Buyer’s Guide: The Best Trampolines

Last updated on March 27, 2018 Trampolines are a fantastic product that deliver on fun and fitness but can be a costly investment when you don’t know what to...

Last updated on March 27, 2018

Trampolines are a fantastic product that deliver on fun and fitness but can be a costly investment when you don’t know what to look for. If you have kids or are aiming for weight loss and want to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck, check out our comprehensive guide that features the “best of” for every category of trampoline your heart can think of.

The Best Trampolines for Different Age Ranges

It can be tough to find an age-specific trampoline, especially those with youngin’s around the house. Thankfully, we’ve found the best trampoline for not only your youngest kids, but also for your slightly older child, too! Not everyone wants to buy a trampoline for their 3-6 year old, but they also don’t want a full-grown trampoline to put their child in danger, either.

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The Best Trampoline for Toddlers


skybound 40' trampoline

Toddlers are incredibly fragile and something as potentially dangerous as a trampoline can be a scary thought in combination with your little one. Thankfully, there are toddler-specific trampolines that allow your child to make the most fun out of the product without putting them in immediate danger. is a bright and bold 40-inch trampoline that comes equipped with a padded handle bar. This handlebar allows your child to jump safely with a bit extra stability. The foam pad that’s included is composed of a thicker PVC foam for fun play without the huge risk that normal trampolines can give.

Because of the size of this trampoline, it works great indoors, as well as outdoors. The non-slip rubber feet on the bottom of the product make sure that smoother indoor surfaces (like hardwood) won’t present a huge risk while your toddler is jumping around. The feet won’t scuff your floor, either! The price is a great selling point, as well, allowing you to reap the benefits of a normal trampoline, but without the cost or the potential dangers of a full-sized one.

This trampoline is composed of steel frame parts that the PVC covering acts as a barrier between your child and the metal. Furthermore, the padded handle bar is shaped in a way that it comes forward to stabilize your toddler while jumping. As for the actual size, this 40-inch trampoline is perfect for those that are 100lbs. or less and are between the ages of 3-6 years old.

The Advantages of the Product

  • Comes with a 2-year limited warranty
  • Meet or exceeds the safety requirements for the US ASTM
  • Has a high weight limit
  • Handlebar included for stability and safety
  • Is set at a decent price point
  • Comes in two different foam padded designs
  • Water resistant feet

The Disadvantages of the Product

  • Handlebar might not be high enough for those taller toddlers
  • Designs are limited to polka-dots and clouds
  • Can be a bit difficult to assemble

Promoting fitness and fun with your toddler has never been safer or easier – it’s also perfect for calming toddlers down! While toddlers can have fun and bounce, the height is pretty contained so that no one is hurt, but they can still make the most out of this product. The assembly may not be the easiest to the newbie trampoline assembler, but the build seems to be quite solid once everything is correctly put together.


The Best Trampoline for Slightly Older Kids


Next, we have the Portable and . At a low price like our aforementioned trampoline, you won’t have to compromise quality for price and vice versa. This trampoline has a max weight limit of 50 pounds more than our last – totaling to 150 pounds maximum. While the directions say it’s for ages 3 and up (with no cap), there’s no reason to throw out your current trampoline and grab this one.

With a standard bar and 1-year warranty, you won’t have to worry about the trampoline breaking and not being able to get it replaced – if it breaks at all! Compliant with US safety standards under the STM certifications, we think that this is a solid unit for any child 3 and up. The bar is a bit wider than other models and is a bit wider than the aforementioned unit; however, the diameter of the trampoline is 4-inches less, bringing it to a 36-inch diameter.

There are no bungee cords included and the mat comes already pre-assembled for you. This cuts down on the stress of assembly, and the fact that this trampoline’s structure is simplistic in design will help you even further when putting the basics together. The total height of the product is 32-inches tall, including a 9-inch clearance space underneath the pad. The entire width of the padded handlebar is 20-inches across and the jumping pad and side covering is 36-inches wide.

