This Is What You Need to Know About Items in Gloomhaven

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I remember the first time a friend invited me to play Gloomhaven.  Slowly opening the gargantuan box, he said, “OK, you need to pick a character to play.”  A near eternity later, I finally had my character picked, named, and laid out.  I was overwhelmed and tired.  And then he said, “Oh! One more thing… … Read more

Complete Class Guide: Soothsinger in Gloomhaven

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In Gloomhaven, 11 classes are available to unlock throughout the game. One of them is the popular Soothsinger class. Being a support type class comes with a lot of responsibility from you and your party. However, understanding the class is just as important. With that said, what is the Soothsinger class? The bard class in … Read more

All 6 Starting Classes in Gloomhaven Explained

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Gloomhaven has been a smash phenomenon since its release in 2017 when it swept the roleplaying genre. It is, without a doubt, one of the finest RPG board games ever created. Part of that success can be ascribed to each class’s breadth and depth. So, what is there to know about the Gloomhaven starting classes? … Read more

Can You Play Gloomhaven with 5 Players?

Your Gloomhaven group is going strong.  You assemble weekly with a vast supply of chips and beer, and your little invite-only sessions have become the talk of the town.  There’s even a waiting list.  In this parallel universe where you have too many friends for a standard four-player nerdfest, you want to expand but don’t … Read more

You’ve Gotta Try These 7 Games Just Like Gloomhaven

There is nothing quite like a Friday night spent with a great group of friends, a flagon of mead, and a fantasy role-playing board game. For a long time, Dungeons and Dragons dominated the orc slaying scene, but since 2017 a new game has dominated the genera, Gloomhaven. Inundated with awards and voted as the … Read more