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Last updated on January 7, 2018 For the ping pong lovers, there is nothing great like great like having a table-tennis in your home, inside or outside. It is...
Top 5 ping pong tables

Last updated on January 7, 2018

For the ping pong lovers, there is nothing great like great like having a table-tennis in your home, inside or outside. It is great for your family, friends, coworkers and students for the school case to spend a long winter, or some spare time in your favor. With a ping pong table in vicinity, we have a game that brings all of us together where fun and competitive activity takes over the mood. Whether you need it in the basement, common area at your workplace, or in the backyard, there are important factors to consider for before buying the best tennis table of your own.

There are cheap options to fall for that will have everything you need, but for you to make such a decision, much information is needed before an ultimate decision is reached. The last thing anyone would want is having the wrong board after the hype of asking for one to keep the hands busy. Continue reading to find the factors to consider before buying, tips and top reviews of the most recommended ping pong tables that will solve the prevailing constraints.

Best Ping Pong Tables 2018

With all the above information put into consideration, here are the best ping pong tables that you will find on the market.

Joola Inside Table Tennis Tennis With Net Set

JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Table with Net Set

Number one on the top ping pong table reviews which is indoor recommended. It is the best ping pong table option that you can have that offer’s value for money. It comes with a net set and has the following features:

  • 18 mm wood composite table
  • Dual safety locking devices; 2 separate halves with 4 wheels per half
  • Has a net and post net
  • It’s detachable
  • Playback action – Fold one side up and practice against yourself

The JOOLA Inside table comes with a 18 mm wood composite built top, and the legs are strong featuring 1.5-inch diameter legs with a powder coated undercarriage to prohibit rust. The best price it features is backed up by the good surface it offers when playing for recreational purposes and the bank doesn’t break. The professional- grade playing tennis table can be folded to compact size when storing it. You can also turn it into two free tables when you need to and this makes it lighter. It is a great table to a beginner or someone who needs a table that can be kept away after use. It is an ideal option for family or an office that can incorporate the ping pong game after long working hours. Go for this option if you need one table that is highly flexible and economic.

The Pros of the JOOLA Inside:

  • The Joola Inside is competition-grade: If you are looking for a great, regulation size table, the Joola Inside may be the one for you. It is built at competition size and quality, feature a thick, wood composite surface for even ball bounce.
  • It is sturdy: With a purchase of a Joola Inside, you’ll be getting high-quality parts, put together into one of the most sturdy tables on the market. Built from ⅝ inch wood composite and a powder-coated steel frame, the Joola Inside is ready for years of play.
  • Assembly is simple: If you’re looking for a table that’s simple to put together, the Joola Inside has simple instructions. However, since the pieces are very heavy, you may need a couple of friends to help with the installation.

The Downsides of the JOOLA Inside:

  • The playing surface isn’t 100% flat: Several reviewers with eagle eyes have noticed that the playing surface bows a little toward in the center. However, if you are not a professional player, you will most likely not notice this tiny defect.
  • Joola’s customer service might be difficult to deal with: Although we have never dealt with Joola’s customer service ourselves, a few reviews have noted how difficult this company can be to deal with.

Joola Midsize Table Tennis

JOOLA Midsize Table Tennis Table

This option is for the ping pong table lovers who are faced with space economy. JOOLA Midsize table comes with the following specifications:

  • Suitable to be used as two separate tables
  • Collapsible for easy storage
  • Height can be regulated with a smaller sized table
  • Includes net and post net
  • No assembly required
  • Dimensions: 72L x 36W x 30H inches – 62 lbs.

The table has a regulation height of 30 inches with a surface of 72 inches, suitable for the length of a regulation-sized table. Since it can be divided into two, each half is almost a square and can be used alone when playing cards after a tiresome ping pong exercise. If you have a standard-sized closet, good for you because the two halves will fit in there after folding, which reserves space to be used for other purposes. It comes ready, so there is no hassle of how you are going to put up before beginning to play. Just attach the halves, slip the net and there you go. It was made for champions so you can go ahead and attain the intended glory, then thank the table later. The dimensions are meant to fit even in the smallest of places whose purpose was to play some tennis so; it is suitable for you if you are living in an apartment. There is no need to remodel once you purchase this piece.

The Pros of the JOOLA Midsize:

  • The Joola Midsize is very affordable: If you are looking for a small table for a small space on a small budget, the Midsize is a great deal.
  • It is small if you’re short on space: This compact model is much smaller than a regulation sized table tennis table, but it is great if you are short on space. It folds up compactly and makes for hours of family fun, even if you’re short on space. Coming in at 50 pounds, it’s also light enough to move around when you need the space.
  • This product is well-packaged and shipped: Just the wrappings and boxes for this little gem weigh more than five pounds. It is well-packaged for shipping and it even comes fully assembled.