The Advantages of the Product

  • Can be used for fitness, physical therapy, and helping children with motor skills and coordination
  • Can also help sensor processing and confidence
  • Has a maximum weight limit of 150 pounds – great for getting kids into a healthy range
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Compliant with ASTM safety standards within the United States and is durable for the jumpiest of kids

The Disadvantages of the Product

  • Some assembly required – but thankfully, not too much!
  • Not as wide of a pad as other models; children with larger feet may feel as if they’re stepping over themselves
  • Size may not be good for those that are taller or pushing pre-teen ages

Great for those that are too large for the toddler trampolines, everyone can still enjoy a fun jumping pad before weening themselves onto the real deal, “big boy” trampoline!


The Best Trampoline for Weight Loss

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Weight loss can be a difficult task, and when you incorporate something like a personal trampoline, it can be much more fun and definitely a lot easier. Next for you, we have a fitness trampoline for those that want to get serious about their weight without joining a gym. These models boast durability and premium jumping without making them feel like a toddler on a jump pad! There are various sizes we’ll discuss, so make sure not to fee limited by the first!

First on our JumpSport series is the 220 model that provides top-notch training and premium bungees. Equipped with a workout DVD and music for the most fun experience possible, this is a great unit for those just starting out with bungee fitness and want something durable that will last for a long time. Used for rebounding exercise for professionals and those that train at home, this fitness trampoline from JumpSport was voted for best bounce and has 30 Patented EnduroLast Cords for optimal bounce and durability in each jump you make.

There’s a permatron skirt that covers all of the cords do you don’t have to worry about tripping or harming yourself if you do end up tripping over yourself. Safety is a primary factor and selling point of this unit – but unfortunately there is no bar like there are for models for the smaller folk. It is a great product for testing your balance and learning to tighten your core. The price point may be a little high for those that are just starting out, but if you’re serious about your fitness and need something just as serious about durability, then this is a product you’ll want to try!

Virtually silent for those worried about creaky and squeaky springs, this fitness trampoline lasts up to 2x longer than the average, and you can make sure that you’re going to be able to have both low and high intensity workouts. This model is great for those that aim for fun cardio within their workouts daily. Hit your fitness goals whether they are low intensity or high intensity. With the extra jumping surface provided by the 4-inch skirt around the circumference, you have a little bit of extra space to jump around on without hurting yourself.

The Advantages of the Product

  • Great for both cardio and weight loss
  • Skirt gives extended jumping space
  • Has 3 different firmness levels for those that are particular about their workouts
  • Can be used for people to help re-group their thoughts when flustered
  • Comes with a limited 2-year warranty

The Disadvantages of the Product

  • The price tag may not be appealing to all those interested in a fitness trampoline
  • Doesn’t come equipped with a bar for those that need extra stability
  • Has a weight limit of 225lbs.

Let’s take a look at two other notable models from JumpSport that provide an exhilarating experience for others.



Next on our list is the 250 model from JumpSport that provides a fantastic happy medium between the 220 model and the 350. A fantastic in-home rebounder that comes with extra jumping space thanks to the skirt that covers the cords, you’ll be able to get a whopping 35.5-inches of jumping surface to improve and amp up the complexity of your workouts. With a little bit of a higher price tag, the 250 model is top rated for those that want durability, quality, and to make sure their workouts aren’t suffering. The petals over the cords are patented to give you a safe and exclusive experience with the JumpSport trampoline series. Engineered in the US and sold by a family-owned business, safety is a top priority – not your money.

The weight limit of this product is 250lbs – which is great for those that couldn’t get the earlier models. There’s also a no-tip arch structure included thanks to the legs of choice from JumpSport. You’ll be able to jump with ease and confidence, without worrying about breaking the product during your workout. There are arched legs within the design of this JumpSport trampoline, allowing for more jumping and better durability than other models on the market. With the entire skirt on top of the jump space, 1030 square inches total of jumping space.

