X Rocker 5127401 Pedestal Video Gaming Chair

Last updated on August 31, 2017 Since 2005, X Rocker has been redefining what a top-shelf gaming chair is. Their specialty sound-enhanced products have revolutionized the industry, and some...

Last updated on August 31, 2017

Since 2005, X Rocker has been redefining what a top-shelf gaming chair is. Their specialty sound-enhanced products have revolutionized the industry, and some might say that they’re still at the top of the food chain. This is a company that expanded the traditional concept of the home entertainment and pushed its limitations.

What to Expect

With over a decade of experience, X Rocker certainly has done a lot, but their trademark has always been the implementation native audio support within the chairs themselves. It’s no different with this product, albeit the audio is listed as wireless, which sounds adventurous, considering that not everyone has a Bluetooth-enabled TV set just yet.

Top Features

The premier feature of X Rocker’s Pedestal is easily its reported wireless capabilities, backed up by a strong sound system that gets your head in the game. This audio system makes it ideal for watching movies or listening to music as well. Additionally, the gaming chair’s ability to connect with almost any of today’s devices is something that not many of its competitors can lay claim to, and with an alternative system to Bluetooth, no less.

First Impression

When I opened the box for this chair, my very first thought was that it seemed rather minimalistic and basic. Using it for the first time was thankfully not quite the same experience for me. After a solid 30 minutes, I had assembled the chair and set the wireless audio to my PS4 to watch the newest episode of Gotham (I don’t care what anyone says, it’s a great show). I didn’t just hear every gunshot, every shift in the music, and every mumbled line crisply and clearly as if I was there on set, but I also felt a dimension of the TV experience that I had been missing out on for a very long time.

If you’ve never had the chance to experience surround sound and you’re looking for the best gaming chair with audio capability, I would highly recommend this product. The audio was such high quality that I sometimes even forgot that I was carried off into the medium and sometimes even forgot that I was sitting in a high-end gaming and entertainment chair.

The swiveling motion allows for easier adjustment when playing intense action sequences and the chair’s option to run the audio through headphones adds versatility to its mainstage audio mechanic. X Rocker has most certainly outdone themselves with this addition to their ever-growing library of quality gaming chairs.


  • With their “Pedestal” video gaming chair, the common build of chairs that rest on the floor to rock with ease is thrown out the window. The team gave this chair an actual pedestal upon which the seat can freely swivel in 360 degrees
  • Two speakers and a sub-woofer ensure that you’ll be totally engrossed in whatever entertainment you are participating, and every gamer knows that the gaming experience is always better the more immersive it is
  • Not only does this chair support wireless audio, it also has the compatibility to connect with almost any electronic device that big in the market today
  • Perfect gaming chair for both PS4 and Xbox One.


  • Rather than a convenient Bluetooth function, users must access the “wireless” audio functions by fumbling through a set of user manual instructions that require a cord to be ran from the gaming console to the chair, and an additional set of plugs extending from the TV. This is decidedly NOT a con, however, since not everyone is going to have a Bluetooth-enabled TV to work with. The setup that is offered as an alternative ensures that the chair can be used for surround sound gaming on most TVs today.
  • This chair, in particular, isn’t the best when it comes to rocking back and forth but the swivel function replaces it

Design and Materials

Smoot vinyl covers the chair’s well-padded main surfaces and is accompanied by a tough plastic that makes up the arm rests and base. The arm rests can be flipped up into a vertical position for any gamer that prefers a more open wingspan. The pedestal cannot be easily removed unless, of course, deconstructed and the chair lacks any features that allow users to adjust the chair’s height up or down. What you see is what you get with this one.

Moving away from the racing influence that has gripped high-end competitors, X Rocker finds its own path by taking the design of a basic office chair and sprucing it up for the home entertainment scene. Alternative color schemes are non-existent, but that’s not so bad when the factory default is made from the classy black and gray neutrals that dominate this chair’s design.

What’s Included?

When I finally unboxed this product, I was met with the actual chair itself, which was folded in on itself for the sake of saving space. The metal base was packed in with a swiveling rod that supported the chair’s weight. Included was a tool kit with everything I needed for the product’s assembly, including an allen wrench, as common with most D.I.Y. assembly kits. I also found a power cord for the chair and a wireless transmitter to hook into the TV. The last bits and bobs were all just connecting cords and the like. There was a manual but it was minimalistic at best; however, I didn’t seem to need the help in the chair’s construction as it was fairly straightforward.

User Experience and Performance

After three short months of use, I’ve decided that this one of the best sound-based gaming chairs that I have ever experienced. Now, it should be noted that I don’t have that much experience with audio-first furniture, but in just three months, I think I’ve become more than qualified to give you my two cents.

Although I thoroughly enjoyed the audio capabilities of X Rocker’s Pedestal video gaming chair, I do think it’s lacking in other departments. The chair has many limitations in its design that could have made it much more accessible to a wider customer base. Some of those limitations include the lack of a reclining function. The reported “tilt” function is limited and left me wanting more. The fact that users cannot adjust the chair’s height is also a questionable move, as well as the inability to remove it from its pedestal base to be used like a more traditional gaming chair that can be rocked back and forth on the floor.

Through these various elements, however, shines the excellence of the overall product. Even though these features, or lack thereof, can hamper a gamer’s experience, their absence in this product isn’t necessary for it to all mesh together in a creative and fun way. This is one gaming chair that will always hold a place on my list of the best on the market.


After I peeked through the user manual I found the product’s limited 90-day warranty. If the chair arrives and there are any broken or missing pieces, you have 14 days to report them to the company, which will then send out any repairs or replacements that they decide is reasonable. Personally, I think a 90-day warranty is a little short for such a big purchase and it certainly pales in comparison with the warranties offered by industry rivals. Still, it’s within reason for the affordable gaming chair and I don’t think it would much of a problem as long as the buyer intends to use it with care. Rowdy young gamers may be better off with a chair that sits directly on the floor with no swiveling pedestal base.

Closing Thoughts

At the end of the day, it can be difficult to tell what makes a gaming chair good, and what makes a great one. X Rocker’s Pedestal is by all means a great one. It has its ups and it has its downs, and through it all it is a well-balanced machine.

Spending long hours on the pedestal leaves no soreness or aching in the shoulders, back or legs due to the chair’s ergonomic and well-padded vinyl backrest and seat. In function it swivels easy and never catches, making it as efficient as your swiveling office chair, only with a lack of mobility. Even on the pedestal, the chair tends to sit lower than is comfortable to use it for any office work at extended lengths of time, but it was made with home entertainment in mind. As someone who is 6’2″ I can tell you that this product certainly accounts for those of us on skyward side, which isn’t always a priority for many gaming chair manufacturers today.

I ended up sinking hours upon hours into my play time with this center-piece accenting my setup because it took a hold of me in a way that I’ve experienced only rarely before. With this gaming chair I felt like I could get truly lost in whatever I was doing, whether it be shooting zombies, laughing out loud while watching the latest episodes of my favorite comedy shows, or just listening to some good ol’ fashioned rock and roll. X Rocker’s Pedestal video gaming chair may not have everything, but it definitely has something for everyone.


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