The Downsides of the JOOLA Midsize:

  • The play area is small: This table is designed more for children. Adults can use it, but the small playing area might be a negative. However, it will improve your accuracy for the next time you play on a full-sized table!
  • Loose bolts on the legs need to be tightened: The nuts and bolts holding the legs together regularly come loose, leaving the legs a little wobbly. This can be quickly fixed, though, with simple tools and just a couple of minutes of elbow grease.

Stiga Advantage Table Tennis

STIGA Advantage Table Tennis Table

The STIGA advantage table tennis is the third option that is suitable for the family and friends who like to ask you for a challenge every time they visit. It has the following specifications:

  • Regulation size – 108″ Length, 60″ Width and 30″ height
  • Eight 3″ black casters with locks
  • 5/8″ thick MDF table top
  • 1 ½” Welded steel tube style apron
  • Premium, tournament-quality 72″ net

This table comes preassembled when taken out of the box and assembly will consume only ten minutes of your time though that’s a variable. You will not be joining every piece and screw since most of it is already done. The design is made to suit every application. The table has two complete halves for sub-division when necessary and for easy storage and space utilization when stored. There is a safety latch on the underside that locks the halves in an upright position to ease on the storage. The black casters lock into place for safety when rolling over the surfaces. A cotton net is available with a steel spring clamp post which makes it easy to assemble and remove by just squeezing the clamp. The surface is likeable. It has a multiple roller coat paint on both sides and its UV cured with edges banded with PVC. The touch is smooth and durability is no exception. The steel tube supports the top for a regular bounce across the tabletop and it also provides more support to counter warping as time progresses.

The Pros of the STIGA Advantage:

  • The Stiga Advantage is pre-assembled: The Stiga comes “95% pre-assembled,” so putting together your new table will be a breeze. It will take about ten minutes to go from package to complete.
  • The closed setting is compact: Opened up, the Stiga is a full-sized, regulation table. However, when closed up, the Stiga is extremely compact. The two playing surfaces fold flat together, making it take up nearly no room at all.
  • A leg leveling system: Instead of shoving little pieces of cardboard under each of the legs until the table is even, why not find a table with a great leveling system? With easy-to-adjust legs, your table will always be perfectly flat, no matter where you put it.

The Downsides of the STIGA Advantage:

  • Heavy use may lead to problems: Although this table is great for homes, it may not be for rec centers or heavy use. Although the playing surface is pretty durable, it shows scratches after a few months of very heavy use.
  • The table shows off every fingerprint: The pretty blue of the table is certainly an eye-catching color; however, it does make every little mark and fingerprint show up on the surface. If you are a stickler for your table looking neat and clean, you may not like the way this table shows its dirt.

Joola Rally TL 300 Table Tennis

JOOLA Rally TL 300 Table Tennis Table

If you are a recreational player who eyeing to move to the competition level and meet the experts, the Rally TL 300 is an ultimate choice to help you up the game. The features include:

  • Comes assembled: 108in x 60in x 30in, When stored: 60in x 22in x 63in, Weight: 155 pounds
  • 15 mm charcoal painted MDF surface with 30mm x 30mm powder-coated undercarriage
  • Four patented corner ball holders
  • Foldable for layback and storage
  • Double anti-tilting devices and locking wheels

The charcoal painted MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) surface offers a detailed polyurethane paint protocol that is resistant to ball marks and scratching when a game is in progress. You can adjust the feet of the legs to level the table when playing and fold it when storing. Each foldable side has the thick powder-coated undercarriage and it is secured on the four locking casters. A double anti-tilting device makes sure it is safe when transporting. You have the option of playing with a friend or solo when you set the table to playback position. It is a suitable option for office, home or a group which seeks to practice once in a while. All the corners have a JOOLA patented ball holder that holds up to three 40mm balls so you don’t to keep going for the strayed ones. There are two magnetic abacus scorekeepers that can go to the ends or sides of the table and keep track of the game. The net is easy to assemble and the posts are adjustable for a level playing surface.

The Pros of the JOOLA Rally TL 300:

  • The Joola Rally comes with unique features: The Joola rally has four corner ball holders as well as a magnetic scorekeeping abacus in front of each of the players. This table also comes with a net set. It has double anti-tilting safety features, making moving and storing your table extra safe.
  • Very solid undercarriage: This table was built to last, even with heavy use. The undercarriage is heavy and metal, making the legs and supports very stable. This table will not wobble or break easily!
  • The Rally is easy to assemble: The Rally is a great table to put together. Instead of hours, building this table is a cinch. A few minutes and a friend to help with the heavy lifting will ensure a speedy assembly so you can get to playing table tennis.

