Who’s the Best Borderlands 2 Character?

Borderlands 2 is considered by many, including me, as the best game in the first-person shooter roleplaying game franchise. It has a strong story, humorous dialogue, and, best of all, tremendous playable characters with their respective classes. Whether you play it solo or cooperatively, who is the best Borderlands 2 character?   The best character in Borderlands 2 is Maya the … Read more

Everything You Need to Know About Borderlands 3 Weapons

The weapons in Borderlands 3 are just crazy. Borderlands 3 blasts well beyond the norm set by the previous games in the series, throwing an arsenal of guns at you during its extended campaign. Each has a unique set of qualities and effects that may alter how the gun operates. So, what weapons can you … Read more

BL3 Hellwalker: Stats, Where to Get + Easter Eggs

The roleplaying first-person shooter game Borderlands 3 has many wacky and powerful arsenal available to loot during your grand adventure as one of the four Vault Hunters. These arsenals range from common weapons to more rare weapons, like it’s Legendary compatriot, the Face-Puncher. Some of these rare weapons are not only powerful but peculiar in more than … Read more

Where to Get Face-Puncher in BL3, Plus Key Stats and Easter Eggs

Borderlands 3 is a first-person shooter roleplaying game focused on looting gear, similar to roleplaying games like the Diablo series. Looting for an exciting arsenal of various categories from common to Legendary is rewarding, even if you have a character and class that is primarily suited for Melee Damage. So, what is Face-puncher, and how do you get hold of … Read more

Is Borderlands 3 Really Worth It?

Gearbox Software brought forth a great spin on the exciting looting and roleplaying game mechanics with the Borderlands series, piggybacking off of games such as Diablo 2. It combined these elements into a wacky first-person shooter with a humorous story. The first Borderlands game showed promise. It was not until the critically acclaimed Borderlands 2 that the series changed … Read more