Best Darts On The Market 2017 Reviews & Guide

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Darts is a very old game whose popularity never showed signs of slowing down. Just think about it; just like me, you’ve probably had it (or still do) in your home. You can find dart boards at your closest bars, taverns, and basically just about anywhere. It’s one of my favorite sport and a hobby to millions of people around the world and I can’t blame them. If you’re looking for brand new darts set to replace the old ones or you’re getting your first set ever, this post will help you.

Overview of The Best Darts

ImageNameShaftTypePriceOverall Satisfaction
Sametop 12 Packs Steel Tip Darts with National Flag FlightsSametop 12 Packs Steel Tip DartsAluminiumSteel Tip
King Cobra Strikes Darts 24 GramsKing Cobra Strikes DartsAluminiumSteel Tip
Wolftop 15 Pack Steel Tip Darts 18 GramsWolftop 15 PackAluminiumSteel Tip
Ohuhu 12 Pcs Tip Darts with National Flag FlightsOhuhu Tip DartsPVCSteel Tip
Viper Sure Grip Soft Tip DartsViper Sure GripAluminiumSoft Tip
Phil Taylor Power 9Five Generation 2 Steel Tip DartsPhil Taylor Power 9Five Generation 2tungstenSteel Tip
Viper Bully 80% Tungsten Steel Tip DartsViper Bully 80%TungstenSteel Tip
Winmau Sabotage 90% Tungsten Alloy Professional Level Steel Tip DartsWinmau SabotageTungstenSteel Tip
Phil Taylor Power 9Five Generation 2 18G Soft Tip DartsPhil Taylor Power 9Five Generation 2 TungstenSoft Tip

Best Steel Tip Darts

Sametop 12 Packs Steel Tip Darts with National Flag Flights

Sametop 12 Packs Steel Tip Darts with National Flag Flights

Lowest Price: Click here

First up on our list we have a well-balanced piece of equipment brought to you by Sametop. Designed for use on corkboards this steel tipped dart can be used by beginners and pro’s alike. Here’s what this company is bringing to the table, or rather, the board.

  • Made with aluminum.
  • Brass plated steel barrels for balance.
  • Preventative measures to avoid loosening of tip.
  • Poly pro dart flights.
  • 18 grams.

The Breakdown of the Features

When it comes to competing in the game of darts, balance and security make all the difference and with this Sametop steel tip aluminum dart you can enhance your performance of every game. It comes with a brass plated steel barrel to balance the dart and heavy knurling for a better grip. Attached to the shaft is a rubber O-ring to help prevent the tip from becoming loose around the barrel. The poly pro dart flights are specifically designed with speed in mind and reduce wind resistance when thrown. Finally, they are a very light; eighteen grams for some very straight throws.

The Advantages of the Product

The primary advantage Sametop Steel Tip Darts bring to the game is the brass-plated barrels the darts come with. They have heavy knurling, which makes them easier to grip while also adding a little style to the dart as well. The barrels also help by balancing out the dart for straight easy throwing. It also features an O-ring, which will prevent the tip from coming loose after multiple throws or long periods of use. Finally, the flights on the end (each featuring a country’s flag) are designed to reduce resistance when thrown and diminish the drag.

The Disadvantages of the Product

The only disadvantage with these darts is that the aluminum with which they are made is not the most durable material for a dart, as the oils on your hands will affect the metal over time. It is also more susceptible to being damaged by other darts. However, since aluminum is a cheaper material to use you will see this reflected in the price. If you are a beginner and don’t want to spend a lot of money on your first set of darts this is the perfect starter set for you.


Target Darts – Phil Taylor Power 9Five Generation 2 Steel Tip Darts

Phil Taylor Power 9Five Generation 2 Steel Tip Darts

Price Range: