BHG Gaming Desk Table Durable Workstation

Last updated on August 31, 2017 There are workstations made for big productions, and there are stations designed for high capacity storage, but sometimes you just need something simple...

Last updated on August 31, 2017

There are workstations made for big productions, and there are stations designed for high capacity storage, but sometimes you just need something simple that does just what you want it to. BHG’s kid’s gaming table is one of those simple tabletops, but don’t let its basic appearance leave you with any doubts about its functionality and durability. This is one table that really deserves to rock out with the best. Before we get into the thick of things, though, I would like to point at that this isn’t necessarily a bad product for adults simply because its title suggests that it is designed for kids. I certainly loved this product.

What to Expect

BHG is a furniture company that specializes in home décor. It has a decent track record and tends to do best with their textiles and fabrics, but that quality translates well into all of their other projects. Their products tend to offer a certain consistent personality in a way that few manufacturers are able to imbue into their products. I would compare them to Ikea in this context to give you a sense of what I mean. BHG’s main product line is minimalistic desks and tabletops that offer strong support but take up less space, giving off a feeling of more open space in whatever room they may end up in. The desk that I’ll be talking about today is no different, and acts as a decent representation of BHG’s stylish approach to entertainment-oriented workstations.

BHG Gaming Desk Table Durable Review

Top Features

BHG has put together something that is definitely outside of the mainstream. It’s no masterpiece, but it is affordable considering how well it performs what it’s meant to do. Open surface area acts as the workstation’s core strength. The package features a free headset holder as well and, just as that holder supports your audio gear with durability and style, so too does the station itself with its jet black metal supports. It was strong enough to support everything I wanted it to, from my desktop computer and laptop to my gaming console and 48-inch TV set.

Additionally, it is a product that can be adapted to many different kinds of use. The aforementioned space that spreads out on the surface can easily support heavy gear and equipment for my indie film studio, as well as holding all parts of my home theater with relative ease. This station’s weight capacity is high and I have yet to see any signs of wear or tear anywhere on the product.

First Impression

To be honest, at first glance I didn’t think much of this tabletop, and I even wrote it off as being too bare-bones for my personal taste. When I realized that a friend of mine had actually purchased it and loved having it in her apartment, I decided that I may have misjudged the product. After trying it for myself, I could easily see why she enjoyed it so much, and I came to enjoy it in pretty much the same ways as well.

Unboxing the delivery package, I was eager to set up my new table and I quickly shifted some furniture around in my office. I made a neat little spot for it in the corner and after I had removed my old desk and handed it off to another friend for the time being just in case, I found myself falling in love with the welcome change. I ended up forgetting about the trade-off, and my friend eventually brought it up in a conversation of whether I had intended to take it back. I didn’t, and he ended up doing the same thing that I did. He bought himself one of these for himself too!

Design and Materials

Do be careful because this workstation is all one hundred percent metal and it actually has some pretty pointy corners. I didn’t personally get snagged by those points, but I had friends that did, may they rest in peace (For anyone that may be wondering, I’m kidding). For being all metal, it is actually a relatively light product and that’s definitely something that I really appreciated as I am a perfectionist and I couldn’t decide exactly here in my house I wanted the thing, so I ended up moving it about 8 times before I finally settled on the perfect workspace.

It’s designed well and, although it is incredibly minimalistic, there is a certain level of charm to that. I appreciated the table’s modest design as it didn’t try to be a table that could please everyone, it just did it. It easily breaks through the threshold of versatility and proves that it can be the best option in almost any situation, under almost any circumstances.

What’s Included?

This is a pretty straightforward shipment. All you can expect when you open the package is the few parts you need to put the thing together and a basic sheet of instructions that you don’t even really need. I didn’t need any special tools to put this together and it was easy to move the package around without help. It is not cumbersome to arrange and rearrange this table throughout the house on a whim, unlike a lot of its competitors on the market, and besides that there’s really not much to it. What you see is what you get, and that has never been more accurate than with this workstation.

User Experience and Performance

Now, I’ve had my own table for about 3 months and it’s turned out to be one of the best purchases I have ever made. I used to think that I needed huge desks to support all of the gear in my professional film production setup, but with this desk, I realized that I’d never been so wrong before. Not only was there room to spare once I situated all of my gear neatly on this surface, but I was surprised by just how open and free my room still managed to appear afterward. Perhaps I had simply become all too used to clunky space-eating workstations, or maybe I just had yet to experience a desk that was actually well-designed. Either way, this purchase really became a humbling experience. I want to say that, as a result, I’m noticing that I’m actually becoming more efficient than ever in my work. The lack of open space means that there’s equally less space available to collect unnecessary clutter that, in turn, drags you down.


Not every great product is backed by a strong warranty, and this one certainly isn’t. The warranty lies solely with whichever vendor you are buying from, but BHG, as I discovered deep within their site, does not offer warranties directly on their products. With such a simple product, this didn’t actually bother me very much. If anything were to break, I could probably find replacement parts fairly easily. That being said if there is ever any issue with the table being completely broken or unusable, it would not be the end of the world. However, it’s good to keep in mind that this is a product that is made entirely out of metal, and as long as it is maintained in good conditions, it should be able to last long after I need it.

Closing Thoughts

Here, we have a simple design for a gaming workstation that I will be using for an incredibly long time! Not only does it feel great in almost any room, leaving it looked open and free, but it also saves space as well. Sturdy metal makes up a well-designed frame and the structure ensures that this table isn’t breaking down anytime soon. I use it as a gaming setup, movie studio, card game table and more, and it always works for my needs.

It may be listed as a table for kids, but make no mistake, this is the real deal. Using this makes me feel relieved, as the space only offers enough to handle my setup, and nothing else. Desk clutter becomes a thing of the past and allows for greater focus and concentration in the office. Don’t hesitate to buy this is you want a good gaming desk that can fit in the tightest of apartments.


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