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Last updated on August 31, 2017 As far as gaming keyboards go, the SAREPO Gaming Keyboard proves that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get...

Last updated on August 31, 2017

As far as gaming keyboards go, the SAREPO Gaming Keyboard proves that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get great quality. If you are looking for a responsive, membrane gaming keyboard, this one is just the best keyboard for gaming on the market. The SAREPO has tons of cool features, and I really enjoyed unboxing this and figuring all of them out. I have a feeling I will be spending tons more hours just playing with all of the lighting settings!

First Impressions

The SAREPO weighs in at 2.2 pounds, which is significantly less than the mechanical versions of gaming keyboards. However, it is much quieter and still feels amazingly sturdy and heavy. Most people who dig mechanical gaming keyboards like them for their responsive feel; this membrane keyboard has that same wonderful gravity to every keystroke. Unboxing this baby felt a bit like Christmas had come early; it looks, feels and responds like some keyboards twice its price.

Up until ordering this keyboard, I hadn’t heard of the company SAREPO. Visiting their website didn’t reassure me that this company was professional or very good quality either. But I had read some good reviews of this keyboard on several sites. It tipped my hand; let me just say I was astonished by how great this thing feels just pulling it out of the box.

Top Features of the SAREPO

The SAREPO is by far the most fun I’ve ever had with a gaming keyboard. The backlights are very bright and cheerful; they have preset solid colors in three or four different shades and combinations (which you change with a few keystrokes). Each preset has a pattern that you can play along with it as well. But the best feature is the keyboard’s ability to “dance.” The keyboard has a built-in mic that will “listen” to whatever music you are playing; the lights ebb and flow along with your tunes as though your backlighting is dancing to the music. It’s a design feature I’d never seen before on a keyboard, and I found it absolutely endearing. I have yet to discover if this is just a gimmick that doesn’t serve any real purpose; I’ve been too busy playing with it to care.

The SAREPO also features some more practical additions, such as non-ghosting tech in some of its keys, custom light displays, and ergonomic designs for the weak-wristed. While the keys are a little difficult to read and very reflective (making them even more difficult to read), that’s not something you really have to worry about unless you hunt and peck the keys. The backlighting makes this keyboard more suited to late-night playing anyway.

This keyboard doesn’t require batteries, which is also a great feature. Some other backlit keyboards require separate batteries, but this one seems to pull all of the power it needs just from the USB port it is connected to. Excellent design and a money and time saver!


  • The SAREPO is quiet and sturdy. The feedback on the keys is great. I would take this one over most keyboards any day of the week.
  • It is heavy duty and strong. I really like how this keyboard feels like it will last into the next century. Although not as heavy as most mechanical models, it still feels like it has heft, brought to you by the metal casing.
  • The SAREPO has a fun backlighting system with all sorts of great features. It can “breathe,” “pulse,” and even “dance” along with your music. I really love all of the color and pattern presets.


  • The SAREPO website is just scary bad. It is incredibly unprofessional and full of errors and bad links. It’s so unprofessional, it almost scared me away from buying the thing. If the company cares so little for its face on the internet, I worry about what their customer service is like.
  • The light shows might end up just being a gimmick that I turn off someday soon and never turn back on. But only time will tell.

What Do You Get For the Money?

Along with the SAREPO, you get:

  • State-of-the-art backlighting behind each key with 9 different presets, customizable lighting, and backlights that will dance along with your music. Fun and functional!
  • A full-sized keyboard with an ergonomic design. It is both practical and comfortable for long gaming and lots of typing.
  • A quiet non-mechanical membrane that has super silent keystrokes but still gives that reactive gravity of a mechanical keyboard.
  • A sturdy and fun keyboard that will last for years.
  • 19 real, working anti-ghosting keys that the misregistration of multiple, simultaneous keystrokes. Great for all of the gamers out there pressing buttons as fast as you can!

What is it Like to Use the SAREPO?

Using the SAREPO is a lot like using a much more expensive mechanical model. The buttons feel awesome; they have a lot of gravity and feedback without feeling sticky or making a lot of noise. The keys, while hard to read, feel pretty good underneath your fingers and respond well to pressure. I really like using this keyboard for gaming, but it also feels awesome when I’m typing up an email or writing an article. It’s comfortable and classy and I just love all of the wonderful colors that the backlighting can display.

This keyboard is compatible with pretty much any machine you have, be it PC, Mac, or Linux machine. I have a PC, and installing everything couldn’t have been easier; this is the ultimate simple plug-and-play keyboard. Almost no effort is involved at all. Although I can’t speak for non-Windows computers, using it with Windows is a simple, wonderful experience.

Another thing that really stood out for me was the spacing between the keys. This is a full-sized keyboard, and the keys are spread apart a little, making it comfortable to hold your hands in typing positions for long periods of time.

I was also struck by how expensive the keyboard looked and felt. The metal casing feels like it cost a million bucks; it’s heavy and firm. Even the box and the instructions look expensive. I was impressed by the keyboard, but also by the packaging and the care the company took to include tons of information. If I had to sum up my first experience with the SAREPO in one word, I would say “impressed.”

Warranty Information

The one-year warranty on the SAREPO covers most of what you would expect it to; if your keyboard arrives broken or dead or limping, they will refund your money. Also, this warranty covers most usage damage, like if a key dies. Most likely, the warranty doesn’t cover spills, fires, natural disasters, improper cleaning, or other damage from abnormal usage or abuse. This seems to be a pretty standard warranty for any gaming keyboard. If you use it correctly and clean it according to the directions, though, you should expect several years out of it, and not just the one.

What is the SAREPO Made From?

The frame of the keyboard is definitely metal. Most of the rest of the keyboard appears to be plastics. It feels solid and heavy. Regardless of the types of metals in the keyboard, you won’t be disappointed with the heft, for sure.

Other Available Models

SAREPO does sell a couple of other models, including:

A mechanical version of this model. It appears to be of similar build and quality with one giant exception: it’s massively loud. It also features 26 anti-ghosting keys instead of 19. I haven’t tried this model, but I think I will stick to my membrane keyboard.

SAREPO also offers something called a semi-mechanical keyboard called the Ghost. These keyboards are unique looking, backlit, and the same price as the others. The finish is different and very cool. They have a distressed look to them that really is eye-catching. I’ve never used a semi-mechanical keyboard before, but the concept sounds intriguing.

Final Verdict

I can’t believe how impressed with this keyboard I was! Given that the SAREPO already had several hits against it, from a terrible website to being a membrane keyboard instead of mechanical, I was very shocked at how much I came to adore it. The lights, the settings, the feel, the heaviness, and everything about it is just a treat. I would buy this model again in a heartbeat, and I think I may even try some of SAREPO’s other goods. They have matching mouses, hard pads, and other gaming equipment any gamer would love to receive.

Between the anti-ghosting keys and the ergonomic design, you can really tell that SAREPO put a lot of thought and love into this keyboard. The keys just feel so good under your fingers, you may never go back to the more expensive mechanical models again. I know I’m really considering making a permanent switch to membrane. You should try it out for yourself!


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