The cords on this trampoline last up to 4x longer than the average competitor, which means your money is going to be well spent, even if it’s a little pricey. Made with your safety and confidence in mind, the no-tip arched legs will give you added confidence – even if you’re not the most balanced person.

The Advantages of the Product

  • More jumping space with the extended skirt
  • Has a higher weight limit (250lbs. maximum)
  • 400k bouncing cycles
  • Comes with a limited 2-year warranty
  • Virtually silent for those that want to work out at night without bothering anyone

The Disadvantages of the Product

  • There is no bar for stability
  • For residential use only – no using for commercial spaces
  • The price tag is a tad steep

Give yourself more space and durability with this 250 model, and if you need something that has a larger weight limit, the 350 may be more up your alley.



Last in our JumpSport series includes the 350 model that boasts a ton of features for not that much more of a price compared to the aforementioned models. At this point, you might want to know how this model differs from the others up front. In short, the 350 is much better for those that are at a higher weight and want something with better durability, or is great for someone that wants to spend a little more for double the jump cycles. Let’s take a look at how the 350 compares to the lower models:

How the 350 Compares to the Smaller JumpSport Models

  • Weight limit is 25 pounds higher (275lbs) than the 250 model (250lbs.), and 50 pounds higher than the 220 model (225lbs.)
  • Comes with 4 workout/instructional videos where the 220 and 250 only comes with one
  • The 350 model has arched legs, versus the 220’s straight legs; better stability
  • Has double the bounce cycles – 800k maximum; 220 and 250 model only has 400k.
  • Has a larger bounce area and workout area with the skirt included

As for the JumpSport 350, it’s one of the best rated for bounce and is capable of 800k bounces which is double than the other models for not much more in price. There is an integrated skirt with extends the jumping space you have by 50%, while there’s an arched leg design that ensures no tipping. While the 250 model also offers an arched-leg design, the 220 does not, so even if you meet the weight requirements of the lowest model, you may want to look towards the 350 if you have high intensity workouts that can get crazy.

Unlike other models, there is a bounce tension that you can adjust so that your workouts are a bit more personalized than others, allowing you to cater your bounce to what you need. This is great for someone that wants to start off easy and then make it a bit tighter to workout their core. When it comes to fitness, it’s all about listening to your body and your needs – this JumpSport fitness trampoline allows you to do just that.

Get a total body exercise with this fitness trampoline, as 20 minutes on a trampoline can equal what 30 minutes of running can do. Great for both toning, weight loss, and general fitness, you’ll be able to do it all without getting multiple pieces of exercise equipment. With the skirt included, you get a total of 915 square inches of jumping space, while switching between four workout DVDs for variety in your workouts. There are three firmness levels to cater to your workouts and help train yourself to go harder and better without investing in more or different pieces of equipment.

The Advantages of the Product

  • More jumping space than other models from JumpSport
  • Comes with 4 workout DVDs
  • Has 3 different firmness levels for changing your workout and testing your body
  • Is capable of lasting for 800,000 bounce cycles, which is much more than competitors for this model height
  • Has a weight limit of 275lbs. – a higher limit than other JumpSport models
  • You don’t have to bend your knees to bounce on this – great for those with knee problems that still want to workout

The Disadvantages of the Product

  • Weight limit isn’t as high as competitors in general – but not too bad
  • Possibility of cover straps coming unhooked and snapping up while you’re using.
  • Not the best for small children – may be too big for them; better for those that are teens and above

Those that are into fitness and want to incorporate an incredible trampoline will hopefully find solace in one of these selections from JumpSport, which provide quality and catered care to your cardio workouts.


The Best Rectangular Trampoline

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Recreational trampolines are fantastic ways for your pre-teens and teenagers to get their pent-up energy out. With a rectangle trampoline, it feels a bit safer than the standard circular design. With the  that we’ll be looking at today, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of many advantages that it provides. One of the primary features being that it comes with an enclosure so that you have something to grab on if you fall, and if you fall closer to the edge, there’s somewhat of a barrier between hitting hard and catching yourself. If you’re a gymnast, this is also a fantastic trampoline for you, as the bounce is even across the board, and not just high in the middle.

