Turismo Racing Cagliari Series Gaming Chair

Last updated on August 31, 2017 It’s not just a game, and you’re not just a player. When you want to unleash the true gamer in you, this gaming...

Last updated on August 31, 2017

It’s not just a game, and you’re not just a player. When you want to unleash the true gamer in you, this gaming chair is a great vessel to help you get your head in the game. Anyone looking into the gaming chair industry should know that Turismo Racing, though not as well-known as its competitors, is on par with some of the top manufacturers.

What to Expect

The Cagliari series chair has many great features that are sure to pique the interest of any gamer who hates leaving long gaming sessions with an aching back or sore wrists. Not only will the most skeptical gamers be wowed by exceptional posture support, but also the chair’s unmatched comfort.

It may be titled a “racing” chair but it can easily double as an office chair and easily replaces most non-gaming office-oriented seating options. Not only that, but my firsthand experience can tell you about the many features found on this gaming chair that are rare among its competitors. I’ll start with the pros; then I’ll give you my first impression of the product and offer my personal experiences using it. Only you can decide if Turismo’s Cagliari gaming chair is right for you.

Top Features

Some of the best features that set this racing style gaming chair apart from the others on the market include the two adjustable cushions allow for great neck and lumbar support for gamers of all heights. High backrest with adjustable recline means you can get as comfortable as you want. Adjustable armrests protect the shoulders and wrists from fatigue so that you can stay on for the long haul. And of course, this chair has a strong base design that supports up to 350 pounds.

First Impression

My very first thought while unboxing this product was that it was a colorful piece. However, my first experience was actually sitting in one of my friend’s chair. Upon using it for the time, I (being 6’2″) fell in love with how comfortable this chair was. The adjustable cushions meant that I wasn’t left hunched over leaning into the screen, but instead, reclined back with virtually no soreness in my lower back like I usually get during longer play sessions. The arm rests were equally comfortable and I had several friends test out the chair as a whole, adjusting to their needs. All of my friends and family that I convinced to try this gaming chair found its features able to be adjusted to each of their specific comfort zones.

Design and Materials

Turismo’s Cagliari racing chair isn’t just for racing games, of course. It’s made from racing designs to provide ergonomic comfort and control. From the aluminum base, complete with rubber-gripped footrests, to the fine faux leather upholstery and stitching, this is certainly a gaming chair that doesn’t take itself lightly. With such impeccable adjustability, it blows most office chairs out of the water. It should be noted that it was also fairly quick for me to assemble.

Although the product’s primary function is to be used as a gaming chair, I found myself using it just as much for working on my computer and even just lounging around the house. The star-shaped legs allow for maximum reclining while making sure that you’re well-balanced at all times, which is ideal for watching movies or even just taking naps. For me, this chair is an all-purpose performance chair that has little to no drawbacks. With the claim that it can even improve your posture and well-being, it’s no wonder that these are rarely in stock!


  • Forward/back mechanism that helps those with knee and joint pains
  • The flexibility of the seat itself can be adjusted
  • Adjustable seats removes excess padding and eliminates any sinking or impressions that may be found over time on lower-quality chairs
  • Back and neck cushioning mean great posture no matter your height or build
  • Aluminum details on the legs make for great footrests,
  • The sheer fact that this heavy-duty chair can handle up to 350 pounds


  • Weighing in at nearly 50 pounds in total, this is certainly not your average office chair, but in all honesty, it’s a weight that adds to the products performance overall, allowing it to support up 350 pounds for gamers of almost all shapes and sizes. Otherwise, there’s really not much to talk about in the way of downsides, at least not in my personal experience with the product

What’s Included?

All you really need are the parts to the chair and the assembly guide. Like most modern furniture this chair ships in pieces that have to be assembled, but as I said above the assembly didn’t seem to give me much of a problem, especially compared to some of the other gaming chairs I’ve purchased. Other than that you should find a user manual that explains the chairs basic functions such as the numerous adjustable parts as well as its ability to recline. Lastly, you should find a warranty guide explaining the lifetime warranty (that’s right, LIFETIME) on the frame and 24-month warranty on the separate parts. It’s pretty straightforward and there’s really not much to read through. You certainly don’t have to be an Ikea expert to put this baby together.

User Experience and Performance

After almost two months of use, my gaming chair still looks and feels as though it’s brand-new. It works smoothly and efficiently and it’s honestly one of the best gaming chairs I’ve ever purchased. I’m even considering buying more to replace all the chairs in my office for long meetings and seminars.

The strength of this product is easily found in its extent to which it can be adjusted. That feature alone gives the chair a “one-size-fits-all” type of aspect that is actually quite difficult to find in today’s gaming chair market.

I personally found it to be bet used anytime I needed to work long hours from home or wanted to play my games on my day off after a long week in the office. Back and neck support are reliable and help me maintain good posture. The holes in the headrest allow for a constant airflow that keeps your neck and back from getting sweaty against the faux leather during long, heated gaming sessions and the adjustable arm rest can be placed in almost any position you need them to be in to provide you with the elbow support you need. Too many gaming chairs neglect proper support for the arms and shoulders, but that’s just another reason why this is such a high-quality product.

I will say that, of the many gaming chairs I’ve used in the past, this is the first one I’ve experienced that I really found to fit my particular needs. I have a history soreness in my lower back and shoulders and typically display rather poor habits when it comes to my posture. When a friend told me about this gaming chair that he had been using for a while, I had to find out more. I ended up buying my own chair after the third time I used my friend’s and I can honestly say that I have not been disappointed.


As I mentioned before, there is a lifetime warranty for the chair’s frame and a 24-month warranty for any parts that may break during use. For anyone that may not realize, such warranties are rare for gaming chairs which only highlights this manufacturer’s confidence in the quality of the product.

Closing Thoughts

I think Turismo Racing’s Cagliari-series gaming chair is a fantastic product that unifies ergonomic design with long-lasting durability. Turismo has built a champion that rises above the rest to deliver a great gaming experience to gamers both new and seasoned, young and old, and I know for a fact that I will be purchasing more gear from this company moving forward. Not only did this gaming chair far exceed my expectations, but it also did so with a smile as the comprehensive warranty eased my mind about breaking or failing parts. Thankfully, I have yet to experience anything of the sort and I don’t think I will anytime soon. The Cagliari is a solidly-designed piece of gaming tech that would complete any entertainment setup; not just that, but it would also look good doing it.

If you’re looking for a gaming chair that will knock you off your feet (and ease you into a heavenly recliner) then this should be at the very top of your list. The focus and that this gaming chair allowed for me to develop is helping me get serious about gaming, and if you want comfort as much as you want a healthy gaming environment, then go ahead and pick up the Turismo Racing’s Cagliari-series gaming chair today!


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