Here’s All the Ammo Codes for Fallout 4

If you run out of ammunition and switch to a melee weapon, you might not be able to survive if you are fighting endless swarms of mobs at every turn. As a result, I prefer to use ammo codes now and then to make life easier. With that said, how do Fallout 4 ammo codes … Read more

Here’s Every Fallout 4 Item Code

If you’re looking for Fallout 4 cheats and console commands, you’ve come to the right place. These are a fantastic way to bring some order to Boston’s nuclear wasteland—well, maybe not order in the traditional sense, but they can definitely give you greater control over the game. With that said, what is a Fallout 4 … Read more

The Most Important Fallout 4 Junk Codes

In Fallout 4, the Commonwealth is littered with junk and various items, yet none of it is useless. That is not to say that you should spend too much time scouring the area for junk and filling up your inventory by looking for specific items; it sometimes is just not worth it. So, what do you … Read more

The Complete List of Fallout 4 Console Commands Perks

Fallout 4, like most of Bethesda’s video games, is an immersive, challenging, but fun roleplaying video game. It is popular for its big post-apocalyptic open world set in Boston, great quests, and customizable skill trees. It is also popular for its console commands on the PC version, which can enhance your video game experience. So, what are Fallout … Read more

Destiny 2 Premonition: Specs Plus How to Get It

Destiny 2, which was and is still being developed by Bungie, is an excellent online multiplayer first-person shooter game with a constantly evolving world that houses tremendous and unique weapons. Much of the game’s fun comes from finding powerful and rare weapons, similar to other looter-shooter games like Borderlands 2. One of the best and most rare … Read more

The Top 10 Armor Sets in Destiny 2

Weapons may define how Destiny 2 feels in its gameplay, but armor gives your guardians a sense of self. While it’s vital to have armor with good stats, you have a lot of freedom regarding what you may wear. With that said, what is it about armor sets in Destiny 2 that you need to know? Each armor … Read more

Why Is Destiny 2 Crashing My PC?

You’ve just loaded up Destiny 2 onto your PC, and you’ve started on your first quest when your PC freezes. By this point, you were already midway into the game, and you’ve started racking up kills, collecting bounties, and picking up loots. Now you’re stuck mid-game, with no way to get out of this mess. … Read more

Destiny 2 Shaders: Ranking the Best, Plus How to Apply Them

Although looking great isn’t as important in Destiny 2‘s story as in games like the Borderlands series and Cyberpunk 2077, gamers may still want to make sure their Guardian looks their best when fighting alien beings and taking part in Raids. Thanks to the use of Shaders, this has become possible. With that said, what … Read more

Who’s the Best Borderlands 2 Character?

Borderlands 2 is considered by many, including me, as the best game in the first-person shooter roleplaying game franchise. It has a strong story, humorous dialogue, and, best of all, tremendous playable characters with their respective classes. Whether you play it solo or cooperatively, who is the best Borderlands 2 character?   The best character in Borderlands 2 is Maya the … Read more

All of the Fallout 4 Quest Console Commands

Bethesda games like Skyrim and the Fallout series have “almighty” powers associated with the tilde key (~). Activating the in-game console in Fallout 4 provides PC players with access to a wide array of cheat commands which they can use to alter their gameplay experience, either for better or for worse. But for questing, does … Read more

Ranked: The Top 10 Weapons In Destiny 2

When gamers think of strong items in Destiny, they usually think of exotic items. These weapons have special characteristics that can enable or improve particular play styles. With that said, let’s look at ten of the best and most-used weapons you can find in Destiny 2! Chroma Rush: Auto rifle Ignition Code: Grenade launcher Fatebringer: … Read more

Everything You Need to Know About Borderlands 3 Weapons

The weapons in Borderlands 3 are just crazy. Borderlands 3 blasts well beyond the norm set by the previous games in the series, throwing an arsenal of guns at you during its extended campaign. Each has a unique set of qualities and effects that may alter how the gun operates. So, what weapons can you … Read more

BL3 Hellwalker: Stats, Where to Get + Easter Eggs

The roleplaying first-person shooter game Borderlands 3 has many wacky and powerful arsenal available to loot during your grand adventure as one of the four Vault Hunters. These arsenals range from common weapons to more rare weapons, like it’s Legendary compatriot, the Face-Puncher. Some of these rare weapons are not only powerful but peculiar in more than … Read more

Where to Get Face-Puncher in BL3, Plus Key Stats and Easter Eggs

Borderlands 3 is a first-person shooter roleplaying game focused on looting gear, similar to roleplaying games like the Diablo series. Looting for an exciting arsenal of various categories from common to Legendary is rewarding, even if you have a character and class that is primarily suited for Melee Damage. So, what is Face-puncher, and how do you get hold of … Read more

Is Borderlands 3 Really Worth It?

Gearbox Software brought forth a great spin on the exciting looting and roleplaying game mechanics with the Borderlands series, piggybacking off of games such as Diablo 2. It combined these elements into a wacky first-person shooter with a humorous story. The first Borderlands game showed promise. It was not until the critically acclaimed Borderlands 2 that the series changed … Read more

What Makes Mobile eSports Such a Challenge?

playing a mobile game with a controller

While mobile eSports have existed for years, they are yet to achieve the level of popularity which an outside viewer might expect, considering the popularity of eSports at large. Mobile gaming is, after all, an enormous business. Bringing in more than $85 billion in 2019 alone and making up the largest part of the PC/console/mobile market … Read more