One of the better rectangular shaped trampolines, you get quite a bit of area space, along with a heavy-duty spring pad to cover up the more dangerous zones on this model. Let’s face it: most of us have a fear of getting too close to this area, making our “comfortable” jumping square footage a lot smaller than the actual design of the trampoline. With a heavy-duty piece covering the springs, we can take full advantage of the entirety of the design.

As for stability, this trampoline is designed with a galvanized steel interlocking frame that ensures you it won’t bend or snap with ease. The patented enclosure’s design is also gap-free, so that one won’t slide out if they fall. Compliant with the ASTM safety standards set in place within the United States, you won’t have to compromise safety to have some fun and vice versa. The size of this unit is 8-feet by 14-feet, which is great for one to workout on, or a small group to jump on and have fun while giving each other space. There are 84 thick springs around the entirety of this trampoline, allowing your maximum bounce and security.

Great backyard trampolines can be hard to find that boast safety, but this one from SkyWalker has many beat, and for not that bad of a price either – good luck finding it, though, as it’s a popular unit that can’t be purchased easily off of Amazon. You may have to go through a third-party seller away from the official listing.

The enclosure system:

As mentioned, the enclosure system offers a gap-free experience. With this enclosure, you’ll get a dual-zipper and latch net so that it’s not wide open as you jump. It’s safely hooked and zippered for double the security so that everyone stays inside as they jump. There are also 8 padded poles around the entirety of the trampoline for added stability for the enclosure piece. If you are purchasing this trampoline for young kids and older kids to enjoy, you’ll at least want to invest in a model that has this form of enclosure system.

The Advantages of the Product

  • Dual zip and latch enclosure system
  • Meets or exceeds ASTM international safety standards
  • Patented no-gap design
  • T-socket construction, galvanized steel design
  • Spring pad is thick, and UV protected
  • Rust-resistant springs that are extra long
  • Provides an even bounce across the trampoline, not just a high bounce in the middle

The Disadvantages of the Product

  • May be hard to purchase this specific model through the official retailer on Amazon
  • Ground to trampoline distance is only 3.5 feet underneath – but not a huge deal breaker
  • Jumping area is only 6.5 feet by 12.5 feet – not the whole 8×14

There are a lot of benefits to purchasing this trampoline, and it’s great for those gymnasts that want an even bounce solo experience. If you have multiple rambunctious kids that want all-in at once, this may not have an adequate amount of jumping space, but it sure is worth the try with the safety standards put in place by SkyWalker.



Looking for something a little larger than the latest with just as much of a safety net around? Skywalker has also come out with a larger design that measures 9 feet by 15 feet with a very similar design to the aforementioned. Using a t-socket galvanized steel frame, as well as padded foam for durability and comfort, you’ll be able to use trampoline for fitness and fun without worrying about it breaking! You’ll be able to fit one or two more bodies comfortably on this trampoline in comparison with the above mentioned without worrying about users harming themselves or cramming too many into one area.

The interlocking enclosure net is just as safe as the last, and it interlocks to the jumping mat very discreetly so that no one trips, and the net does its job. They are attached with a V-ring at the surface, and the netting is composed of polyethylene material. Boasting UV protection, the colors won’t fade, and the integrity of the material won’t be compromised over long periods under the hot sun.

Great for both gymnasts and competitive jumpers, the even bounce that this product provides will have you practicing with ease and with no frustrations, while having fun. Whether you’re using this for recreation or for training, you’ll be able to get the most out of the best rectangle trampoline provided by SkyWalker.

The Advantages of the Product

  • Provides an exceptional bounce for gymnasts – even throughout the entire trampoline, and not just in the areas away from the springs
  • Features a dual closure system like the aforementioned Skywalker, as well as a padded enclosure system
  • Patented no-gap design with t-socket construction
  • Pad is UV protected and the springs are rust-resistant

The Disadvantages of the Product

  • The price for this model can be high, but it’s currently at $547.80; it’s a tad pricey in general, but space and safety is offered from a fantastic company

Now that we’ve showed you two fantastic options for those that need something larger, let’s take a look at those specifically meant for the backyard and for family fun.


