Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury FPS Gaming Mouse

Last updated on August 31, 2017 Logitech is a Swiss company that has been making all sort of computer accessories for decades. They have fairly standard lines of keyboards,...

Last updated on August 31, 2017

Logitech is a Swiss company that has been making all sort of computer accessories for decades. They have fairly standard lines of keyboards, mice, and other tech. But they also have developed a gaming line of computer accessories. Their gaming accessories are notably cheaper than most competitor’s gaming mice and gaming keyboards. So do they hold up? I’m taking a look at the Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury FPS Gaming Mouse today to see if can stack up against the competition.

My First Impressions

The mouse is exceptionally pretty. The case is alternating matte black and shiny black pieces. Several buttons adorn the sides, but still leaves you enough room for comfortable holding space. The G402 Hyperion Fury is pleasantly curved and feels really good in your hands. It’s big but not heavy, and the switches are very very quiet.

While most gaming mice have braided cords for durability, the Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury opts to save a little money by using a plastic-coated cord. With proper care, this will last for a while, but I like the extra security of the braided wires. In spite of that, the wire feels durable and long-lasting in your hands, so hopefully it will hold out.

Another thing that struck me right out of the package is three little letters. “FPS.” Tacked onto the end of the name, you might not think much about those letters until you really consider what they stand for. This mouse is actually tailored to first person shooter games (FPSs). Logitech has also built others, tailored more towards MOBA and RTS games. It is interesting, and I wonder what all of the differences are between the two builds. I personally play very few FPS games; I’m more of an RPG and speed running gamer. However, it doesn’t change how much I love the feel of this mouse!

The Top Features

It’s hard to pick just a few top features of this mouse. There’s the low price. I think this mouse was designed with the budget gamer in mind. It’s a quality build without a giant price tag. However, you do lose some of the features with the lower price. It is still a great mouse, though!

Another feature I really love about the G402 Hyperion Fury is the style. It just looks so darn pretty. There isn’t any other word for it. It looks like a much more expensive mouse without the price tag. I really love it just for aesthetics and would buy it regardless of the stats for non-gaming uses.

The specs are pretty great for the price; you get a 4,000 DPI optical sensor with a max acceleration of 20g and a max speed of 420 ips. The mouse is responsive and fast, even if its stats aren’t as high as some of its more expensive cousins. For most gamers, you won’t ever be able to tell the difference between this and a $100 mouse. I thought it worked great, not just for what it was or the price I paid, but I thought it worked great, period. Although Logitech is not an exclusive gaming computer company, they seem to have picked up on what makes a great gaming mouse somewhere.

What Comes With the G402 Hyperion Fury?

So what comes with the mouse? I opened the box, and this is what I pulled out:

  • The Logitech mouse with an attached cord. The mouse was carefully nestled in the box and the cord wrapped around the whole thing to keep from getting kinks or folds. Excellent packaging from Logitech!
  • An obligatory safety and warranty pamphlet.
  • A tiny “booklet” with a link to the user manual, which can be found here: http://www.logitech.com/support/g402hyperionfury
  • And not a single thing else.

I can’t decide if Logitech was cutting spending by not including a printed version of the manual, but it seemed kind of weird not to have it included. However, this will give potential buyers out there a link for the manual, so you can delve deeper into the mouse’s specs if you are interested. You might find out something cool about your potential purchase.

User Experience and Performance

Where to start with this little gem! The feel of the buttons is light and airy. I like the way the buttons click under my fingers but don’t make much noise. The shape is comfortable and ergonomic and there are enough programmable buttons for everything I’ll ever need. Overall, the shape, the structure, the curve, and the switches are everything I expect from a gaming mouse.

It is super lightweight. If you like a heavier mouse, this one is not for you, but I find it creates less friction like this. It feels good and moves so fast and so smooth. It really feels like a gaming mouse at twice the price.

The wheel button doesn’t tilt, which I dislike, but it does have one cool feature: it’s huge! It makes scrolling easy as pie and you can never lose your place on the mouse. The wheel is just too big. I really like the oversized wheel. I think it is more comfortable and practical than a smaller one.

Warranty Information

Logitech has a fairly standard two-year warranty that covers manufacturing flaws and problems with the materials. They aren’t responsible for units that are dead on arrival (they pass this to the store you purchase the mouse from and not Logitech themselves). They also don’t cover damage from normal use, misuse, or damage not caused by a construction defect.

The Pros of the G402 Hyperion Fury

  • The G402 Hyperion Fury is cool. It’s got clean lines and looks really dashing. Although it doesn’t have any fancy lights or adjustable settings, it’s a quality mouse with a lot to offer. If your budget allows for a different mouse that is also a light display and has adjustable centers of gravity, I say go for it. But if you are looking for a quality piece on the cheap, I would recommend this every day of the week.
  • It has a 32-bit Arm Processor that helps to enhance tracking speeds. It works along with the Logitech software, too. You can assign macros fairly easily with the assistance of the software, which is downloaded from the website where the user’s manual is.
  • It’s cheap and a great mouse. Not much more to say about that!

The Cons of the G402 Hyperion Fury

  • The Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury is missing some of the features I love in a gaming mouse, such as a wheel that tilts, lights that change colors, and more than just a few programmable buttons. I like the feel, I like the price, but there are still going to be a few things I miss.
  • The buttons are a little awkwardly placed. The DPI buttons are a little difficult to reach and the sniper button isn’t under my thumb like I expect it to be. Some of the buttons are too close together and some too far apart. Overall, I like the layout from a visual standpoint, but I think the layout could have been thought through a little more.

Variations on the G402 Hyperion Fury

While the G402 is pretty sweet, let’s take a look at Logitech’s other G models.

As previously stated, there is a MOBA/RTS version of this mouse that I have yet to try. It has the same look and stats, but I’m not sure what the differences are. It’s a neat looking mouse, however, and I might have to try one out for myself.

There is a G502 model that has some real, hardcore stats along with the real, hardcore price. The mouse is fully adjustable and has a 12,000 DPI optical sensor. It looks screaming fast and nearly frictionless.

The G602 is a battery-powered model, but with similar stats and price to the G402. However, I think the G402 is a lot more attractive visually.

And about a million more. Logitech has a performance mouse for MOBAs, another for MMOs, and just tons of models. No matter what your budget or gaming preference, Logitech seems to have a mouse tailored to you. Any mouse with a G and three numbers is going to be a gaming mouse, so take your pick!

My Final Thoughts on the G402 Hyperion Fury

While the G402 is missing some of the things I really love about the more expensive gaming mice, it is a trouper. It seems to have a lot of style, movement, and speed even though it is half the price of some of its competitors. I really enjoyed using this mouse; it works great with every game I tried it with. It also works great for the more mundane stuff, too, like clicking around on Facebook or writing emails.

All in all, I think this is the little mouse that could, and I think I will be looking at Logitech, and their misfit line of gaming mice, a little differently from now on. I like my G402, and I look forward to using it for many years to come.


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