Ferrino Line Gaming Chair

Last updated on August 31, 2017 If you’re looking for the best gaming chair then look no further Rapidx’s Ferrino-Line gaming and lifestyle chair. With humble beginnings as a...

Last updated on August 31, 2017

If you’re looking for the best gaming chair then look no further Rapidx’s Ferrino-Line gaming and lifestyle chair. With humble beginnings as a startup bred from a combination of decades in the gaming industry and running a furniture manufacturer, Ammar Adra brings us his vision of the future of gaming. With both comfort and style, his colorful chairs are making a splash in the industry, and this article is going to break down why that is.

What to Expect

Released quite recently in mid-2016, the Ferrino line is a fairly new product, but there has already been a considerable response from the gaming community. Upon launch, the company set up an assembly video natively on their website for anyone who may struggle with the chair’s assembly and the face of the company, Ammar Adra, is quick to answer questions and concerns on the various social platforms where his products are sold.

The chair itself appears to be well designed and is stated to be manufactured with only the highest-quality materials. Rapidx boasts the marriage of cost-effectiveness with the look and feel of a true racecar seat. Getting into the thick of things, I’ll be outlining this gaming chair’s pros and what few downsides it may have. Then, I’ll give you my first impression of the chair as I unboxed, assembled, and began using this product. We’ll close out with a discussion of the overall user experience and the chair’s performance and adaptability, here we go.

Ferrino Line Gaming and Lifestyle Chair Review

Ferrino Line Gaming and Lifestyle Chair Top Features

Aesthetically Pleasing

This chair is one of the best-looking gaming chairs available in the market. With its luxurious leather-like feel, it looks like an aesthetically pleasing piece of furniture sitting in your room. I don’t know about you but this was a biggie for me. A lot of chairs I evaluated before deciding to go with this one were plain ugly. I’m really glad I managed to find something I can actually be proud of displaying in my house even when I am not engrossed in an extended session of my favorite game.

The chair also looks highly durable. The PVC is leather is of top quality. Overall, I seriously think this chair makes a statement.

Ergonomic Design

Looks without functionality are of no use. This chair has the best of both worlds. It looks amazing and is also packed with excellent features that keep me comfortable no matter how many hours I choose to spend in front of my computer. The adjustable and removable neck pillow keeps my head in exactly the right position while I remain focused on winning the game. The recline adjuster helps me in getting the exact position I like to keep my chair in to be totally comfortable. The seat even reclines to 165 degrees which is great when I am taking a break and want to relax completely without getting up from the chair. The chair’s height can be adjusted anywhere between 14 to 16.6 inches. It’s very easy to adjust the height and to get it just right for yourself. This was again a biggie for me as I have dealt with chairs that were not flexible enough and couldn’t easily be adjusted to the precise height I wanted. The bucket is quite amazing too. It has apparently been inspired by professional harness style racing seats. It comes with an easy to use locking tilt mechanism.

It’s an excellent chair for anyone weighing up to 265lb. In the past, I used to get a lot of back issues spending long hours in front of my video game. In fact, this was the main reason why I started exploring the market for a professional gaming chair. With so many options available, I had a hard time making up my mind which one to go with. The primary reason why I picked this chair as opposed to any other is because of how comfortable it looks and feels. The diamond-patterned stitching further adds to its beauty. I can say with a lot of conviction that this is probably the most ergonomically designed chair out there.

Host of Color Options Available

This chair comes in many bright and delightful colors. From amongst the for high-contrast color options available, you can choose the one that appeals to your personal sense of style the most. The color options available include red on black, white on blue, yellow on red and white on black. I have the white on the blue combination since that is, in general, my favorite color combo. I think it looks super elegant and classy. Of course, maintaining a chair with white color on it can be slightly tricky but I am glad that this chair is quite easy to maintain. Even though I bought it 6 months ago, it still looks as good as new. Getting inspired from my purchase, my brother also bought this. However, he decided to opt for the red on black color combination. I have to admit that his chair looks just as elegant as mine.

In fact, I like my chair so much that I don’t just use it during gaming sessions. I often use it for doing office work on the days that I am working from home. The five-point caster wheelbase makes it very easy to move around.

Flexible Armrests

Like most of the other parts of the chair, the armrest is fully adjustable. You can get it to your desired height in order to have your arms resting at a comfortable angle during gaming sessions. However, some people might feel that the minimum height for the armrest is actually a tad too high. Honestly,  I am pretty happy with it.