The Best Backyard Trampoline

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If you’re in the market for a traditional trampoline that isn’t rectangular, and you want something that’s TUV approved, this fully enclosed circular trampoline may be for you. Sold by Zupapa, you’re able to choose which size you want! This product is available in a 12-foot design, 13-foot design, and a 14-foot design. The seller, Zupapa, is adamant about warranties and wants to make sure all users get the full length of their warranty. So, for those that order from now under March 31, 2018, your warranty will start in May, so that you get the full experience and full warranty.

All Zupapa trampolines are TUV approved and certified, meaning that you’ll have an incredibly safe experience whether your child is 6 or 16. The TUV is an organization in Germany that works to ensure the safety of products all around the world. Not only do they aim to protect people, but also the environment. Having a trampoline that’s approved and certified by such an organization gives a bit of peace of mind.

Speaking of safety: the enclosure height of this trampoline is 6-feet, and you can choose from a mat diameter of 12, 14, or 15 feet, depending on the size of your family or the size of the fun you like to have!

The weight capacities for the different sizes are as follows. Take these into account when purchasing for your entire family:

  • 12-feet: 330lbs. maximum
  • 14-feet: 330lbs. maximum
  • 15-feet: 375lbs. maximum

This easy to assemble trampoline is great for those that want to assemble as soon as they receive. You get all of the pieces you need, including a t-spring socket tool, wind stakes that are galvanized and made to endure weather, installation gloves, and even a rain cover to protect the entirety of the trampoline (as well as the cover) with ease.

You won’t have to worry about water damage or UV damage over time. The prices are also great, and much lower than others on the market, while offering more. You can get a great trampoline for under $500, depending on the size you need.

The Advantages of the Product

  • Comes with all the tools and pieces you need for installation
  • Comes in various size/weight options
  • Comes with a rain cover for protection in the weather, as well as wind stakes for securing the unit
  • Enclosure zippers up
  • Spring protection for safer jumping
  • Comes with a trampoline ladder to help get in

The Disadvantages of the Product

  • Might be a little difficult to assemble for some – may take a few hours
  • Some people have had problems with the surface ripping within 6-9 months of usage, but this is dependent on how rough you use this product



The best backyard trampoline may not just be one, as others may cater to exactly what you need when it comes to features and budget. The Exacme is another fantastic option that has also been approved by the Germanic TUV organization and comes with full safety features to ease your mind. With lower price options available, as well as smaller sizes, you can purchase exactly what you need and not settle for something bigger or smaller than what your budget can handle. The sizes offered are between 8-feet and 16-feet, a little smaller and a little bigger than other sellers on this list.

For this trampoline, there are 6 w-shaped legs, and there are 12 various contact points that are balanced and provide more stability than standard 4w or 5w legs. The frame not only comes equipped with longer net poles, but also rust-resistant springs. Furthermore, the integrity of the springs and the pad won’t become compromised with the hot sun hitting them, as they’re UV protected.

Depending on the size you get, you’ll have more or less steel springs; either way, they come galvanized for better stability and durability. Exacme also provides more steel springs than other sellers on the market for the standard sizes offered. This ensures even more stability and integrity. Despite having more springs, Exacme boasts how easy their trampolines are to assemble, and they offer one of the highest weight limits on the market for trampolines. With the 14feet and above, the total weight limit if 375lbs. Lower sizes offered from Exacme have lower weight limits.