The Downsides of the JOOLA Rally TL 300:

  • The corners aren’t properly supported: The frame does go out to the corners of the table, where the ball holders are. This means the corners aren’t properly supported. This may lead to issues over time.
  • The magnetic scoring isn’t quite up to the standard of the rest of the table: While the rest of the table is high-quality and beautiful, the magnetic scorekeeping mechanism isn’t up to the standard of the rest of the table. The magnets don’t appear to be quite strong enough to hold the magnetic pieces to the table.

Harvil Insider Table Tennis With Free Accessories

Harvil Insider Table Tennis Table

Last but not least, the Harvil Insider table is suitable to be used in homes where space is an issue. The economical ping pong table has the following features:

  • MDF wood tabletop, with powder-coated steel frame
  • Lock and unlock wheels
  • Can be folded for playback and storage
  • Dimensions: Furniture dimensions: 108 L x 60 W x 30 H inches (assembled), Tabletop
  • dimensions: 60 x 54 x 0.6 inches, Frame dimensions: 0.79 x 1.18 inches, Legs dimensions: 1.18 x 1.18 inches, Weight: 157.59 pounds

The table is sturdy and will work on that small space that you are looking forward to utilize. The wood is constructed to provide strength and stability while the game is on. The support consists of reinforced powder-coated steel frame to make it stay in good condition make this one of the best ping pong table. The playing surface lively playing surface is silk-screened and there are white lines that define the boundaries. There are wheels that can be locked or unlocked which simplifies transportation. You can fold the table for the playback mode and this is also convenient when putting it away after use. The complete package comes with a net, four rackets, eight balls, an accessory bag and a protective cover and all of these will keep the game going even after just purchasing.

The Pros of the Harvil Insider:

  • This table is inexpensive: The Harvil Insider is one of the best ping pong tables for the money considering all of the great features it has and is the cheapest full-sized table on this list.
  • The Harvil comes with free accessories: Along with your new table, you’ll get a quality net with posts, a set of four paddles, eight balls, and a protective cover to keep your table looking brand new.
  • This table is all metal: With a powder-coated steel frame and an aluminum top, this table is one of the few around that are metal rather than wood composite. This durable surface is sure to stand up to scratches and cracks.

The Cons of the Harvil Insider:

  • The table is extremely thin: While most wood tables are around ⅝ of an inch thick, the Harvil is only about ¼ of an inch thick. Since tables are large and heavy, the playing surface may begin to bow after a few years. This may be a problem for this model in your future.
  • It is two separate pieces: Each half of the table is completely independent of the other. While this may not be a problem for some, many reviews have complained about how the pieces do not connect anywhere. It’s a pretty odd design choice, in our opinion!

Top Recommendation

Among all the considered reviews, the  is the most recommendable option among all. First, all the features are almost the same but the difference comes in when looking at the tabletop. The 5/8″-inch table is suitable for beginners and recreational players too. If you have the space, these table will serve you well and it comes assembled, so there are no struggles in making it stand up. This guide is meant for the ping pong players who are looking to practice more and improve on their skills. The fanatics can’t be left out especially those who need to see the ping pong table around them, whether at home or at your workplace.

Benefits Of Buying A Ping Pong Table

If you are new to this game and you are wondering what will come out of owning a ping pong table, here are the associated benefits:

Improving Your Skills

The first thing that you will probably focus on after the table is set is how you are going to play and beat every opponent who comes to the other end. With the help of some downloaded tutorials or an assistant, you will be able to test your abilities and reach for new heights that seemed impossible at first. After trying out a few times, you will find yourself going to more competitions and making the game lively than before.

More Exercise For Your Body

I always recommend exercise to my younger ones to avoid complications and get the body running. With the best tennis table around you, it always creates the urge to play. As you play, there is more and more physical activity involved and learning new techniques is always a plus – you will be on the table more of the time designated for playing. If you thought it’s not a sports worth investing, think again after noticing how exhausted you will be after the game and the burnt calories.

More People With Better Techniques

When I look at any game, there is a star who thanks the master for the teachings and ping pong does not contradict with my observation. Being a hobby (maybe a new one on your list), you get the chance to meet a lot of amazing groups of people carrying some of the interesting ideas you will find or have something that you will be interested in. Whether you are going to the YMCA for a competition or exercise, just bring your own ping pong paddles and balls and you’re good to go. Or simply inviting some of the people to your place, every spent moment will be worth it and it is always a nice way to kill time.

Some Areas To Improve

With a tennis table, you will find out your weaknesses while gaming. If you have tutorials to help you in the homework, everyday practice will be chopping out the noticed weakness piece by piece until the guru is realized. With friends in company, you will be seeing the dedication that they deploy which will challenge you to get better especially if they dominate the table yet you are the owner. Pros will make you learn and give more room for learning.

Factors To Consider Before Buying A Ping Pong Table

Having the benefits at hand, I now take you to the next disturbing question, what do have to consider before buying a ping pong table that suits your needs? Well, the discussion is here and available are the points that I deduced before reaching out to you.