First Impression

My first thought as I unboxed this beauty was that it was clearly designed for those who thirst for quality performance and will settle for nothing but the best. The fine leather, strong five-point base, and aesthetic stitch-work come together to form a gaming chair of unmatched beauty. After everything is put together, it really does look like it was ripped straight of a high-performance racecar, especially with the reclining lever found on the side of the seat, rather than the more common location underneath the seat.

As I started using it, I realized that this is definitely not a gaming chair built to have overflowing amounts of cushion that you sink into over time. On the contrary, it is a firm seat, but one that is comfortable and allows your mind to slip away into whatever it is you’re doing. It’s clear that this was made to feel just like a high-end car seat, yet it holds its colorful personality just as close, creating a union of style and design.


  • Beautiful chair that can be used for both gaming and non-gaming purposes
  • Available in a host of different color combinations
  • Super comfortable


  • Some people might find the minimum armrest height to be too high
  • The backrest adjustor is a little exposed on the top

Design and Materials

Polyurethane leather, for anyone who may not know or be ready to jump into some research articles, is a faux leather. It’s known for its lack of ability to transfer chemicals to your body through skin contact as polyvinyl chloride, another faux leather option, has been proven to do. Supporting manufacturers that use polyurethane instead of polyvinyl chloride is also support for a healthier global environment.

The metal five-point base with its two-inch casters offer strong support for any position that you put it into. I found myself lounging back as far as the chair would let me go, but I never felt as though I might fall back, and that was a welcome touch.

All things considered, this is definitely a gaming chair that looks and feels like it belongs in an exceptionally sporty new car. It certainly gets the job done and does well without much friction between what you see on a given vendor’s site and what you get as the final product.

What’s Included?

It’s good to know exactly what you’re getting when you make a purchase of any kind, and big purchases, like professional gaming chairs, are absolutely no exception. When I ripped into my unboxing, I was met with everything that I expected. There was the main back of the chair resting inside next to seat and a second, smaller box containing all the small easy-to-lose components. Of course, the included manual gave me important information about assembly, the chair’s functions as a recliner and most importantly, the warranty. Besides that, I couldn’t imagine there needing to be anything else included in such a product’s packaging, unless Rapidx suddenly starts feeling generous and throws in cup holders or something of the like. Seriously, who doesn’t want cupholders?

User Experience and Performance

After a month of solid sessions of Overwatch and Netflix binging, it’s become evident that what little discomfort any user may find initially is simply caused by an abundance of spongey chairs that gamers have been accustomed to for a long time. It’s definitely a chair that takes some adjusting to, but once everything clicked, I found that the firmer build of this chair enhanced my focus and kept me ready for battle longer.

The professional design makes you, in turn, feel more professional in your gaming and in my opinion, that mental boost can really impact your skill in any game. The positive environment created by this product should not be ignored if you’re searching for a great center-piece to complete a great gaming setup.


Keep in mind that this chair comes with a two-year warranty, but with it, they will repair or replace any part of the chair based on their own discretion and the original proof of purchase. It should be observed that the warranty section on Rapidx’s website states that the company does not guarantee any replacements, repairs or refunds if it deems those options to be unreasonable. However, most customers who experienced problems with the gaming chair and tried to return it did end up receiving a solid refund, as far as I could see. Although there are companies that offer longer warranties, I think Rapidx’s is more reasonable because of its comprehensive nature. Some warranties like to pick and choose which parts they’ll replace and which they’ll only compensate unsatisfied customers for, so always be sure to read everything you can find on a company’s warranty policies before making any big purchase, just a good financial life lesson.

Closing Thoughts

Rapidx is more than a gaming chair manufacturer, it is a startup company that represents the underdog. With products that prove to be the culmination of decades of past wisdom and experience, the company is a break-out success. Part of their success can be attributed to the company’s impeccable sense of customer service.

Rapidx’s Ferrino line, in particular, offers a sleek design with clear racing influence. The firm seat unapologetically replaces the typical marshmallow cushions found in your average gaming chairs to offer a real racecar feel. Neck and back pillows offer average lumbar support, but nothing special. Tilt lock allows for prolonged sessions in any position, and great reclining capacity allows for power naps of the fourth kind.

I can honestly say that I’ve never been more satisfied with a gaming chair than with RapidX’s Ferrino line and I hope that they stay on top of things moving into the future. They certainly have a good thing going for them and it would be a shame to start another great startup flicker out in the shadow of established industry competitors.


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