The Advantages of the Product

  • Ultra-high weight limit – up to 398lbs. depending on the size you choose
  • 12 contact points with steel brackets for better stability and weight limits
  • Superior strength and support, while offering more safety than competitors because of the high-density PE netting
  • Enclosure net won’t rip as easily as others, and is reinforced by a wide-tooth zipper

The Disadvantages of the Product

  • Two different spots mention different weight limits – from 375lbs. to 398lbs. it can be hard to decipher which is the particular amount. We suggest contacting for an exact number if concerned.
  • Product springs have given other customers trouble

While there are many fabulous options on the market for the best outdoor trampoline, these are at the top of the list to beat.


The Best Indoor Trampoline

Don’t need something for outdoor usage, and want something safe for the inside? Maybe you have a workout room you want to amp up. Let’s take a look at the best indoor trampolines on the market below.


Sold by Upper Bounce, this foldable trampoline provides a number of benefits that go far beyond fitness and offer convenience. Offering low-impact bouncing, this inexpensive foldable fitness trampoline comes equipped with an adjustable handrail and is perfect for both children and adults. With easy assembly and a basic, yet safe design, it’s no wonder this product is well-reviewed.

Featuring a foam padded design and adjustable height handrail, you can use this both indoors and outdoors, but it’s mostly marketed for those that need something indoors. Great for physical therapy or for those that just want to get their mind off of anxiety, you can adjust the handrail to 1 of 5 positions offered with the easy knob. There are springs that connect and give an extra bounce, and a durable cover that contains these springs for safety and comfort. There are 6 legs under the trampolines frame, and it only takes 5 minutes to assemble all of this together.

The aforementioned trampoline is offered in two sizes – 40 and 48-inch, with the prices not being too different from one another.

The Advantages of the Product

  • Trampoline is easy to assemble – 5 minutes
  • Poles slide into the frame for better at-home assembly
  • Extra heavy-duty welding on the design of the legs as well as the handrail for durability

The Disadvantages of the Product

  • While the actual trampoline folds for convenience, the legs do not fold, leaving it a bit bulkier than some can imagine; if you can live with this and have somewhere to store it – this shouldn’t be too much of a problem
  • Some springs have given past customers trouble – depends on the product-specific weld quality

Not everyone wants a basic trampoline, and some want to challenge themselves. If you’re one of those that likes to be challenged, check out our next trampoline recommendation.


The Best Trampoline with Basketball Hoop

Still with us and want something that’s super fun? Check out the forth coming trampoline with basketball hoop! If you want a bit of a challenge and want to amplify your game, add a hoop and combine it with a trampoline for the most unique fitness/recreational experience.


Want something fun, bold, and convenient? Check out the Merax 14-feet round trampoline that comes with a safety enclosure, ladder, and basketball hoop for a great price. Available for $339.00, the features offered and the price are quite nice in comparison with competitors on the market. Ditch the standard blue and black and go for something bold like this lime green and black Merax model.

Coming with a safety enclosure, super durable frame that’s constructed of galvanized steel, and even rust resistant springs, you can get your game on without sacrificing quality. There are 6-W shaped legs for even more stability as you play, and there’s a maximum weight limit of 330lbs. The zippered enclosure ensures that no one will fall as they slam dunk their shot and win it for their team.

The hoop is fantastic and durable, and if that’s a key factor for you, this Merax option will suffice; however, there are products like the that just don’t cut it when it comes to including a hoop. Skywalker’s can miss the mark on bounce because the primary selling point is a hoop, but if you don’t have one, the other isn’t so fun. As for the Merax, though, there is a ton of bounce with a durable hoop.

The Advantages of the Product

  • Maximum capacity of 330lbs. – better than other competitors on the market
  • Comes in three organized boxes instead of one big mess
  • Customer service is great about replacing certain things on the trampoline

The Disadvantages of the Product

  • Can take quite a bit of time to assemble, but expert assembly is available


The Final Verdict

When it comes to investing in something like a trampoline, your research and what you pay can be a direct correlation between safety and fun. If you’re not spending the time to research your wants, needs, and the reliability of the product, you might get what you pay for – and that might not be something good, or very safe. We hope our recommendations for the best trampolines on the market have served you well and have given you an idea of what to look for.


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