mouse for those long gaming sessions. The Pajuva Professional Gaming Mouse fits excellently under your hand and contours to it excellently. I liked the large mouse 1 and mouse 2 buttons that respond no matter where they are clicked. It is really lightweight and made from aluminum, so it’s still sturdy and rigid feeling. Never once have I lost my grip on the Pajuva Professional Gaming Mouse, even when my movements became erratic with excitement.

Customizable Function

The Pajuva Professional Gaming Mouse has the capability to program up to 9 buttons to do whatever you need them to do by binding actions to them. The software included lets you assign things like precision aim but also lets you choose and execute other commands and key binds.

Fantastic Precision

You can customize the DPI settings of the Pajuva Professional Gaming Mouse. There are four definable DPI settings that go all the way up to 4000, which I loved to mess around with to find the perfect setting for each game. DPI buttons let me quickly move through the custom settings, which was really useful. The 30G acceleration doesn’t hurt, either.

LED Illumination

Perfect for gaming in the dark or looking extra cool during the day, the Pajuva Professional Gaming Mouse offers some neat lighting choices. There are 3 modes of illumination you can choose from: standard, neon and breathing. You can choose virtually any color to light the mouse. You don’t need to code anything, not even the colors–just plug up and go. This is great for LAN parties in my experience. The colors can be turned off, by the way, if you are not into that.


  • LED colors
  • Ergonomic
  • 9 programmable buttons
  • 3 light modes
  • Customizable DPI


Sadly, if you game on a MAC, you can’t program the mouse to do certain things. You will need to first program it on a Windows device, and then the mouse will be ready to go. This isn’t too big of a con, though, as after the one-time programming you can play on a MAC forever.

Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury FPS Gaming Mouse

Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury FPS Gaming Mouse

If you’re looking for a cheap gaming mouse that can keep up with the big dogs, look no further than the Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury FPS Gaming Mouse. Great specs, precision and customization options lets this fall into my “best gaming mouse” category, and I’m excited to show it to you. Check it out below.

Outstanding Specifications

The Logitech G402 Hyperion Gaming Mouse has a 32-bit arm processor that gives the Fusion Engine its power and delivers wonderfully fast tracking speeds. It has software that you can use to assign key binds for even more convenience, which is one thing I love about this mouse. Four DPI options are available to you on the mouse, ranging from 240-4000 DPI. It also has 16G acceleration.

High-speed Fusion Engine

The coupling of the Delta Zero sensor and the Fusion Engine let you reliably track at speeds as fast as 500 inches per second. A 1-millisecond report rate lets the input-to-action ratio be incredibly high, perhaps the quickest speed possible for a USB mouse. This really goes so fast that I feel like I stun my opponents when playing, like they don’t even know what hit them before they’re dead. This function is great.

Unique Customization

The Logitech G402 has 8 programmable buttons and a memory function that remembers them so I don’t have to keep programming them every time I log on. This gives me great accessibility to things like the chat function, character abilities or just to change the DPI I have set with just a quick push of a button. There are 4 of those DPI settings to choose from, and I can go from 4000 DPI to 250 instantaneously depending on my in-game needs.

Sheer Comfort

This Logitech G402 is truly designed for long, intensive hours of gaming. Its ergonomic design fits comfortably in the palm and my fingers fall naturally over the mouse 1 and mouse 2 buttons. It is super lightweight and gives me almost no feedback. This thing doesn’t get tired until I do.


  • Programmable buttons
  • Memory of macros
  • High Speed Fusion Engine
  • Delta Zero Sensor
  • Diverse, easy-to-change DPI functions
  • Ergonomic


The Logitech G402 Gaming Mouse can only use a blue color which some may not like since some other gaming mice let you change them up. I like color choices, but I definitely wouldn’t let that make or break a mouse for me. It’s all about the performance, and this mouse has that for sure.

