Corsair Gaming M65 Pro RGB FPS Gaming Mouse

Last updated on August 31, 2017 The Corsair Gaming M65 Pro RGB FPS Gaming Mouse is a really incredible piece of tech. It is a super precise, highly calibrated...

Last updated on August 31, 2017

The Corsair Gaming M65 Pro RGB FPS Gaming Mouse is a really incredible piece of tech. It is a super precise, highly calibrated machine with some pretty sweet features. It has a sleek, high-tech look that makes your gaming look immensely cool. Here’s my Corsair Gaming M65 Pro RGB FPS Gaming Mouse review; I think you’ll like it as much as I do!

My First Impressions:

This gaming mouse just looks amazing coming out of the box. It’s really sleek, really advanced looking, and features a very comfortable, lightweight body that feels like it will perform. The mouse is pretty, which is an odd thing to say about a mouse. But there is something so incredibly amazing about it that draws the eye to it. It might be the LEDs or the hand-shaped body. But either way, it’s a very pretty piece of kit.

The mouse is very lightweight, allowing for smooth movements and fast clicking. The undercarriage is smooth while the sides are grippy and feel a little like rubber. The sides where my fingers hold feel textured to give me a firm grip no matter what.

Another thing that struck me almost immediately was the quiet clicking. Most mice I have used in the past, especially gaming models, have a fairly loud click. But this one is silent and smooth like a ninja, and I could not be more happy with the sound. It’s really nice if you have roommates and you like to game at night when everyone else is sleeping.

The Top Features:

I don’t think I can go any further in this review without mentioning the sensors. The 12,000 DPI sensor is exceptionally precise; when Corsair claims that the M65 Pro possesses a “gaming grade sensor for pixel-precise tracking,” it’s really not kidding. The precision and feel of this mouse is incredible and will take any hardcore gaming rig up a notch. If you are looking for ways to improve your game, a mouse like this will make a huge difference.

Another feature I love about the Corsair M65 Pro is how customizable it is. The center of gravity in the mouse is fully customizable to your play style. You can even customize how the mouse interacts with whatever mouse pad or surface you play on, ensuring your mouse will always be operating at its best no matter what surface you find yourself gaming on. It makes sure that every swipe of the mouse and every click is perfect.

Corsair also claims that this mouse will last for “20 million clicks.” I’m not sure if that’s true, but the switches seem to be that durable. They feel good and solid underneath your fingers, and I am not surprised they claim to last so long. I’m pretty sure it will last beyond 20 million clicks. And the braided cord feels incredibly sturdy as well. I think this mouse will be with me for a long time, and that is excellent news.

What Comes With the M65 Pro?

Right out of the box, the M65 Pro comes with:

  • The Corsair M65 Pro features a backlit RGB LED that glows in the very center front of the mouse, in front of and around the wheel. This gives is a cool, light up, changeable color scheme that looks fantastic.
  • Eight programmable buttons for gaming. They are placed strategically around the mouse to give you access with the smallest range of motion possible.
  • A programmable sniper button just under your thumb for quick, responsive play.
  • Optical sensors that are extremely sensitive and low friction to keep you moving and accurate.
  • Three adjustable settings to give you a customized experience. You have the RGB LED that had adjustable colors. Also, there is an adjustment for the center of gravity to make sure the mouse feels good in your hands. Third is the surface interaction adjustment that makes sure your mouse works perfectly on nearly any surface.
  • A braided cord that will last longer than the mouse itself most likely will (and by that, I mean forever). Braided cords are usually really sturdy, preventing splitting or breaking, and this one doesn’t seem to be any different.
  • A step-by-step setup guide that walks you through how to install and use your new mouse, change the settings, change the colors, and give a full explanation of the two-year warranty.

User Experience and Performance

The user experience with this mouse can be summed up in one word: stellar. The mouse is well designed and just feels so good in your hands. The movements are quick and accurate. If you regularly switch between this mouse and a standard mouse, you will notice an incredible difference in the way this one handles. It really adds a step up to your gaming, and I really love the feel of it.

The feel of the outside is a little rough, but it’s very grippy. I liked the grippy, sticky feel of the mouse; you never felt like it was going to slip away from you. However, the rough, sandpapery sides did wear a little bit on my thumb, giving me a sore on my thumb after several hours of hard play. I like the grip on the mouse, but I just wish it was a little tiny bit less rough. Others with thicker skin might not have the same troubles, though!

The design is aluminum and plastics, making it lightweight. It feels heavier than most standard mice but lighter than most gaming or battery-powered mice I’ve used in the past. It feels heavy in your hand, but also light in a way. I can’t really describe it, but I like the heft. It’s the perfect balance between heavy and light.

Warranty Information:

The two-year warranty is fairly standard. It covers defects in the mouse’s materials or manufacturing and that is about it. It does not cover improper use or regular wear and tear on the mouse. But two years is a long time and most gamers will have found any defects after the first few minutes of hard use.

The Pros of the M65 Pro:

  • The M65 Pro is very stylish, sleek, and curved to fit your hand. There is something really special about the design; it looks cool and also feels amazing. The materials are grippy and lightweight, strong and durable, pretty and polished. There is something really attractive about a piece that is just well designed.
  • It is responsive and precise. The 12,000 DPI optical sensor coupled with the customizable surface settings allow for the most exact specs and pixel perfect movement and clicking.
  • The M65 Pro is also customizable. From the weight distribution to the LED colors to the surface calibration, everything that can be customized on this mouse is. And who doesn’t like a mouse that will fit their gaming style?

The Cons of the M65 Pro:

  • The M65 Pro is missing some of the features you might be looking for in a gaming mouse. For example, it doesn’t feature the tilt wheel or more than eight buttons. But for the low price, you still get more than you would expect.
  • The grippy outer finish on the mouse is great for holding on. However, if you raid for several hours at a time, the texture might just start to rub your skin wrong. This happened to me while I was playing with it, but it may not be an issue for you, depending on your play style. But if you do get a little bit of a rug burn or sore like I did, a band-aid will fix it.

Variations on the M65 Pro:

The main model of the M65 is solid black with the RGB LED in it to give it some flair. However, the M65 also comes in a white, striped model that is really stunning. The center where the wheel is remains black, as do the left and right sides, but the center is a strip of smooth and reflective white. The white version doesn’t look quite as grippy as the black one. So, as pretty as the white one is, I’m happy I have the black one for my gaming sessions.

My Final Thoughts on the M65 Pro:

The M65 Pro is difficult not to like. It’s comfortable, easy to use, grippy, and is just put together very well. It feels like it was designed by someone who enjoys games as much as I do. The clever design, excellent materials, lightweight body, and precise clicking and moving make it excellent for raiding, speed running, or any other gaming use you can dream up.

I would recommend the M65 Pro to anyone who loves to game. If you are looking to increase your competitiveness, try your hand at speed running, or improve your raiding times, this super accurate mouse will definitely give you an edge. If you are casually playing games, this mouse is also great, mostly because it just feels better in your hand for long periods of time. This is a great addition to any gamer’s wish list!


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