Choosing the Best Electronic Dartboard: Our Picks

Many traditional dart players would scoff at the electronic version of their beloved game and wouldn’t be caught dead playing on an electronic dartboard. Still, even they cannot deny the interest and versatility this board brings to the game. Electronic dartboards use soft-tipped darts rather than steel that register a score when thrown and hitting … Read more

Darts Setup: Choosing the Proper Height and Distance

dartboard hanging on a wooden backing

The game of darts is a renowned all around the world. It is found in bars, pubs, and taverns everywhere, and many people have dartboards installed in their games rooms or home pubs and bars. But at some point you actually have to set up your dartboard. So how high should you mount it? The … Read more

Complete Rules for Playing on a Baseball Dartboard

The game of darts is played globally, and most people are familiar with the standard dartboard configuration. Still, many people find out to their surprise that there may be A SECOND dartboard on the reverse side of their dartboard! This is called the “baseball dartboard” and it actually has its own set of rules. There … Read more

4 Fun Dart Drinking Games to Try Right Now

Drinking games are a lot of fun when it comes to special events at your local bar or to add some excitement to a get-together with friends. The possibilities of games to play while enjoying an adult beverage or two have definitely evolved over the years, and nothing goes better with a cold brew at … Read more