Corsair Gaming M65 Pro RGB FPS

Corsair Gaming M65 Pro RGB FPS Gaming Mouse

The Corsair Gaming M65 Pro RGB FPS Gaming Mouse not only looks incredibly sleek, hi-tech and cool, it is tremendously intuitive and highly innovative. This mouse knows what gamers are after and delivers with flying colors. Its durability is unmatched, and you’re going to love to learn about this powerhouse of a mouse below as part of my gaming mouse reviews. Take a look.

Unparalleled Precision

The Corsair Gaming M65 Pro has a 12,000 DPI range that gives incredible accuracy when shooting, fighting or casting spells. A PMW3360 optical sensor tracks right down to the pixel, and I can custom tune it to give me outstanding performance on any surface like wood or glass.

Superior Durability

The Corsair Gaming M65 Pro RGB FPS comes with aircraft-grade aluminum! It is more durable than maybe any other cheap gaming mouse I’ve reviewed thus far. This aluminum is incredibly sturdy while also providing a lightweight body and feel along with prime mass distribution. Its high capacity Omron switches can take the heat and intensity of your game play, and it has been rated for up to 20 million clicks. This mouse is certainly going to stand the test of time, and it hasn’t let me down yet. I am thoroughly impressed. It lasts for even the longest campaigns and death matches without any misclicks. The high mass scroll wheel lets me accurately switch weapons and abilities in game, and its rubberized exterior makes for a comfortable feel and efficient control.

Intuitive Design

The Corsair Gaming M65 Pro features three adjustable tuning areas that let me shift the weight and the center of gravity to align with how I like to play. I like it to be a bit heavier, and somehow this mouse manages to offer my exactly preferred weight which really impressed me. It also features surface calibration tuning to optimize the sensor and responsiveness of my mouse. It is truly a customizable device. What is even better is that it has low friction so moving the mouse is an effortless, swift motion.

8 Perfectly-placed Buttons

The buttons on the Corsair Gaming M65 Pro RGB FPS seem to have been placed with an innate knowledge on where gamers need them the most. There is an optimized sniper button for high accuracy and it even has a crosshair design on it, which is not only helpful in remembering which button is which, but definitely adds to the visual appeal of this mouse as well. DPI switching is available via these buttons as well to speed up the changing of DPI to suit your game play needs. I can also program it with RBG lighting and double macros.


  • Incredible accuracy
  • Airplane-grade ultra durable aluminum
  • Practical and intuitively placed buttons
  • DPI navigation on the fly
  • Weight customization


The design of the mouse itself looks cool, but feels a bit clunky in the hand. I got used to it and I’m glad I did, because it gives me a great advantage over my opponents with the other features included. This mouse is worth the slight learning curve, so to speak.

Top Recommendation

Out of all of these truly great options that are competing for my title as best gaming mouse, I’ve got to give it up to the . Nothing beats the accuracy, 16.8 million customizable color, 10,000dpi optical sensor, ergonomics or durability. It helps that this mouse looks incredibly stylish as well. The Razer DeathAdder Chroma is just an all-around great find, and I would most certainly buy it again. I recommend that you do the same.

Benefits of Buying a Gaming Mouse

Gaming mice often come with a number of features that help to improve your in-game performance. Whether it is a high DPI rate that can be dropped down to virtually nothing when you need it, or programmable buttons that make switching in-game functions a breeze, gaming mice know what the gamer in you needs. Some come with tracking software that lets you analyze how you game to get better in the future. These are all things that a standard computer mouse just cannot touch.

Tips for Choosing the Best Gaming Mouse for You

  • Choose one with the right weight, or one with adjustable weight
  • Opt for a wired mouse over wireless for a more accurate input-to-action ratio
  • Look for one that is ergonomically designed to accommodate long hours of gameplay

Other Things to Think About When Buying a Gaming Mouse

You can have all of the bells and whistles like buttons, DPI settings or flashy lights, but they aren’t always necessary. It’s important to think about what you really need and want out of a high-quality gaming mouse to ensure that you are giving yourself the best gaming experience possible every time.

That said, I was recently given the opportunity to test five of some of the best gaming mice out there and have put together some detailed reviews that might help you determine which one will suit you the best. Read on to learn about what I consider to be the best gaming mouse out there.

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