Cheap Racing Chair 2018 Reviewed

Last updated on January 7, 2018 Gaming chairs are extremely popular today thanks to the rise of e-Sports, and those who are serious about gaming should highly consider investing...
Top 3 cheap racing chairs

Last updated on January 7, 2018

Gaming chairs are extremely popular today thanks to the rise of e-Sports, and those who are serious about gaming should highly consider investing in a cheap racing chair for the success of your performance. Whether you’re into Overwatch competitive, Counterstrike: GO, or the Heroes of the Storm MOBA scene, you’ll enjoy one of the following racing chairs.

Overview of The Best Cheap Racing Chairs

ImageNameMaterialWeight CapacityPriceOverall Satisfaction
Merax Executive Home Office Chair Racing Style Gaming ChairMerax Executive Home Office ChairPU leather198 Pounds$$4.6/5
Giantex PU Leather Executive Racing StyleGiantex Executive Gaming Chair Racing StyleSynthetic leather250 Pounds$$4.4/5
Homall Office Chair Executive Swivel Leather Desk Chair, Racing StyleHomall Office Executive Gaming ChairPU Leather280 Pounds$$4.3/5

Cheap Racing Chairs 2018

Merax Executive Home Office Chair

Merax Executive Home Office Chair Racing Style Gaming Chair

One of the newer gaming chairs on the market, the Merax has already proven itself to be a top contender against the highest of competitors. For a fantastic price, you can game like the pros in this racer styled, red swivel computer chair that’s ergonomically fit to provide comfort in the best way. Features of this chair include:

  • PU leather that’s high-quality
  • Seat height adjustment
  • 360-degree swivel rotation
  • Perfect ergonomic design for long-hours

Having a leather that’s high-quality enables the user to sit for long hours without tearing the at the leather and causing visual disturbances in the texture. The included seat height adjustment will allow you to perfect the height of the chair – if you’re too tall, you can adjust the height accordingly and same with those of short stature. The 360-swivel rotation allows you to be as mobile as possible, while still calling it a chair! If you’re someone who works and games for long hours at a time, and multiple days in a row, this ergonomically pleasing chair will aid you in protecting your posture and health.

What I Like

For me, the selling points are the style of gaming chair and the ergonomic aspect of it. Those who sit long hours and have for a long time will see swelling in their feet like I have. With this style of chair, that swelling can be reduced immensely.

What I Don’t Like

One of the only dislikes of this product is that it doesn’t have the included pillows for an even higher aspect of ergonomics. While not a deal breaker, it’s something other cheap racing chair offer. Although, it’s worth mentioning that the general ergonomic design infused with this chair is still pretty great and nothing to bat an eyelash at.

Giantex Executive Gaming Chair Racing Style

Giantex PU Leather Executive Racing Style

Coming in a variety of colors (similar to the palette of power rangers), the Giantex caster wheel gaming racing chair provides comfort without being too bulky. Other features of this gaming chair include the following:

  • Created out of high-quality PU leather
  • Weight capacity of 250 pounds
  • Bucket seat
  • Adjustable seat height

For those who are too tall or too short, the adjustable height aspect of this gaming racing chair is awesome. There’s nothing worse than having to practically fold up your legs, or being unable to reach the ground when playing. Comfort is key and directly correlates to your performance during gaming. The adjustable seat height allows for 17″ all the way to 21″. That extra four inches matters, people! The bucket seat is super comfortable, providing ergonomically pleasing seating for those up to 250 pounds while being composed of the highest quality PU leather.

What I Like

I enjoy that this product is a mixture between a gaming chair and a computer desk chair. It provides comfort in an ergonomic way while allowing us to choose from one of five different color options. In doing so, you can match your gaming rig to your gaming chair and show it off to your Twitch viewers (if you’re into that kind of thing).

What I Don’t Like

There aren’t too many things I don’t like about this racing chair. However, I wish there were more colors than primary colors to choose from. It’s an extremely petty dislike, but I’m happy they offer any color choices at all – even a neutral color! There isn’t much to say bad about this chair, as it provides an awesome seating and gaming experience while catering to a variety of gamers/uses.

Homall Office Executive Gaming Chair

Homall Office Chair Executive Swivel Leather Desk Chair, Racing Style

From one of the top office and gaming chair companies, Homall is back with another executive-meets-racer style of gaming chair coming in a variety of designs. Features of this cheap racing chair include the following:

  • Multi-direction wheel for smooth moving
  • Can be rocked forwards and backwards for those sleepy days
  • 280-pound maximum weight
  • Made of high-quality PU leather material

This Homall hit has features that automatically rank it above some of its toughest competitors, allowing a better weight capacity, more convenience for those who sleep in the office, and those who need to be a bit more mobile during their gaming or office experience. With multi-directional wheels, and the rocking motion that this chair is capable of, you’ll be getting the best for an extremely appealing price. The texture and feel against the skin from the PU leather material allows the users body to be that much more comfortable during usage.

What I Like

I enjoy that the chair can be moved back and forth so that there’s a rocking motion. If you’re someone who’s always busy and wants a little nap time, this chair is perfect for your office. Extremely comfortable for those who sit all day, the high-quality leather material and cushioning allows those up to 280 pounds to enjoy their sitting experience.

What I Don’t

I can’t say much about dislikes, as there aren’t many, but I wish there were more feminine colors. From blue hues to orange and red hues, there is a decent style range for this Homall chair, but none for the gaming queen (unless those masculine colors are truly something you enjoy!). However, I musn’t be petty, as it’s still a high-quality chair providing an incredible amount of support.

The Final Verdict

By now, you’re probably wondering which of the aforementioned I’d recommend to family and friends (or even Twitch viewers). In the end, it’s all about versatility, comfort, and ratings. When it comes to all three, the  reigns supreme. For the price, it can’t be beat and is hundreds lower than similar models on the market from more “well-known” brands. Why spend more money for something you can get at a much lower price, with an abundance of quality? Feature durable and high-quality PU leather, along with arm-rests and tilt-lock, along with height adjustment, you can practically customize this chair to the contours of your body.

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