STIGA Advantage Table Tennis

Last updated on August 31, 2017 We all have busy lives, and our time is often divided between meals, work, and sleep. Of course, we don’t have to live...

Last updated on August 31, 2017

We all have busy lives, and our time is often divided between meals, work, and sleep. Of course, we don’t have to live in such a drab and monotonous lifestyle. As the saying goes, “Work hard, play hard,” and with STIGA’s Advantage table tennis game table, you’ll be playing harder than ever. With all the aspects that make up a leading table tennis table, this is one that will easily blow you away, and I can personally vouch for the functionality, ease of use, and smooth play experience provided by it. Following will be the facts about warranty, pros and downsides, and even my personal take on it based on my own experiences.

What to Expect

STIGA Sports is a global company that has been steadily manufacturing top-shelf game tables for the past 70 years and beyond. With partnerships in over 100 countries around the world, it seems like everyone wants a piece of what STIGA is laying down. Clearly, a purchase from this company is a purchase of innovation and high quality, especially considering that they’re known for using nothing but the finest wood and craftsmanship to put their tables together. With that, it should be clear why STIGA is one of the best company’s in the table tennis manufacturing business, and why their Advantage table should be on the radar for anyone looking to improve their game.


  • This professional grade table is competition ready and features two separate pieces to its board that can be easily folded for transportation, storage, and one player practice sessions. Each board also receives multiple roller coat paint layers on both sides for style, silkscreen striping for board lines that do not interfere with play, along with UV curing and PVC edge-banding
  • The 72 inch, heavy duty, premium cotton blend net brings not only tension adjustment, but also easy, clamp style attachments for fast and optimal setup and take down
  • There is a spring loaded safety latch system installation in the assembly of the product that keeps the table in the upright position and prevents it from sliding back open from storage mode, which is surprisingly not as commonplace as one might expect, there safety is further improved with locking casters and steel supports


  • Based on feedback from other buyers, the most common complaints had to do with shipping. Some people received products that had been damaged in transit and so had to have their products re-shipped, but STIGA was reported by these buyers to have provided consistent and quality customer support
  • Another aspect that may drag the table down is the fact that is simply doesn’t hold up in recreational settings as it does in private home settings over extended periods of time given that several buyers using this table for after school clubs experienced more noticeable wear earlier. This is not absolute, however, and it is, indeed, touted as being “competition ready,” which seems to me as though STIGA is really standing by this product, and that’s nice to see in such a big, faceless market

Top Features

Though the Advantage table has a lot going for it, I would like to take this opportunity to highlight its best aspects in a little bit more detail. First off, there is the maneuverability. Not only does this table have 8 reinforced 3-inch casters that lock into place, it also has welded steel supports as opposed to cheaper metals used by some competing manufacturers. The locking mechanism is a great addition that is often overlooked in other tables on the market, and the tabletop itself is one of the highest quality that I’ve ever had the chance to play on, delivering a blissfully smooth game one after another.

First Impression

STIGA’s Advantage table tennis table is much nicer than I had anticipated, and that was clear from the moment I had unboxed it. I could tell that I was assembling a great quality table based on the feel of the table’s surfaces and the strength of the legs. The cotton net was soft to the touch and can be clamped anywhere along the table, which I enjoyed for the purpose of practicing my aim at certain points along the net.

Although the two halves of the table don’t physically screw into each other, they do latch together in a seamless way. I really appreciated the fact that I could flip the table and practice against a straight vertical surface, and setting the table up (as well as taking it down) was made that much easier by the way that everything comes together. Living in a smaller apartment, the table’s ability to fold up its individual halves and stack evenly against each other quickly became one of my favorite features.

The only thing that I found to be a tad bit off putting was the product’s weight. At almost 200 pounds, this behemoth is not easy to move up and down stairs. However, once I was able to get the piece through the front door, its gliding movement across the floor became effortless. Everything seemed to check out and I found this to be an all-around mobile table. Storage was also a cinch with the safety latch that kept the tabletop pieces from falling down and opening up at the worst moments, unlike some of the previous tables I’ve owned.

Design and Materials

The casters and supports are all steel, and the tabletop is painted its sea blue before being made incredibly smooth through an ultraviolet curing process. The net is made from flexible cotton and the whole table offers optimal playability for players of all skill levels. The design ensures a stylish table combined with functionality. It was clearly made with the space-saver in mind and works well in smaller and tight living spaces, though it is best suited for wider and more open homes. It is intended for indoor use and works fine on my carpets, but I would suggest not taking the table outside for longer play sessions as it is not intended to withstand weather conditions. I have a friend that stores his in a garage in Florida when he’s not using it and after a year the table has shown little to no warping, however, I still would not recommend this.

What’s Included?

What I found when I opened the delivery was not all too surprising. Along with the assembly parts, I pulled out a package containing all the screws and, of course, the instruction manual. Putting this table together was no problem, and I was finished in about 20 minutes tops. The manual offered some information on the warranty as well, but we’ll come back to that later. Overall, it was a rather run-of-the-mill delivery, and I did not experience any issues with the delivery. Although other buyers did report some faulty pieces damaged in transit, such occurrences seemed to be few and far between.

User Experience and Performance

There isn’t a whole lot left for me to say at this point, but I will say that after two months of play, the table looks good as new and still plays as smoothly as when I first slapped it together. It’s done well so far, though it has yet to truly stand the test of time. I often invited friends over to play with me and it was always a blast. The one-way practice mode is fantastic and fairly quick and easy to set up and the sound alone is just as satisfying as the ball hits the surface again and again.

Something that this table did that no other has before, though, was the fact that the separated boards could be used as completely individual tables independent of each other. I found myself using this as a gaming table, party snack table, and each birthday gift table, and it always fit well into every setting without being clunky and in the way.

I didn’t have many issues with the table, aside from the warranty vagueness, and as a result, I was pretty satisfied with the purchase. I didn’t pay for assembly, but that is an option for anyone who might need help carry the package up or down stairs and what have you. Anyone looking for a fun pastime who may be burdened with disabilities can make this purchase without having to worry about putting the table together.


I did some digging and found no information on the warranty, which was vague at best in the manual. Some poking around revealed that STIGA is a Swedish-owned company that manufactures its tables in China, and because I had no issues with the table, I had no reason to come across the company’s customer service, though I’ve heard stories of varying quality.

Closing Thoughts

At the end of the day, we should all be making informed decisions, and this couldn’t be more relevant than with big purchases like these. The materials are top-grade, the manufacturing process is high quality and I, personally, think that this has been one of the best purchases I’ve made in recent years and even with a questionable warranty, I’m confident that this isn’t a table that’s going to break down in the slightest for a very long while.

Everything from the strong and stylish design to the functional versatility, it’s easily on the higher end of the tables that I’ve played on, and I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for a great competition-level table to really improve their game. Beyond that, I believe this ping pong table is a great investment for recreational settings such as office break rooms or family game setups.


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