X Rocker 51259 Pro H3 4.1 Audio

Last updated on August 31, 2017 No other rocking chair combines ergonomic design with such a deep list of immersive features at such an affordable price as X Rocker‘s...

Last updated on August 31, 2017

No other rocking chair combines ergonomic design with such a deep list of immersive features at such an affordable price as X Rocker‘s Pro H3 4.1 audio gaming chair. Welcome to the ultimate gaming experience that doesn’t pull any punches. From the chair’s deep wireless audio system to its adjustable arm rests to its traditional rocking position reinforced by the perfect amount of cushioning, this is one of the best gaming chair that is sure to impress gamers of every caliber. Are you ready to take the throne?

What to Expect

If you know anything about X Rocker, you know that they’ve been innovating the gaming and entertainment chair since 2005 with cycling audio updates that work with almost any device in nearly every setup you could think of. This company is no stranger to top-quality built-in surround sound and if you’re a gamer that’s in need of some heavy immersion, than this is going to be the one for you. When comparing this chair to some of the other products offered by X Rocker, it’s clear why this one stands a few steps ahead of the game.

Top Features

X Rocker’s Pro H3 gaming chair has a lot of bells and whistles, and some of its features are more integral than others in making this an outstanding piece of gaming equipment. There’s the versatile audio-based system that acts as the product’s center-piece, and then there’s it’s design going in the direction of more traditional gaming chair stylings that make it feel less like a high-performance vessel and more like a home and office piece, just to name a few. This is definitely a chair that has a little something for everybody, from young to old, and from gamers to casual loungers.

First Impression

Upon opening the box for this technical wizard, I was relieved at how simple and straightforward the product was. Things got a little more complex when trying to set up the wireless functionality touted around in the product’s description. After some finagling, I had everything synchronized between my PS4, TV set, and the chair. From then on, it was blast off!

I instantly fell in love with the sound quality present in this chair and the control panel on the side allows users to adjust the volume, bass and even intensity of the vibration function to their personal liking. I appreciated the fact that the chair remained fully functional without the plastic arm rests and often played long sessions without them. I’m also 6’2″ and I had no issues with this chair’s backrest. After some research, I discovered a weight capacity of roughly 250 pounds, which was not an issue for me, personally, but I know that this may be disappointing for some fluffier gamers.

Design and Materials

Vinyl upholstery gives this gaming chair a nice look, doubling as an easy-clean surface. The hard plastic arm rests can’t be adjusted, and they aren’t covered with any padding, which may rub some buyers the wrong way, but fear not! The arm rests can be detached for anyone that finds them to be a tad too restricting. Audio output is designed well, with speakers placed on the sides of the chair rather than facing the user’s back to help create a sense of surround sound. The vibration function is a nice touch that can’t be found in many other gaming chairs due to its cost to implement.

While other leading chairs on the market might be shifting towards sporty racing-inspired designs that try to capture the high-speed action of gaming, X Rocker’s Pro H3 takes it all back to the beginning. Simple style gives it that classic feeling while updated features come together to bring out the best in every game.

What’s Included?

X Rocker typically packs the same items into each delivery box unless specialty features are specified, such as some of their chairs that are shipped with pedestal bases. Upon my unboxing of my Pro H3, however, I discovered the fully assembled chair, folded in on itself for easy storage, the two detachable arm rests, and some cables. Included was a power cable for the chair that would plug into the wall, various other cords and adaptors for the RCA cables that you are assumed to already be in possession of, and a wireless transmitter which hooks into your TV. Although I did find a manual in the shipping box with my product, it didn’t really require any assembly instructions. The manual was a little confusing when explaining the wired versus the wireless setups and I could understand where many adults may easily give up in groans when trying to make the tech work for their children or grandchildren, but forums and Youtube videos abound that show exactly how other people figured out solutions for the same confusion that they had.

Use Experience and Performance

The chair remained in good condition will into my two months of use and didn’t show much wear, though a friend of mine who uses the same exact product reported the padding having weakened greatly in less than a year. That may be problematic for a lot of people and could be a turn-off for a lot of hardcore gamers, but a lot of the other customers that I reached out during the writing of this article told me otherwise. Most of them reported having no issues with their backrests and several told me that they’ve even held out for a quite a few years before going flat.

The Pro H3 works seamlessly with all of my devices and has become the foundation for my home entertainment system. I found myself using this chair for playing through long gaming sessions and sitting through a Lord of the Rings marathon and I still think its as fresh and comfortable as when I first pulled it out of its delivery box.

With versatile audio that works with me as much as it does for me, and smooth padding that never leaves my back aching, this is easily my favorite gaming chair. Wear and tear doesn’t seem to be an issue for me and I use this product all the time with friends and family. It’s folding function makes for easy portability and isn’t as much of a hassle moving the chair around the room as previous chairs that I’ve owned.


A quick read through the minimalistic user manual will reveal X Rocker’s uniform 90-day warranty. Be sure to report any lost or stolen pieces to the company after receiving your package because you only get 14 days to do so before their policy ends their obligation to accommodate you. A 90-day warranty seems brief to me for such a technical item, especially as warranties presented by industry competitors outlast this one by a mile. However, if the chair is treated with care, I believe it should be able to last any gamer a very long while.

Closing Thoughts

X Rocker’s Pro H3 4.1 audio gaming chair is a well-built example of just how far the company has come. Since its humble debut in 2005, this team has been constantly putting out better and better products. Personally, I think this chair is one of their best works and that every gamer should at least get a chance to try it at some point or another.

A strong dedication to wireless audio transmission and well-designed support features definitely help to separate this chair from the shortcomings of past iterations. A short warranty can be off-putting, but the product seems to show no signs of falling apart anytime soon. Feature-heavy as this guy may be, his design harks back to a simpler time with ever-popular floor-based rocking in sleek black vinyl. If I were shopping for a hardcore gamer, X Rocker’s Pro H3 gaming chair would most certainly be at the top of my list.


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