John Madison

Hey, my name is John, and I’ve been a huge gamer since I was four years old. After picking up my first Nintendo product, I feel in love with gaming and haven’t stopped since. From then, and throughout college to now, I’ve done nothing but game in my spare time. Okay, well maybe more than that, but you get my drift. While I wish I could be the next Matt Mercer of voice acting, I have different priorities that need to be taken care of; however…

Instead of constantly gaming and not working, I’ve decided to try and work in the world of gaming. While I don’t design games, or write for them, I test accessories and gaming products out and bring quality content directly to you – in an unbiased fashion. My friends and I are within the same boat, except different types of products.

Jason Garrison

Besides running my own welding shop and the website Welder World, I like to play different types of games and consoles. Dabbling into everything from tabletop RPGs and various Dungeons and Dragons worlds (like RIFTS), I gained so many friends who used the Internet as a way to find out more about various games. Because I knew so many people like myself, I decided that it would be useful to start GetGamesGo.

After talking to other friends who got into more physical games, I found out that the other side of the gaming world is that much more intense. From ping pong to air hockey, there were professionals around my age who were crazy about it. Because of that, there were thousands more people (much like myself) who wish to be professionals at the game they love.

Melissa Faulk

My grandma first got me a Super Nintendo for my fourth birthday. At that age, I wasn’t super into trucks and all that boyish stuff, but I was definitely into gaming. I liked being able to sit around and explore different worlds – which eventually fueled my passion for books. If I could be, I would be a video game voice actor, but since that’s not happening, I want to help others that aren’t glorious voice acting celebs.

Whether it’s because of money or fame, I realized that there are more people into the serious side of gaming than there are not. While I’m now content not being famous for the games I play, I enjoy reading up and reviewing various gaming systems or products to help those who may want to one day.

Aside from gaming, I am a big music fan. I had always enjoyed listening to music—everything from classical to hard rock—but never had the opportunity to start playing until my senior year of high school. My parents always saw music as a nice hobby, but I saw the potential for much more.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide honest and truthful content to fans in our favorite worlds. Creating a site as such has allowed us to put good use to our gaming side. While our girlfriends aren’t too ecstatic about how much time we spend on these websites, at least we aren’t into crazy things that get us into trouble, right?

It’s tough making decisions about a huge purchase, as no one wants to feel buyer’s remorse or any type of guilt, which is exactly why there’s a review section of this website. Being able to hear honest and direct opinions about hyped up products (or overhyped products) will allow you to either take the plunge or look elsewhere for a quality product.

So, before anything, consult experienced people who have had the time to look at a product from all different angles. This way, you don’t have to worry about blindly purchasing a product. I hope you enjoy your search around the site and hearing honest reviews about the products you’re interested in!