Indoor Versus Outdoor

More competition is experienced indoors than outdoor, but when the weather is calm and in your favor, well, you might decide to get the table out. While this option is only for a short time, there are some things to consider that will give the difference on the suitability options when it comes to the choice of in or out.

Outdoor ping pong tables are sturdier, and they have galvanized steel undercarriages or something out of concrete. This ensures a stable table with weight to guard it against the wind. The playing surface is made to withstand the weather, especially when it is raining or during a hot day. Outdoor tables, due to such specifications, will fetch a higher price than their indoor counterparts. No cause for worry since there are cheap tennis tables with thinner playing surfaces or materials that are more irrepressible against harsh weather conditions.

As most experts will advise you, an outdoor table should only be bought if the intention is to keep it outside.

The Playing Space

Another important consideration that I couldn’t ignore is the space you will be using when playing. When considering where to put it, some general measurements come in as an aid. The best ping pong table will be 9 feet long, 5 feet wide and 2 1/2 feet high. The net involved extends another six inches past both sides of the table and then raised six inches above. If you love being comfortable, the best recommendation is having at least five feet behind each of the ends and three feet to each side of the open space. This will be optimizing the experience. If you have no problem knocking the walls and the furniture around, then you are good to use a smaller space.

A Collapsible Table

Another aspect worth considering is if the playing space is permanent or will have other uses. This calls for a permanent table or has it open. As most of us will find out, it is very hard dedicating a space in a room for full-time ping pong. If you get a collapsible table that can get out of the way when need be, it will be more convenient for you.

Are You The Expert Or A Novice?

Experience is another factor that you will consider and this includes you and other players involved. If you are starting out and the others are also exploring the game, it is likely that you will not be needing a table that that is higher than the most probable quality construction and durability. As you might note in the course of playing, most high-end ping pong tables will not last any longer than the cheap ping pong table you have.

Affordable Or Expensive?

Something to add to the experience, Economics is another factor that pops out when purchasing the table. You will be getting some money out and handing it over to your seller so; it is good to note that tables can cost you a few hundred dollars, all the way to thousands of the premier type. I will keep it simple, find the best table that fits your budget to avoid any embarrassments.

Specifications Of The Table

Among other standard dimensions, a regulation table will have a continuous piece of material, either wood or another derivative. For the tournaments, more considerations will be put in place but for a table in the rec room, you will probably opt for one that can be folded when storing. Tournament-level tables will have a ball bouncing over nine inches when dropped from a foot over the table. Among other factors, a quality measure can be checked by how close it comes to matching this custom.

Tips To Help You Choose The Best Ping Pong Table That Suits Your Needs

After all the considerations made, here are a few tips to guide and narrow your search.

Cheap Ping Pong Tables

A lot of people will think that a tennis table is just a tennis table and will, therefore, look for the aisle of loads available before picking the cheapest one. If you find a $100 table, for example, the question would be why spend more for a table when one of the cheapest options is available? Though they will still serve the purpose, the main problem is that they will pose the disadvantages after the first few uses. The cheapest tables have a 12 mm thick material and even the occasional player will tell that the ball is not bouncing as appropriate. If the budget is really pushing you to the corner, try to pick at least a 16 mm table. It is not the best but better than the 12 mm option. I recommend going for 19 mm and above.

Expensive Ping Pong Tables

Some of us don’t like anything cheap and will spend a fortunate on almost anything. If you are looking for a table to serve the elite players, then, you will find yourself spending up to $2500 for a table but for the school, club or home kind, such extreme prices can be avoided. If you want to spend the best money on a table, go for something close to or around $600 and make sure you are getting a 22mm to 25 mm table top. There is no need to pay more and go for less. Make sure the prices matches the quality in terms of thickness.

Second-Hand Ping Pong Tables

You can get the best quality out of a throwaway price. The best tennis tables will last for many years and that is an absolute bargain when it comes to second hand. Top of range tables will have their original price cut down to up to a third. One thing though, they might not serve the time it would if it were new but on a tight budget, I will not restrict you to going for one. Beware that there are other costs that will be incurred when buying used tables e.g. the nets.

What Else Do You Need To Look At When Shopping For The Best Ping Pong Table?

Table Thickness

If you have gotten to this point, you will note that my main concern is the table thickness. When purchasing, forget about how nice the table is and consider what you are paying for. 25 mm thick tables will cost much and it’s due to the thickness. The minimum thickness that I would recommend for but for an affordable price is 16mm.

Whom You Are Going To Play With

With space being an important consideration, here are some more options to look at:

  • Is there anyone else playing in the house except you?
  • Are there friends who come to train with you? Coming at you place saves costs.
  • Can you afford a coach? A private coach is more convenient.
  • Do you consider having a robot player? A suitable option if you don’t have a companion.
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