The Most Important Fallout 4 Junk Codes

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Last updated on November 23, 2021

In Fallout 4, the Commonwealth is littered with junk and various items, yet none of it is useless. That is not to say that you should spend too much time scouring the area for junk and filling up your inventory by looking for specific items; it sometimes is just not worth it. So, what do you need to know about Fallout 4‘s Junk codes?

While scrapping many goods increases their worth, some junk items are required in crafting recipes. It is especially true for any chemistry-related substances utilized at the chemistry station. It’s good to have junk codes on hand if you’re crafting chems and many other items from scratch.

Using the console command helps buy time. Although junk cannot be physically used or consumed, it can be dumped, sold to merchants, or scrapped to craft items. That alone proves them to come in handy in the long run. With that said, what are the console commands for Fallout 4 junk codes?

The Fallout 4 Junk Codes

Fallout 4 is a game with a thousand systems humming and whirring in the background, driving the Boston wasteland. Because you’re playing on a PC, you can attack such systems by putting a few commands into the game’s developer console. 

Toys, housewares, rubbish, and tools are examples of junk goods that the Sole Survivor can obtain from various locations across the Commonwealth. In the Pip-Boy, junk goods have their inventory area. They can’t be equipped, ingested, or engaged with weapons or food, although they may be dropped or sold to merchants. 

Their principal purpose is in crafting, either as raw materials for more valuable goods (weapons, armor, chems, mods, settlement structures, and so on) or as ingredients for more valuable items (weapons, armor, chems, mods, settlement buildings, and so on).

To use the commands in Fallout 4, go to the developer console panel. It is done on an American English keyboard by hitting the tilde (~) key, located under the Esc key, just to the “1” key’s left. If you’re using a British English keyboard, press the grave (`) key, which is also in the exact location.

Remember that terminal commands are not case sensitive, so don’t bother about caps lock while typing them. Many commands will contain a part that begins with a number, such as <itemID> <#>. 

Do not type the “<>” brackets or the # in these circumstances. Instead, input the name of the item you’re looking for, then replace the # with the number of products you’ll need.

These Fallout 4 console commands are just what you need whether you want to change the way the game plays or ‘magically summon’ a few free goods into your inventory by using the console command. That said, feast your eyes on the holy grail of Fallout 4 crafting junk codes:

Fallout 4 Crafting Junk Code List

I know what you may be thinking; “Fallout 4 junk list is gigantic!”, hence why I shall be providing you with only the must have list when it comes to junk required as materials to craft with. Other junk items, when disassembled, provide you with the components presented below:

  • Acid – 001BF72D
  • Adhesive – 001BF72E
  • Aluminum – 0006907A
  • Antiseptic – 001BF72F
  • Asbestos – 000AEC5C
  • Ballistic fiber – 000AEC5B
  • Bone – 000AEC5D
  • Ceramic – 000AEC5E
  • Circuitry – 0006907B
  • Cloth – 000AEC5F
  • Concrete – 00106D99
  • Copper – 0006907C
  • Cork – 000AEC60
  • Crystal – 0006907D
  • Fertilizer – 001BF730
  • Fiber optics – 00069087
  • Fiberglass – 000AEC61
  • Gears – 0006907E
  • Glass – 00069085
  • Gold – 000AEC62
  • Lead – 000AEC63
  • Leather – 000AEC64
  • Nuclear material – 00069086
  • Oil – 001BF732
  • Plastic – 0006907F
  • Rubber – 00106D98
  • Screw – 00069081
  • Silver – 000AEC66
  • Spring – 00069082
  • Steel – 000731A4
  • Wood – 000731A3

The three foundation building components for all the major craftable structures in the towns are concrete, steel, and wood (e.g., floors, walls, roofs, stairs).

As a result, the cost of creating each craftable structure might vary significantly, influencing or determining which design is preferred over others, primarily when the number of caps is currently restricted, and there is a rush to build up a settlement’s fortifications.

Fallout 4 Popular Junk Item Codes

How’s it doing at your base? Have you improved your weapons and armor? Even if you have a lot of the most valuable resources, it never hurts to have more. Even if you have thousands of Steel & Copper, your reserves will run short after much construction and upgrading, which is why you have the above crafting code list.

However, sometimes you need junk to add life to your shelter. The little touch ups here and there sets your own visual achievement. If you are looking for the best place to find some of the best junk out there, look no further than here. If you just want to get your hands on some popular junk, here are some of the most popular rubbish in the game:

  • Gold plated flip lighter – 00060E88
  • Telephone – 00059B15
  • Willow barrel vase – 000AC8C2
  • Willow bud vase – 000AC8C1
  • Willow flared vase – 000AC8BF
  • Willow rounded vase – 000AC8BE
  • Willow rounded vase – 000AC8BE
  • Willow vaulted vase – 000AC8C0
  • Vase – 000B1647
  • Restored desk fan – 000F15BF
  • Office desk fan – 00192D5D
  • HalluciGen gas canister – 000E69AF
  • Ruptured HalluciGen gas canister – 0016D041
  • Gas canister – 00059B33
  • Sealed wonderglue – 000E3784
  • Wonderglue – 000DEDED
  • Economy wonderglue – 0006C5AE
  • Hot plate – 00059ADB
  • Microscope – 00059AEB
  • High-powered microscope – 001C61C3
  • Duct tape – 0004D1F2
  • Military grade duct tape – 00060E78
  • Pack of duct tape – 001C7F1F
  • Alarm clock – 00059B27
  • Wakemaster alarm clock – 001C9E92
  • Dinner fork – 00060E93
  • Fork – 00140B29
  • Plastic fork – 00059ACB
  • Silver fork – 00060E8B
  • Makeshift battery – 001AAD69
  • Toothbrush – 00060ECE
  • Toothpaste – 00199A88
  • Undamaged cigarettes – 000E376E
  • Preserved cigarette pack – 000E3770
  • Pack of cigarettes – 0005821A
  • Lit cigarette – 0008E36D
  • Cigarette – 00059AB5
  • Cigarette carton – 0005821C
  • Military ammo bag – 00060E77
  • Military-grade circuit board – 00154AD2
  • Crystal liquor decanter – 00060E82
  • Gold watch – 00060E7C
  • Silver pocket watch – 00060E7D
  • Antique pocket watch – 0014DDFC
  • Derby-winning toy car – 0014DD23
  • Brahmin hide – 0022B623
  • Camera – 00059A83
  • ProSnap camera – 001C7F28
  • Reporter’s camera – 0014DD48
  • Undamaged camera – 000E376C
  • Globe – 001A7DA6
  • Clean globe – 001A7DA5
  • Classroom globe – 0014DD40
  • Antique globe – 0001D975
  • Teddy bear – 00059B14
  • Souvenir teddy bear – 0202A180
  • Shovel – 000822CB
  • Flask – 000EC8AD
  • Tall flask – 000EC8AB
  • Giddyup Buttercup – 00163A12
  • Giddyup Buttercup back leg – 00163A15
  • Giddyup Buttercup body – 00163A16
  • Giddyup Buttercup front leg – 00163A14
  • Giddyup Buttercup head – 00163A13
  • Giddyup Buttercup toy parts – 00031AAF
  • Trifold American flag – 00059B2E
  • Yao guai hide – 0022B62A
  • Pre-War Money – 00059B02


There is never a shortage of junk in Fallout 4; building your base and decorating it with timeless junk can make it feel homier. There are tons of ways of turning your home into the junkyard palace it can be, and only you can make it look amazing.

So enough, with the farming and junk hunting, the command console is there to be used! Go crazy and turn your shelter into something more you!